Science Unleashed

Scientists answer to no one
The precautionary principal
Too much of a restriction
Working in their labs
Night and day
To design germ warfare
To be used on the masses,
Population control…
A new evil has taken hold
Meanstream presses remain covert
Don’t want to cause a panic,
God forbid, riots in the street
Continue the lulling of the sheeple,
It’s not time to start the culling.
Trillions spent on star war technology
Unmanned drones and robots
Will do their master’s bidding,
No questions asked, void of empathy
Sociopathic killing machines
Japanese nuclear energy plants
Continue to destroy the planet
Cursed again by nuclear technology
You know it’s true,
Not a word has been said in the press
Mad scientists continue inventions
To control the masses,
Supporting Monsanto’s revenge,
Causing colony collapse,
As honey-bees are dying from poisoning,
Without them, the start of planet collapse
Lies around the corner.
Trillions spent on scientific experiments
Designed to cull the masses deemed unworthy,
A commitment to precautionary principles
No longer apply to unethical science.
Germ warfare, control of survival needs,
Local resistance is squashed like a bug.
The planet is collapsing around us:
Animals going or becoming extinct;
Fish stocks dying; global disasters;
Temperatures rising on the planet, oceans,
And airways. Plagues, genocides, and wars.
I fear Dr. Frankenstein, has returned,
And has created an unholy monster!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.