Critical Thinkers

I don’t fit in
And that’s okay
You are destroying the planet
Animals, and people
Screw you all!
I’ll never conform
Where I plant my feet
Is my territory!
Peace and love
My only religion
No one will have to die
For their beliefs
You want us to be like you
What a fucking joke
Take another toke:
Genocides, holocausts,
Social murder, invasions,
Killing women and children,
Causing millions to be homeless,
Selling weapons of mass destruction,
Spending trillions on wars,
Trillions on colonizing outer space
To put killer lasers there
Unmanned drones, death by friendly fire,
Collateral damages, written on the desert floor
In children’s blood, as they ran for safety
To their school, pin-point accuracy, awe shocking!
You must be out of your tree
If you think this is being free
No, count me out,
Even though I was never counted in
Yeah, I will continue to protest
And occupy contested land
Where ever you continue to
Mesmerize the people with
Your corporate bullshit!!
It will take a bullet to my head
Before I stop protesting
The truth that I see
Written between the lions
This is a planet run by psychopaths
But, deep in its core,
I believe the innocence from whence we came
Is still there, and worth fighting for…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.