Happy Motherfucking Security: Deadly Sin #8

Concert for Valor, National Mall – Eminem
dropped a dozen F-bombs upon 800,000 fans,
“Happy motherfucking Veterans Day!”
Lincoln monument blushed, beat cops peeped,
a snapping turtle crawled back into Potomac
Symmetrically, on Veterans Day 2014, Gruccifer,
a Romanian-hacker, with access to “private emails,”
quoted in New York Times as predicting
a nuclear attack on Chicago, 1915.
For me, Gruccifer sounds like Lucifer,
I run to a D.C. cop, explained Code Red Tail fears

“Security is all I want, Officer Felix Frankfurter,”
no need to hear Springsteen’s 41 Shots anymore,
I heard it all, I heard Cinemark Theater #9 thunder…
knew not what it meant.
All I want are Cherry blossoms in Spring,
short sermons by Jordanian King,
thank veterans for service, medal bling –
I am part of 21st Century nightmare logic,
above all else, I want security above 1% sorcery,
that’s all I want.

Officer Frankfurter stared at me,
he saw something awry, rubbish, Palestinian.
Was it the Sears Tower Skydeck cap I wore?
My jacket lapel button, “Lenora Fulani, 1988!”?
Something alarmed Frankfurter,
he stared without saying anything.
I looked at Lincoln’s sore marble backside,
surely Abe will cover my ass while I run along
Vietnam Memorial, crisscross to Potomac.
Pant, pant, stomach cramp, what’s important?
A good little jog before cuffs lock upon me.

The snapping turtle surfaced upon grassy knoll,
I do not think Navy Seals shall hunt for him.
Turtle looked upon Lincoln’s plastered over wound,
it favored reconstruction, phased pull-out from Mall.
Chicago hacker-style, the Officer unloaded 41-slugs
into turtle’s back, I have to be valorous to Gruccifer,
he taught me all one’s gotta’ know about Chicago…
gonna’ join motherfucking Hyacinth Church
and Coalition of the Willing come 2015,
Chinese Year of the Sheep.

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: ChucktheZek@aol.com. . Read other articles by Charles.