TV Appeals by the Billions as the Senate and Congress Lap Up Republican Spoils

the great equalizer, the War-Producing Democrats . . . Feel Good and Drink a Beer and Smoke a Fag President Obama . . . Hillary Calling for Your Vote Now

It’s not going to happen, that is, the Yes on 92 (GMO labeling initiative in Oregon). Not the win (sic) or the disposable income they are soliciting from me, a working class dissident slob, sob, intellectually cultured and cultivated “been around the block a few dozen times” kinda working class anarchist. Imagine, simple illogical PR spin — labeling genetically diseased modified organisms? Why? Labeling the wine, Not to be Consumed While Pregnant? This Franken Food is serious Nazi-Zionist-Indian stuff. Unleashing a massive coordinated experiment on 99.99 percent of the world. Pesticides A thru ZZ, Fungicides A-ZZ, Herbicides A -ZZ, Nanoparticles A through ZZZ. All this happy meal, breakfast of champions, plastic baby formula fun. Life better with Dow, DuPont, Monsanto and another 1000 key companies brewing and cooking and fermenting up this deadly brew.

Read below . . . . Money for nothing, or for those controllers, those newspeak and Madison Avenue-Mad Men conjurers of false language, propaganda, and empty ideas. TV ads? Fortunately, I get off-the-air channels through a digital antenna (remember, folks, us SOBs and DOBs paid for TV, for land line telephones, and there is federal law on the books that says those off-the-air channels are our rural and urban right, and so is the proverbial land line, inexpensive it was supposed to be) and keep up with the madness of white men and pasty and tanned women running the media Medusa. Absolutely as slutty, warped, juvenile, sexist, racist, ageist, insane most the stuff on TV, really, as anyone saw coming during the days of Milton Berle and Hawaii Five-O. Creativity out, for these dynasties of TV producing putzes rolling in the dough and believing their egos. TV news, oxymoron. TV creativity, a contradiction in terms.

Those ads during this election cycle, well, made by weasels, for god’s sake. And I am supposed to throw in some of my $12 an hour pay to help local and regional TV dynasties make more money (they are making out like bandits, these shells of media marketeers) putting on these really infirm public service announcements and political ads?

Capital talks, rules in the game of Capitalism:


I really can’t believe this – On Wednesday night, we have to wire out funds for the LAST ad buy of this campaign.

This is our LAST chance to put our powerful ads on the air and set the record straight on our opponents’ massive propaganda campaign, fueled by millions in junk food and pesticide company cash – including the biggest donation in Oregon history, $4.5 million from chemical giant DuPont Pioneer.

A generous donor has agreed to triple match all grassroots donations that come in before Wednesday’s Final Ad Buy Deadline.


Dear Paul,

Big Chem is going all in!! Since we emailed you Friday, we found out:

  • DuPont – the giant chemical corporation – dumped a whopping $7.46 MILLION into the GMO labeling fight this week – $4.46 million in Oregon and $3 million in Colorado!
  • Already Monsanto has spent more than $8.1 million in Oregon and Colorado to prevent common sense labeling initiatives from being passed into law.
  • These companies – combined with Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and the rest of their agrochemical friends – have spent a whopping $30+ MILLION to defeat GMO labeling.

DuPont’s massive donation this week, shattered the record for making the single largest contribution to a political campaign in Oregon history!

Thanks to the support of grassroots activists like you, we’re still neck and neck in recent polls. But with our margins tightening every day, and voting already under way in Colorado and Oregon, we cannot afford to waste a single moment.

We’ve set a massive goal of raising $100,000 by Tuesday – one week out from Election Day – but we’re still $79,773 short of our goal.

I’ve been in SEIU with the same shit for Obama, forced to make calls for that weasel. Forced to make calls for Yes on 72, gay marriage initiative. Forced to make calls for all the demon-crats. Unions, right. Of course marriage is a thing along a slippery slope of shifting baselines, and what idiot would vote against same sex couples tying the knot. It’s about getting those LGBTQ folk to VOTE against capitalism, and that’s the tough one. So, election time, and these robo-calls, these idiots shilling for this or that unqualified, under- or over-SEXED idiot with nary a real sense of the world inside their skulls. Be it business person, be it academic, be it military vet, be it local yokel – the fear factor, the entire political system, rigged, broken, and dependent upon idiocy and candidates that smell of middling sweat. From their own shadows fear takes hold.

Like that piece of shit Governor Christie – felon, rotten neocon, neo-liberal. And conniving Cuomo, or that Prostitute of Pennsylvania Corbet. Imagine NJ and NY forcing people in quarantine for the Ebola hysteria. Real East Coast pricks, states with how many Ivy League Bastions of Idiocy? Putting people in hospital rooms with por-ta-potties.

CNN — 

To put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable,” she said.

(CNN) — Kaci Hickox, a nurse placed under mandatory quarantine in New Jersey, went on CNN on Sunday and criticized the “knee-jerk reaction by politicians” to Ebola, saying “to quarantine someone without a better plan in place, without more forethought, is just preposterous.”

Hickox, an epidemiologist who was working to help treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, has tested negative twice for Ebola and does not have symptoms, she said. She is quarantined for 21 days at University Hospital in Newark.

“This is an extreme that is really unacceptable, and I feel like my basic human rights have been violated,” Hickox told CNN’s Candy Crowley on “State of the Union.”

She described herself as “physically strong” but “emotionally exhausted.”

She slammed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for describing her as “obviously ill.”

“First of all, I don’t think he’s a doctor; secondly, he’s never laid eyes on me; and thirdly, I’ve been asymptomatic since I’ve been here,” Hickox told Crowley Sunday.

In a separate interview with CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, Hickox elaborated on what she thought of Christie’s assessment of her medical condition.

“I’m sorry, but that’s just a completely unacceptable statement in my opinion. For (Christie) — a politician who’s trusted and respected — to make a statement that’s categorically not true is just unacceptable and appalling.”

So, this puffer fish of a rotten governor, Christie says it’s the government’s absolute duty to preserve public health and safety. That coming from the lips of a punk in the carcinogenic state, NJ. Ya think old scamming Christie does a damned thing for public safety around all the other killing, sapping, polluting, evicerating, incarcerating measures, companies running amok in his shit state?

Read Janette Sherman, MD – Counterpunch 

The recent number of articles in the popular press concerning loss of intellect among children exposed to chlorpyrifos is important in the case of this pesticide. Although in-home use of chlorpyrifos was restricted in the U. S in 2000, it is widely used in agriculture, and is a serious risk to health and intellect for people working and living in proximity to fields. Detectable levels of chlorpyrifos detected in New York City children, raises the question of exposure via food.

Across the U. S. we learn that students are doing poorly in school, often blaming the teachers and their unions. Are teachers no longer competent to teach or have children been “dumbed-down” by exposure to this neurotoxin?

The State of California is considering restriction on use, but is prepared for strong opposition from the pesticide and big agricultural industries.

Oh, Monsanto – funny stuff here:


Should have learned by now but how were you supposed to know you should always read the fine print on your cereal box.

You sit down at the kitchen table. Pour breakfast kibble into a bowl, add milk, and eat. That’s how it’s done. Maybe you take a glance at some cartoon character on the front of the box, but that’s about it. Nobody expected you’d need a law degree before a post-dawn get down with good ole Cap’n Crunch.

You don’t expect to hear someone knocking on your front door at six o’clock in the morning. At least you shouldn’t. Cops, bill collectors, and religious zealots sometimes pick that time in the morning since they know you’re probably home. They don’t particularly care if you think they’re entirely obnoxious for waking you up from a sound sleep. Oh, and process servers like early morning visits as well.


Well, that’s certainly plain enough. You open the front door and a funny looking little guy, resembling the Cap’n himself a bit, hands you official looking papers, smiles, and strolls back to his car. CEASE and DESIST. Well, you can’t please all the people all of the time.

You pour yourself a second cup of coffee and read the damn thing. Blah, blah, blah, your name, blah, blah, Monsanto, CEASE and DESIST, all activity involving, fluids, your body, blah, blah, implied consent, CAP’N CRUNCH, your supermarket reports. You live alone…read the cereal box. CEASE and DESIST.

You need more coffee and your reading glasses. On the back of the Cap’n Crunch box, in infinitely small letters, you read, “By consuming this Monsanto GMO product, you agree that Monsanto shall retain all rights to all material produced in conjunction with this Monsanto product.” You wonder if that isn’t just the slightest bit odd.

Back to the CEASE and DESIST order. “Blah, blah, blah, all products produced by ingesting this Monsanto product including, blood, muscle, flesh, bone, hair, nails, internal organs, ejaculate, sweat, tears, and manure. Use of any and all of these Monsanto products by you without suitable recompense….”

Reading further you are delighted to discover that you need not immediately stop using the Monsanto products which now constitute your body.  Upon monthly payment of one hundred dollars, for a single gentleman such as yourself, every 30 days Monsanto will allow you to maintain control of up to one inch of fingernail clippings (per digit), the equivalent amount of fluids and solids commensurate with up to four flushes a day, one inch of overall hair,  the product of 15 ejaculations, and the donation of a pint of blood to charitable organizations. Any use above these limits must be shipped immediately to the Monsanto processing facility nearest your home.

This American fear, confusion, the One Percent and their 19 percent minions, doing their work, their white man’s and white woman’s work, without a care in the world about the suffering, the dying, the realities of how societies should, can and must change. Again, looking at just the Ebola case, USA, and you get Brave New World:

A leading Ebola doctor spoke out Sunday against the 21-day quarantine imposed by New York and New Jersey, saying it’s an unscientific response with unintended negative consequences.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who successfully treated Dallas Ebola patient Nina Pham at the National Institutes of Health, said the response Friday by Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie is not backed back science since patients can’t transmit Ebola unless they are symptomatic.

As a scientist and as a health person, if I were asked, I would not have recommended that,” Fauci said on “ABC’s This Week.”

Cuomo and Christie initiated the mandatory quarantine after NYC Dr. Craig Spencer’s was diagnosed with Ebola on Thursday when he returned from treating patients in Guinea. He was self-monitoring his temperature and visited a bowling alley, park and rode the subway days before he spiked the fever and admitted to Bellevue Hospital.

Fauci said Spencer followed the protocols by immediately reporting his fever of 100.3 He worries a 21-day mandatory quarantine would stop other healthcare workers like Spencer from traveling to Africa to help.

The idea of a blanket quarantine for people who come back could possibly have a negative consequence of essentially disincentivizing people from wanting to go there,” Fauci said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“…The best way to protect Americans is to stop the epidemic in Africa and we need those health care workers to do that.”

Ya think there is an ACLU legal eagle out there ready to sue? Private class action barrister around? What sort of time in jail does Christie get for defamation, libel, malpractice? Or practicing medicine without a license ( you don’t need not stinking certificate, test, license, education to be a governor)?

Christie the Cretin – But Christie said he has “no second thoughts,” arguing shifting federal guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forced states to take action of their own to protect their citizens.

Wow, TV, listening to the Sunday news, local, state, national , and global. What an exercise in dumbdowning and complete misinformation, these non-journalists with the capped-tooth smiles, bubbly personalities, droopy caffeine eyes, multimillionaires. Charlie Rose, journalist? What a monster of a man.

Boomerang buyers – short sale and foreclosure victims, 3 million of us. New laws to loosen mortgage buying, and it’s as if Godzilla is attacking DC. You know, these pigs of infotainment, pigs of propaganda, white and Jewish white entertainers shuddering with fear about the great 80 percent of the masses getting a roof over their heads. These peeps on CBS, Jewish economists, yakking it up about how the poor and lower middle class somehow caused the scandals of Too Big to Fail and Toxic Mortgage Murder Sprees. The fed loosening mortgage requirements. Sounds like the poor wretched getting closer to their gated investment.

This is what we get in this Capitalism Central. I’m watching Jewish Public Broadcasting, PBS, a show on glaciers and climate change, and volcanoes and proxies like caves and ponds and specific algae to look at a useful record of climate. That could also be art, paintings and books and journals, as climate document proxies. Changes in the globe’s weather, atmosphere. You know the Scream, painted to express the red in the sky from the volcano Krakatoa.

Serious and well suited folks looking at paleo-climate research. Looking at all the clues and pieces of evidence around climate change. How do we understand a climate systems, in an area — gotta look at many regions of the world. No local stories are enough. Reconstructing climate  in Alaska and Arctic. Great this Past Global Changes Project (PAGES) pulling it all together, connecting sciences and knowledge.

Yet . . . . YET! We are a crumbling global system, plied by corporate evil, governmental felonies, sucked into the vortex of so many have nots against this 20 percent group of the haves. This includes scientists and local yokels. We know about the failure of the world with one disease — Ebola. We know about racism and classicist shit, about denuding ancient knowledge holders, the givers over the takers. We are not preparing for local resiliency, and we are not food secure, water secure and health secure in all those cities, our watershed regions, and globally hemispheres.

We can’t educate truly, and the universities have been bought off, and there is no real peer-reviewed work, untainted by the money of the moguls and the mental midgets. so, PK12, and adults in general, well, I have taught at colleges, universities, PK12, alternative schools, adults, or in prisons, in the field, in other countries. I am not seeing a baseline of smart people, on the whole. It doesn’t take PhD after PhD to understand basic physics, or biology, ecology. Parlay that into trying to understand psychology, agriculture, systems thinking, Big Man, Big Little Woman. This systems approach is earth systems or cultural systems based. Ecologies, human, biodynamic, or societal, well, we are not expecting much from the 80 percent and the 20 percent. Consumerism, pop culture, inanities of media and entertainment, digital dithering, the play-play-play motion of the modern human smart phone brain, well, how can we really get to change? How can we get people to understand intended and unintended consequences? About perceived or intended obsolescence? About lag time, tipping points, tragedy of the commons, precautionary principle?

Global warming is, uh, greenhouse gasses. Human made, natural, industrial, volcanic. We are not putting all those smart people’s work to WORK, because we are Capital! We are religious whack jobs. We look at the nuclear age as weapons, and somehow we overlook Israel’s 300 warheads, and the Jewish-Zionist mindset of superiority and the rest of them, US, as being lesser.

Every transaction is about money. every transaction is about relieving pain, about happiness, about amassing resources. Policy makers must move?

Now, we are hearing about how the Montreal Protocol has been a huge success with the Ozone layer, but, again, wrong, wrong, wrong stuff.

Pretending that miniscule improvement in atmospheric ozone levels is cause for celebration is not that big of a deal. The more serious problem is continuing to suggest that the Montreal Protocol is a model for international action on climate change. Dealing with CFCs and their problematic substitutes was and is infinitely easier than confronting climate chaos. Banning gases with especially high GWPs is necessary, but nowhere near sufficient. Carbon emissions are the lifeblood of the global economy, of affluent life styles lived by the few but aspired to by the many. A vigorous climate convention requires far-reaching shifts in virtually every corner of daily life in the developed world.

Confronting ozone depletion permitted business as usual with but the smallest of tweaks that went unnoticed by most. Overcoming the ozone depletion denial industry was a trivial challenge compared to that posed by the forces arrayed to muddle climate science and stymie strong action. Again: a climate change agreement that includes robust mitigation, a serious campaign to build resilience against a destabilized climate, and a foundation on the principle of climate justice requires genuine and widespread change.

Preventing catastrophic and irreversible climate change compels conversion of the complex systems of transportation, agriculture, generation of electricity, cooling and heating, waste management, manufacturing, technological innovation and more. It also requires transformation in developed countries’ sense of responsibility for past and future emissions. This is why we have yet to see one. Military budgets must be slashed and war machines stopped to free up the funds necessary for building clean green economies, and to stop exacerbating the problem. How likely is that as the US returns to Iraq for the third time in as many decades?

Read Steve Breyman, Counterpunch, on this Ozone Scam — Misdirection!

And so it goes, allowing GMOs into everything — but let’s label it —  into every nano-splice in food, in our own DNA, all those cancers yet to be discovered, slipping into the synergy of organic compounds and industrial and post-industrial magic dust and mind pollutants flooding future generations, a world of leaky gut, hormone reduced or supercharged men and women, diseased autoimmune species, autism the new normal, and tics and coughs and broken rib cages and endless sniffles and gout and you name it, including lack of concentration, IQ slipping into the blood pool of hormone-laced pig sties, all in the name of CAPITAL. Selling and buying junk.


Yes on 92

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