Justice is served…

1. Justice is served

Daily, carrot and stick,
A few bad apples,
From rotten orchards,
Iron fists beneath
Velvet gloves…
‘10-ring’, powder-burned,
Point blank range, by thugs
Hopped up on thin blue lines of
‘White’ $upremacy, Vitamin S,
Nips & Nazi-false consciousness

Justice is served
Piping hot from ‘war-bags’—
‘Throw-down guns’ and dope
For frame-ups & shake-downs—
Ramparts Restaurant and 77th
In L.A., Stonewall Jackson’s
Joint in Ferguson, franchises in
Philly, Motown, Chitown,
Oaktown, NOLA and NYC…

Justice is served
By Rider, Viking, Cowboy,
Chef Siapano was called the
‘Foot Doctor’ ‘cause he beat
‘Suspects’ feet so badly they
Couldn’t walk West Oakland
Streets after a serving of his
Dish, Chef Vasquez was called
‘Choker’, Chicago’s Chef Burge
Is famous for cigarette burned
Brown flesh and blackened testicle
Confession casserole, and Philly’s
Just as famous for Frame-up Soup
As it is for Philly Cheese Steak…

Justice is served
A la carte, chokehold-style, or
Fifty bullets, forty-one, or one
Or two well placed headshots
From killing-machine chefs—
Different dishes, same menu:
Iron Fist + Velvet Glove,
Speak softly, garnishing
Big Stick, Mike & Ike =
Good Cop/ Bad Cop—
Force teeming with deception…

Justice is served
Chefs coming by tens,
Small hours of morning,
During deepest sleep cycles,
Kicking down doors, scrambling
Belongings, barking orders, jamming
Glocks to grandmothers’ heads, hog-
Tying 12 year-olds and taking ten year-
Olds away for 30 days because, allegedly,
A Snickers bar was stolen…

Justice is served
Reversed buffet of nickels and dimes,
Fees and fines, hot hearty potpourri of
War on poor youth and working people—
Ears and eyes of snitches and spies, vulture-
Eyed poles, elephant-eared walls, Venus-fly-
Trap computers seizing keystrokes, expanding
Secret files, code names and camps…

Justice is served
Whitewashed in stainless steel bowls
Throttling truth-tellers, town criers,
Whistleblowers with warmed over
Investigations, reheated hearings, testi-lying
Heard a hundred thousand times—
Shriveled hors d oeuvres served by
Foundation-corporation wired, battery-
Powered preachers and pundits with small
Carbon footprints, leading back to side-
Door servings, Big House, voting booths!

Justice is served
Slowly heated, clarified gently, like butter:
The STATE, said Marx, Engels and Lenin,
Is a “Special body of armed men—
Police and standing armies,” backed up by
Courts, judges, prosecutors, prisons, legislators,
Bureaucrats, flunkeys and hangers-on that
Protect and serve
Looters who don’t snatch diapers, beer,
Red Bull, cigars, 99 cents bags of chips,
Looters who don’t grab wigs, weaves and
Extensions from Mom & Pop beauty shops…

11. Around the World

The STATE is a special body of armed men—
Gunmen: SWAT, CRASH, STRESS, Savak,
Stasi, Gestapo, Tonton Macoute, Riders, SOBs—
Sons of Bull, Sons of Beauregard, Sons of Byron
Standing armies backed by black sites, Abu Grahivs,
Atticas, Guantanamos, Angolas; San Quentins, Bagrams,
Courts, judges, prosecutors, attorney generals and
Alcohol, Geritol, protocol, hot air talk shops that,

Protect and serve
Looters snatching continents, countries, islands and
Cities, ask Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek
Ask Haitians, Hawaiians, Mexicans and Cubans…
Looters kidnapping & strong-arming sweat from Ibo,
Ashanti, Fanti, Fulani, Mandingo, Yoruba, Wolof, Hausa!
Looters grabbing coltan from the Congo, oil from
Libya, Nigeria and Iraq; gas from Afghanistan,
Diamonds from Azania; looters blowing off
Mountaintops, dumping coal dust in streams,
Looters mowing down ancient trees and snatching
Them like pickup sticks, looters leaving Alaska
A gooey, black loo, like they left the gulf!

The STATE is a special body of armed men to
Protect and serve
Looters snatching post offices, hospitals, schools
Museums, parks, water—anything not nailed down—
Marauding, low-life looters, like vampires in blood
Banks, sucking up pensions & 4O1ks; sub-prime
Looters with computers, predators in Brooks
Brothers suits, stealing homes, snatching
Generations of wealth— even stealing lives of
Entire families in Palestine— vile person-
Hood looters…more hood than person…
Looters too big to fail, looters too big to jail,
But we know the muthafuckas Wall Street
Gang names: BP, Exxon, Countrywide, Wells-
Fargo, Bank of Amerikkka, Wal-Mart, Monsanto,
Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Haliburton, Boeing, Raytheon
Corporate paymasters of blue torpedos

Protects and serves
Looters hiding behind rectangular rags,
Prayer books, skin shrouds for grabbing
Pesos, Euros, Rupees, Rand, Yen, dollars
Gushing from sweatshops, slippery, slimy
Slaughterhouse floors, dangerous mines,
Finger-eating machines, distended stomachs,
Dirty water—not enough rice, corn, cooking
Oil, or fertile black soil to plow … Looters
Smelling of sulfur in Gaza, the West Bank,
Mid-West Bank: Ferguson, Manila, Mexico City,
Citi Soeili, L.A., Bombay, Delhi, Bejing, Lagos,
Rio de Janiero, Johannesburg, Chicago, London,
New York, Santiago, Tegucigalpa, Teheran, Paris…

111.  Right to Refuse Service

Smelling of sulfur, surrounded by special
Bodies of armed men blaring lights, blasting
Music like rhythms of rifle butts smashing skulls,
Thousands of years measuring success in broken
Bodies and spirits—‘breaking’ resistance at the
Wheel, drawing and quartering it, burning it at
The stake, with cigarettes, tarring and feathering
It, skinning it alive, thumb-screwing it away, stoning it
Clubbing, caning, chopping it away with axes and
Guillotines, raping it away, shocking it away with
Electric chairs and car batteries wired to genitals,
Strangling it with nooses and garrotes, shooting it
Away firing squads, death squads, Hellfire and
Tomahawk Missiles, bombing it with Apache
Helicopters and F-16 jets, poisoning it with
Potassium chloride and pentobarbital cocktails
Resistance, appetizer for justice, savory served
Seasonally, like shish kebabs blackened on
Bayonets, fiery smoked flavor on shards of
Plate glass, shoe leather, leaflets, marches, mass
Meetings, door-to-door, boycotts, Molotov Cocktails,
Picket signs, picket lines, sit-ins, teach-ins serving
Justice… by any means necessary…

Former forklift driver/warehouse worker/janitor, Raymond Nat Turner is a NYC poet; BAR's Poet-in-Residence; and founder/co-leader of the jazz-poetry ensemble UpSurge!NYC. Read other articles by Raymond Nat, or visit Raymond Nat's website.