A Grave Song

Verily, that which is abominable must be abolished.

That which has become completely corrupted must now, with deliberate haste, be shunned and cast out.

Verily, ignorance and naivety are no longer justifiable states of consciousness with the Apocalypse being now so near at hand.

The heart, mind, gut and soul of every person must be fully alert and awake to witness the coming of that which is Most Awful so its onslaught of chaotic damage can be minimized as best as possible and our species can have at least a fighting chance for survival.  Those who seek to hide from the storm will surely be swept away by the tide.  The only way to deal with the harsh reality of the situation we face is to accept it fully and step from out the shadows and into the light.

Verily, stand forth and be accounted!

Verily, sound off thy voice with deep resonance against the tyranny that is gathering force to work its wickedness against the people; it is time now to sing with the power of thunder; it is time now to storm the citadel of false messiahs, wicked liars, paid-off politicians, Mafioso bankers, fascist executives, and snake oil salesmen.

Verily, all that crashes will burn!

Verily, listen now and learn!

Verily, the gears of time must turn!

Verily, the ugly death machine that has been constructed by Evil’s minions must be undone!

Verily, we must rip this bad script apart and responsibly rewrite the scenes with more integrity.

Let not one day more pass wherein you allow your life to be manipulated, directed, dictated or controlled by those who would seek your enslavement.

Verily, the time of taking it on the chin has surely come to an end.

How long, Lord, how long?

Will we not rise up against the fist that strikes down upon us?

Will we not draw a clear divide in the sand?

Verily, there is no separation of spirit between us, only name and ideology.

Let there be a curse upon all those who have taken the situation this far, and let there be a stiffening of the spine in those who sat by and allowed it to happen.  Let there be a call to action for those who refuse to watch this wretchedly orchestrated play go on any longer.

Let your life be lived not as a poorly written, melodramatic soap sitcom, but with the high intensity of a synergistic opera in motion.

Surely forgiveness is now all but spent for those who have made the decision to enforce crooked authoritarian laws upon those they are sworn to protect.  Surely the day has come where such people as these will be tried for their crimes and placed in prison for the rest of their lives.

Shed not a single tear in lamentation over the Evil that has already been carried out, but be filled with the Holy Spirit Vibration and weep now in joy hearing the New Sound as it erupts forth from the Heavenly Spheres as a song whose force can not be stopped.

Verily, God’s Symphonic Orchestra has many interconnected pieces and parts, and lacks not, but is plentiful, in circumstances that provide the opportunity for measured tonal change of course.

Verily, the pages in the Lord’s composition of psalms contain a hymn unto humanity that reveals the procession of a Golden Age of illuminated spiritual awareness that is now unfolding; let us all be notes in such a symphony of awakening.

Verily, seethe thy sword in its scabbard.

Verily, we will sing our enemy into the grave; we will dance upon the plot of our oppressors.

Let the foul swine be cast out in a heap.

Let them go now to that final, eternal sleep.

Let their silence represent the sound of peace.

Let our sacrificial act of survival allow us to thrive atop the burial ground of all hierarchical systems and signify with a strong suggestion that no man ever seek power over another again.

Amen.  Hallelujah.

Verily, let us plant good seeds to replenish this sacred and holy habitat we have been blessed to live upon.

Let us never take for granted the true nature of our being.  We are biochemical electromagnetic energy slowed down to vibrate as wave frequencies in the vast domain that makes up the resonance field of reality.

Verily, let he who has eyes open them wide and see truly what is really going on around us; let he who has ears hear clearly the rejoicing sound of what has come; let he who has a nose smell the fragrance of life opening up its sweet flower of evolution; let he who has a tongue lick and taste the crackling energy that is funneling into this world from the rotation due to the precession of the heavenly spheres; let he who is blessed with a physical body enjoy the sensations and pleasures of this life by feeling and understanding.

Verily, let he who seeks wisdom find knowledge.

Verily, let he who is thirsty choose carefully which chalice to sip from.

Verily, let he who is hungry eat plentifully of the seed-bearing fruits and vegetables that grow abundantly upon this Earth.

Let he who is tired rest peacefully and know rightly when best to awaken so as not to sleep in excess.

Let he who is prepared for the Dawn witness fully the glory of the morning’s rising sun.

Let he who is cold find comfort in the warmth of day.

Let he who is heated up by the energy pouring into the Earth’s atmosphere sweat out the toxins and be purified.

Let he who came here to work begin now the job at hand.

Thus spoke the Rabble Rouser unto Numa and those gathered in the Auditorium of Samatra City.

•  From his book The Awaking of Numa

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at 17numa@gmail.com. You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.