Disassociating from Zionism

Some supporters of Zionism are trying to disassociate from the meaning and use of the word. Recently with a growing number of people the word Zionism has a negative connotation, more so than any time before. Where it was once taboo to question anything related to Israel, it’s now become a contentious process defining what Zionism truly is and what it represents. Seeing and hearing different and completely contrary explanations to existing beliefs concerning Israel, makes some people understandably uncomfortable. While talking truthfully about Zionism will make some think twice, others will shut down instantly.

Since the early days of the movement, Zionism has intentionally promoted myths concerning what exactly it is, what its methods are, as well as what it hopes to accomplish. The truth concerning these questions is revealed by looking at what Zionists have said verses the historical record of their actions and results to date. Zionism has largely succeeded in associating all things Jewish as being all things Israel and vice versa – with the majority of people around the world conditioned to believe Judaism, Zionism and Israel are essentially one in the same. That may sound strange, religion and government being the same, condoning and condemning the same things – but we are taking about a religious-state. To completely disassociate from the Z word, a person would need to distance themselves from all that is Israel – while Israel as it exists was built by Zionists, and for that reason the two are inseparable. It’s understandable some pro-Zionists may not want to be associated with specific historic realities or Israel’s current policies – and yet they want to associate with the myths which may make them feel good, or provide justification in their eyes for any or all of Israel’s actions. If someone has never actually been exposed to the truth, they can’t be blamed for believing a myth that’s all they’ve ever known. But if they have been exposed, and reject the truth, responsibility for denial is all their own. Pragmatically speaking, the end result is still the same, denial or no denial, whatever anyone considers the truth – Israel only exists today because of Zionism and it would be dishonest to pretend otherwise or try to separate the two.

There have always been Jews inside and outside Israel who completely rejected Zionism and the Jewish State’s creation – which was only made possible by denying Palestinian Arabs and some Christians their rights as human beings. Others have begun rejecting Israel’s overall treatment of the Palestinians and the continuing dispossessions at some point over recent decades. Dissenting Jews are some of the most vociferous critics of Israel and overall Zionism, and on more than one front they speak out at considerable risk and expense to themselves. From their point of view, many believe true Judaism has been hijacked by Zionism. As it presently stands the hard right neoconservative Likud party is considered to be operating well outside international law and moral decency by dissenters as well as some supporters – Jewish and otherwise – some of whom would like to see Israel succeed from a moral perspective and not just militarily.

Looking at a religious-state with a moral framework and administrators being morally conscious while making decisions, if religion takes priority in making decisions, the state’s actions would be limited by the morality of the religion. And if the state is making the decisions, the religion would be obligated to accept, if not condone, the barbarity of acts committed by the state. If the acts of the state don’t live up to the morals of the religion, then it is not a true religious-state. In the case of Israel, religion and state are supposed to be one and the same, but if they’re not the same, then Israel is not a Jewish-state. And if Zionism does not adhere to the true teachings of Judaism, as some Jews believe, we could consider Zionism a religion by itself making Israel a religious Zionist-state.

Zionism began in the 1800’s with the idea to create a Jewish homeland and eventually Palestine was chosen from three considered locations. The movement is still active in 2014 as evidenced by Zionists dispossessing Arabs today only to bring in Jewish “settlers”, from anywhere in the world, to “settle” on forcibly taken Palestinian homelands – forcibly and illegally taken according to the Geneva Conventions. One thing to understand about official Zionist Israel is that their choice of words is often misleading. The word “dispossessor” is much more appropriate than “settler” with any fully honest use of the English language. Carefully chosen words and narrative contexts, intending to mislead and manipulate, have been a hallmark of Zionism for over a hundred years.

Example: The myth that Zionists wanted a peaceful coexistence with Arabs in Palestine since early on in the movement. If one in ten Zionists wanted peaceful coexistence, the statement, “Zionists wanted to peacefully coexist,” contains only 10% of the truth and is misleading at best – and a 90% lie at worst. With Zionists intending to make Palestine their religious-state, peaceful coexistence was never realistic and was a disingenuous contention considering Arabs outnumbered indigenous Jews at about 11 to 1 when the movement began. As the number of Zionists grew through immigration, they began disenfranchising the Arabs in the early 1900’s by refusing to sell previously purchased land back to Arabs, while also boycotting Arab products and labor. Social pressure was also applied to enforce those and other unwritten laws among fellow Zionists themselves. Because Israel was not a state in 1910, then we assume that the Jewish or Zionist religion was guiding the Zionists actions – which were completely contrary and incompatible with peaceful coexistence as evidenced by those disenfranchising practices. With those practices, violence was inevitable at some point unless Palestinian Arabs would have abandoned their livelihoods and what had been their homeland for well over a millennium – which no one expected them to do. And although Zionists always claim(ed) any trouble was due to Arab intolerance, it was the Zionists who were coming from foreign countries with the intent to take Arab lands in Palestine – and there are no words, or eraser of words, that can change that simple fact.

Well before World War II, Zionist leaders are on record planning the eventual expulsion of Palestinian Arabs, while simultaneously telling the world they would not infringe on the indigenous peoples rights. World War II aided the Zionist project by boosting their numbers in Palestine, while amongst themselves they prepared to expel the Arabs. The choice of death or expulsion, at the hands of coordinated and armed Zionist terror groups, forced three quarters of a million Arabs to vacate their homes, towns, and villages in 1947 and 1948 – this directly preceded Israel’s May 1948 self-declaration of statehood on those Palestinian lands. In Europe and the U.S., the reality of Nazi death camps had created a sense of guilt and sympathy for Jews. An onslaught of Zionist lobbying had been applied to the U.S. and European governments among others, before May 1948, and brought official recognition to the self-declared State at the expense of indigenous Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land.

The far reaching success of Zionist propaganda is comparable to none in the history of mankind – positioned to control the mass media and highlight anything that appears to justify Israel’s actions for public consumption, while downplaying or omitting anything that sheds a negative light on Israel. Notice, the network mass media does not give balanced air time to U.S. politicians, experts or scholars criticizing Israel or advocating Palestinian rights; in fact, they go out of their way to keep negative realities out of mainstream thought. Considerable effort is spent creating official propaganda handbooks, instructing supporters how to engage in manipulative “dialogue” meant to produce favorable sentiment designed to advance Zionist goals. They also maintain a large presence on news and discussion websites and blogs, with some being paid to deny, obscure and distort the truth.

Aside from pure propaganda, we have the Anti-Defamation League or ADL. They have a history of throwing the anti-Semite label on Israel’s critics while making a public display, often with cooperation from the media, with the intent to intimidate legitimate criticism – at times knowingly and unjustly damaging the career of U.S. citizens and politicians for having spoken their rightful opinion. The claim that support for Palestinian rights is by default anti-Semitism, is one of the most absurd and frequently abused among Israel’s support groups. The fact that Israel and her supporters find it necessary to promote false realities with perverted logic, results directly from fearing the truth and its potential consequences. These character assassinations, mischaracterizations, half-truths and outright lies have all been used as powerful tools, manipulating others to further Zionist goals. There are several other groups besides the ADL who use intimidation intending to silence legitimate criticism in the same way. And ironically, many members and former members of the Jewish faith are on the frontlines combatting various Israel support groups, which they see as an affront to true Judaism, as well as an affront to moral ethics and the rule of law in general.

To complement the ADL and mass media bias, Israel’s lobbying activities through AIPAC and other groups, influence foreign governments enabling Israel to act outside international law with impunity to a large degree. The U.S. in particular, as Israel’s chief enabler, has been manipulated by Zionist lobbying in Washington D.C., while politicians from both U.S. parties have proven especially adept at blindly supporting Israel in exchange for personal gain through campaign funding and lobbying laws. The U.S. blind support has been the major contributing factor in military conflicts and terrorist activity outside Israel, and comes at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, along with the lives of civilian and military personnel. Any guilt for U.S. politicians failing to honor their sworn oath to office and country is entirely 100% their own. Recognizing these violations of trespass and betrayals are now within easy reach for millions of Americans and world citizens, discovering and spreading the truth through the internet with no need for the biased network of mass media manipulations.

It’s not necessary to look at every tit-for-tat historical detail of Israel’s history to determine what Zionism is. There are indisputable facts: Zionists came from Europe using the Judaic text as their claim to forcefully take  the land from Palestinians, while Palestinians forcefully possess none that ever belonged to Zionists. It’s obvious Israel’s official stated desire for peace is actually nothing but a selfish concern – intending to manipulate others into believing they want peace, while still continuing to take Palestinian lands to this day in 2014 – these are the simple and indisputable facts of their actions. The philosophy and methodology they use is well documented and ingrained into the Zionist culture, along with that of their supporters after more than a century of operations. Whether it’s racist, religious, or any other supremacy makes no difference at all – the results of all collective Zionist actions to date add up to supremacist-entitlements which they’ve chosen for themselves to receive – while those entitlements always come at the expense of many others.

When looking at the entire history of intentional deceit, expulsions, dispossession and wanton slaughter at the hands of Zionist terrorists and military, while enabled with sophisticated psychological manipulations and coercion of civilians and officials in foreign countries – essentially placing no value on any of those human lives, I have to ask: Are these Zionist philosophies and methods of operation acceptable and taught among God’s chosen people from a Jewish perspective? Specifically, does Judaism condone collective and concerted elaborate deceptions, abuse and annihilations of Gentiles for personal gain? Or is Zionism an extremist abomination of Judaic text and beliefs? Is it possible the overall collective of Zionists and supporters have a completely mythical understanding of what Zionism is and how it operates? If any person can call Zionism a success to date, they are essentially saying Zionism as practiced is valid among modern civilized people. Has Zionism become nothing more than a conscious collective employing devious and horrific means to justify a selfish end? Or are Zionists placing human lives, including many of their own, on the sacrificial altar of Zionism?

All the events, various support groups and methods discussed above have grown from the original idea of Zionism forming a Jewish-State. The idea of a Jewish homeland started innocently enough – a noble gesture and sentiment in itself. The original idea turned into the question of how to obtain the land. From that question, ethical, moral, religious and military philosophies concerning methods of operating came into play setting the parameters of conduct the Zionist collective would employ to attain their goals. Some would say the collective reality of all that Zionism is completely lacks moral, ethical and legal considerations towards others. And when comparing their words to their actions and obtained results, it is completely valid to say Zionism is lacking – and yet within the inextricably tied collective of Jews, Zionists and Israelis resides, those who adhere to what remains of moral Judaism and their struggle with those who have lost their way.

Mark Weiser was thrown into this world without any say as to when, or where, and to whom he would be born. He says his story is the same as all others in that respect as we all come from this same earth and began the same way. There is absolute truth in all matters among human kind, even if it’s that truth we’re afraid to acknowledge or don’t yet know. The truth where he's concerned is preferable to anything else; it’s where his search began and where it never ends. Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.