Joan Rivers and Atlanta Hawks Make the Stories Unfit to Read While Gaza/ et al Burns

Saying goodbye to a niece, bound for Alaska, basketball scholarship, from the frying pan of Phoenix to the fridge of Fairbanks. A great kid. Catholic high school, small, in the big ugly city of Phoenix: endless thermals along endless roads leading to endless warehouses and strip malls. The rotten university – ASU – proclaims the most sustainable (green) college status. What a sick joke, and that University of Phoenix shit for nothing education was invented there, and, well, ASU, one of the largest schools in the USA, has its own on-line perversion of a school (sic).

I cut my journalism teeth in Tucson, along the US-Mexico border, and I know of Phoenix well. That entire McCain-loving shit for governors, racist, snow-bird, typical old person hates Mexican mentality even in the face of old geriatric dependent upon brown people for bedpans, roofing, their luscious gardens, all the cheap fruit and vegetables picked by those brown skins, that’s Arizona, too. Professors in their mambsy-pansy way, protected, 401-k’s, the effete thinking, eco-tours, and they are the one wedge of the pie-reason we are sinking-sinking-sinking.

Reversed history, or history lost – you know, a state with Navaho, Zuni, Hopi, Apache, Pueblo, and with Mexican-Spanish roots. These people, McCain creeps, forget what is not forgettable – we, whites, are illegal aliens, not the other way around.

I was in Hanoi in 1994 and 1995. All over Vietnam. Saw the photos of the carnage of the McCain’s and Kerry’s, Kissigner’s, the entire Mattel-GE-Bell-Smith-and-Wesson opportunists’. Orphanages, splayed and imploded kiddos, and priests and nuns, and innocents. All the massacring fucks of the greatest generation ever’s offspring, each McNamara, each Jewish-trained alien, the skills of the lipless men to kill the souls of a billion people. I was there, where F-4 Phantoms and B-52’s and Garotting bombs and the toxins and napalm and whiskey Pete, all of it, dousing generation after generation, PCBs locked into five generations after the US murdering. I walked with people my age, older, with former VC, with communist officials in forestry, with all sorts of scraggly Brits and EU types, some rotten Aussie’s looking for Madam Boom-boom, booze, pot and their derelict thoughts to get played out, all for the right number of dong.

Arizona is emblematic of the entire USA, with those racist whites running the state K12 system, cutting history and culture studies, for the Mexicans, the Chicanos/as, Latino/a, La Raza. This is the pedagogy of the oppressors, the light in their laser beams. No concern really at the end of the day for the lesser ones, without the financial tyrants at their beckon call. Ferguson, Detroit, cops killing deaf Indian woodcarvers – Seattle – you name the shit hole, the fancy zone of inequity.

Drones, and tapped phones, tapped lives, all the Facebook fucks, all the Google fucks, all the Gates and Amazon-Bezoses and the rotten core of the gamers and app aficionados, all of the hipsters and all the undereducated masses that spring alive when their Zionist-Felony-loving friends in the cultural crimes sell them another infantilized toy, electronic, or more of the Mulan muck. This fantastic foolishness of this American exceptionalism, this one-man/woman-for-him-she-itself country that has lost its way, sucked on the last breath of air before British Petroleum and Halliburton and the Koch fucks fuck it all up.

I was there, riding over this big bridge, the Lewis and Clark Bridge, near Longview, WASHINGTON. No pedestrian paths, as I coursed over on my motorcycle. The infamy of this rotten country, with tens of thousands of barkless logs four stories high, laid out, ready for the container ships across the Pacific.

This is the quality of our lives, globally – cutting our Pacific Northwest trees, in bulk, for the journey to Asia, EU, wherever. Then, magic, more fiberboard, more cardboard, more board feet of planed and perfect wood sent back to us, USA. It’s the sickness of a planet running on empty. Nothing to say about the illogical and the tragic meanness of off-shoring the actual value added work of making things, crafting things.

These forests emptied, owned by Georgia Pacific or Weyerhaeuser, or South Korea or Germany, whatever the formula, but America, cutting its losses quickly, selling anything for a song, as long as the arbiters of life, the .2 percent, the One Percent, breathe breath. They have to RIP soon or the world and us are doomed.

In any case, my niece, with parents wanting to opt out of the public schools, all those brown people, maybe, and this private Catholic shit of a school, well, I can’t imagine a bright, 18-year-old has had zero teaching about great Catholic resistance fighters – Berrigan brothers, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, et al. But that is the state of Catholic money-grubbing schooling, and thus, hearing my niece say how the “Indian kids stink, smell” in her swimming class as a lifeguard, well, what the hell does that say? No, not Gila tribal member, but East Indian. Old man says, “ They smell of curry, or something.”

That’s it now, is it not, the thoughts of the land. Whites and the Jewish-controllers in the school-psychology-MBA-jurist prudence-marketing game, producing this culture of what? Zeroed-out thinking? No regard for history, for the past, for the real heroes, but instead, oh, this Super Hero infantilized land.

I’m talking about both the military-prison game, and the shock-disaster capitalism, but also the ugly game of the femalization of the wrong parts of society. i.e. – Well, you know, what is it, less than 2 percent of pre-school teachers are male in the USA. The numbers aren’t much better for kindergarten and moving up through 1-6 grades.

Even Zionist-Felony-loving NPR did a story on that!

Today is the first day of school in New York, and experts suspect that only a sliver of the city’s roughly 1,000 new preschool teachers — hired to meet the demands of this expansion — are men. Nationally, barely 2 percent of early education teachers are men, according to 2012 labor statistics. While numbers aren’t yet available for these latest hires in New York, education researchers in the city expect the gender breakdown to be similar.

“We have so very, very, very, very few men,” says Sherry Cleary, executive director of the Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at the City University of New York. “The sad part of it is that young children love to be around men. They love guys, they love their strength. They love that they’re fun and they feel safe and trust them.”

This sandwiched in between a story on a 66-pound hotdog sundae and another on the taking of naked selfies! This is Jewish East Coast shit for radio, NPR. Funny, though, reading O that Oprah shit of a rag. Imagine, this black woman, warped to be sure, but the magazine she supposedly created is mostly a Jewish enterprise. No black empowerment in that rag. Read the masthead, the by-lines, and such . . . . Black empowerment Winfrey my ass!

So where has this gotten us? A society that has a shitty price on every culture, every sexual orientation, every race and religion and belief? The reality is I see this in the college realm, teaching in the humanities or English – the female-ization of schooling, which is also a femalizing of ADMIN class, of the entire education game, including a whole lot of HR hierarchies out there.

This is not some misogynistic trope, for sure, just real in the trenches experiences around education and that corrective and punishment society. Something about the female armies in education and HR that are getting the entire thing wrong. Not that those voices of male white privilege did anything but bad for humanity. But two wrongs make no right.

We are at a crisis with too many males AND females not having strong male figures in their lives, and those so-called strong female figures, well, they are in many cases the strong middling thinkers, and compliant, and willing to generate the next and the next generation of consumers, of people who have no soul but a lot of PC rules to follow. Play nice, draw inside the lines, and just buckle down.

I see how young women having gone through the identity-killing divorce of parents see themselves and see the males in their lives. You women treating young men like lackeys. Young men with no gut, no wrench and screwdriver sense. These are not some super-mom factory products, whatever super-mom is. In fact, those moms I see at the playground (I am there as part of my sharing of parenting with foster kids) are products themselves of a warped sense of Americanism, rule-abiding behavior and, well, this real deeply held sense of not bucking the system or standing out or breaking the mold. The fear in America is not just created by the demons of military-prison-poison-education control, albeit many of the problems we face are squarely laid on the shoulders of these fucked up males, to be sure.

But . . . . too many males in one place is a mob, and the same holds true of females. This mob thinking is polluting the world’s chance to create revolutionaries, anarchists, people willing to throw bombs into the gear work of the drone makers. Too many women are controlling too many of our nation’s young formative years. Yes, shit for pay, shit for respect, being a teacher, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, we know the time bombs of the Grand Theft Auto kind, but I am not seeing some large resurgence of the arts and crafts movement, or strong ties to resisting corporations and the dominance of corporate anti-family, anti-individual thinking. Women are men, in a consumer-driving culture. Absolute waste and waste and super-sized wasteful American female consumers. More, and boxed, and try this for size and that for dinner. Amazing how wasteful the world is, driven by men and by women in their tribes.

There is a false sense of pseudo-psychology, these new ways of treating boys like, well, she-he-it. What warped society we have, all those cracker football and video game shit for brains, and all the want and want and fuck hierarchy of needs, basic human right needs, of the rest of the world. America, the Cheez-It/ Cheez-Whiz/ Cheerios society.

Big women and big men in children’s clothes, reading children’s books, watching the junk of children’s TV and movies. Breaking Bad ha-ha-ha. One giant TGIF, Chuckie Cheese carnival. One giant fat SUV and matching snow mobiles. Giant this and giant that. The rest of the world – those hapless children – well, lesson learned – US of A, go team, go team.

So, how is the world going better with Coca Cola, with each new thousand compounded organic and inorganic foodstuffs (sic) created and additives milled and bio-mimicing hyphenated gels and emulsifiers and agents genetically altered? Just a quick look at the medical-sickness industry, really, and all the sexual mix ups and gut killing realities of our Exceptionalist Lives will tell you how the Zionists, the elites, the academics, the professional scientific profiteers, and the other agenices of death-economics have set the trap for humanity. Really, the number of food allergies, the number of overweight people, screwed up gut people, and what do we see in our in boxes? petitions about getting Target (as bad as Walmart) to carry more plus-size clothing? This is the land of controlled opposition. Getting more size 15s in the store while our lives, our children’s lives, gramma’s and papa’s lives are in the garbage disposal of this American-.2 Percenter dream.

Just look around, feel the HMO, multi-billion a year UsofA medical pain, all the treatments, all the bandaids for the stuff and lifestyles and environmental and psychological shit unleashed by the elites, those Whites, those Jews, those precious Goyims, working to turn us, the 80 percent, in a conveyor belt of biblical proportions their profit-kill-incarceration zombies.

Hate and illogical thinking and endless agnotology, endless erasing of humanity and cultural context, and the constant sell and bait and switch and subliminal messaging to turn every human in the UsofA into sheeple, fear factor folks, morphed through bio-toxins, foods, each endocrine pulse lifted away from nature and toward the brave new monsanto-general mills-burger king WORLD.

Things go better for the oppressors when the rest of us eat their plastic shit, suck their modified and genetically frankensteined shit! Compliance, anxieties, IBS, gluten and soy intolerance, allergies, antibiotic poisoning, and fear and ticks and nerves splayed and concentration levels minimal and the entire human project jettisoned for children of a lesser god or bigger demon!

And yet another Jewish owner of another Jewish trap, the Atlanta Hawks, resigns because of his racist remarks? Donald Sterling and Clippers, and now Levenson and another NBA shit team owner. This is where we are, stasis, stagnation, entertaining ourselves to death with worthless projects, worthless causes, while the SWAT Teams, Surveillance Teams, the HR Teams, Checks and Balancing Teams, all those fucked up Insurance Teams, the abiders and compilers and complying ones control all individual agency.

Yes, Chuck, I have read the Banality of Evil. Interviewed another writer, at Whitworth University, on my radio show (damn, I wish I had a show in Portland, but KBOO, wow, what a rather rotting alternative community radio station, wow! – more on this in another blog!):

The 20th century, dubbed the “Age of Genocide” by some historians, saw more than 60 million people fall victim to state-sponsored terrorism, with ethnic cleansings and other horrific purges in countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Cambodia, East Timor, Rwanda, and the former Yugoslavia.

The litany of atrocities continues into the 21st century. To date, more than 2 million people have been killed in Sudan’s decades-long civil war and an additional 4.5 million have been driven from their homes; and the September 11 terrorist attacks on American soil that claimed approximately 2,830 lives are a painful reminder of the destruction that can be waged by individuals motivated by ideologies or grievances against an existing state.

As the worldwide death toll rises, it is more critical than ever to understand the psychological roots of evil that can lead to mass murder. In his new book Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mass Killing (Oxford University Press), social psychologist and Whitworth psychology professor James Waller draws from seven years of research to mount an original argument for understanding why political, social and religious groups wanting to commit mass murder are never hindered by a lack of willing executioners.

Okay, more on the Eichmann thing — first Chuck:


I liked your article — its very true, “it all comes down to where you live,” and that’s where awareness and positive change for the better always begins. Back in 1969, graduating high school in June, low SAT score, into fast cars and girls, and having been rejected for admission at Wilkes-barre-based King’s College, my draft number was 22, and I hopped onto the draft’s “Fast Track.”

Right now, it is evident (around here) that lots of 19 year-old people desire to join the military — simply due to fact there’s not enough Wal Mart and Waffle House jobs around, and warehouse pay is diddly squat. Back in Summer 1969, lots of jobs for a academic under-achiever like myself, but the Drat beckoned, and the Vietnam war and the daily “casualty count” horror became quite a LOCAL reality. Was not just a news report about crushing jihadist “insurgents,” killing by weaponized drones, and every now and then, an American soldier dead by I.E.D., gunned down by “friendly fire.” I should not GENERALIZE and undermine “grunt” victims of the War on Terror travesty, but its quite rare for local Scranton-based communities to actually even KNOW a war is going-on, AND sometimes realize THEY THEMSELVES are targeted by the exceptional forces of 1% Goodness.

Finally, in your articles, I am hoping you might choose, as a sordid example, another Nazi creature than Eichmann. This is of course tentative to your perhaps using him as an example of a sophomore demon who bureaucratically made sure Nazi deportations and extermination processes went smooth. If you find time, please consider reading journalist Hannah Arendt’s book, “The Banality of Evil: Eichmann in Jerusalem.” She did her job very well while at the weird trial, and showed how Eichmann’s completion of his “awful-things-to-do-list” depended on the vital help of Jewish Councils. Along with 9/11’s official line, the world can add Hannah’s latter insight to the list of The Greatest Stories Never Told.”

Lots of US Empire success depends upon their ability to control history. Freud said, “in order to understand one’s present, one must understand the past.” Then came Orwell’s brilliant insight about distorting language and prophecy about State control of the past and present, and the development “good jobs” in US public/private sector’s MEMORY HOLE, Inc. and INFRASTRUCTURE TO HELL and NOWHERE, L.L.C. industries.

Good job, wish you and family a good day.

Here, more on that evil, the banality and universality of it all!

“There exists in our society widespread fear of judging…[B]ehind the unwillingness to judge lurks the suspicion that no one is a free agent, and hence doubt that anyone is responsible or could be expected to answer for what he has done…Who has ever maintained that by judging a wrong I presuppose that I myself would be incapable of committing it?” -Hannah Arendt, “Personal Responsibility Under Dictatorship”

And to a Jew, she wrote, “this role of the Jewish leaders in the destruction of their own people is undoubtedly the darkest chapter in the whole dark story.” It was passages such as these that Gaus had in mind when he questioned Arendt about her tone.

Here, from the National Endowment for the Humanities —

While still living in Germany, she clandestinely collected information on Nazi propaganda for a Zionist organization, which landed her in prison for a week until a German police officer, whom she claimed to have befriended, released her. Exiled in Paris in 1933, she worked for Youth Aliyah, bringing shiploads of stateless Jewish children and young people to Palestine in 1935. In 1940, she was arrested and detained in the Vélodrome d’Hiver in Paris, along with thousands of other Jewish women and children, and sent to Gurs, a concentration camp in southwest France. Escaping, she reached Montaubon in unoccupied France, first by hitchhiking and then continuing on foot. By chance, she reunited there with her husband, Heinrich Blücher, who had been evacuated from a different internment camp. Well known enough to be given a place on the American journalist Varian Fry’s list of famous Jews to be saved, Arendt boarded a ship in 1941 along with her husband and sailed from Lisbon to America, becoming one of the last Jews to get out of occupied France.

Oh, yes, the Varian Fry list, FAMOUS Jews to be saved, while occupying and destroying Palestine. Says it all, says it all.

And what does the Zionist-Felony-Drone-Arms-Racist state of Israel want? Enemies. Loads of them, and their store of 400 nuclear weapons, and their weaponized drones. Enemies!
From Global Researcher:

The former employee at US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Snowden said intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called “the hornet’s nest”.

NSA documents refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans.

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”.

Leaks revealed that ISIS leader and cleric Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took intensive military training for a whole year in the hands of Mossad, besides courses in theology and the art of speech.

Okay, okay, my last post posited the idea that all this global shit coming from the likes of Snowden or Biden, Obama or Kissinger, and all the other Jews fighting for their .2 percent status as the masters of drones and bullion, but you have to hand it to the Zionists, those masters of propaganda, psychology, pathologizing us, Goyim, putting the screws to communities, padding their golden parachutes, working to privatize every cell in our fifty trillion individual collective selves.

Imagine, all those Sunday shows today and the creepy thinkers – generals, politicians, professional propagandists, Hoyas that determine global insanity – going off on any number of topics, and getting it completely wrong, for us, the 80 percent . . . but from their rotten perspectives, their capitalizing on pain, poverty, disaster, ruination, foreclosing, resource depletion-destruction-defilement, all of them, stiff arm saluting the Banks and the Military-Prison systems,we are detritus, the reason for CEOs of HMOs and insurance Mafia and the entire mess that is the public-private prostitution of OUR labor, OUR commons, OUR security, OUR money/taxes/levies destroying the globe.

Whether it’s the sickness of a Mars colony prospect by effete privateers and profiteers, or a military fly-over for the Army-Navy game, or all the surplus killing gear for our nation’s finest in blue (read, PIGS), or the academic monsters, or the Elizabeth Warrens – oh no, not another hawk-military Hillary. Send these effete women and men into their own trench warfare. Let them grovel in their lust for the right of Israel to destroy not just Gaza, but the Middle East.

You can go over to Glenn Greenwald’s and e-Bay’s The Intercept for some of this global-national shit, as in the Warren, Liz, maybe running as Obama. I get the students and others pleading me to support a Jubilee for student debt, that Liz Warren is the next best thing since Mother Teresa. Another rotten American, Ms. Warren –

One voter who identified himself as a Warren supporter, John Bangert, stood up and objected to her recent vote, in the middle of the horrific attack on Gaza, to send yet another $225 million of American taxpayer money to Israel for its “Iron Dome” system. Bangert told his Senator: “We are disagreeing with Israel using their guns against innocents. It’s true in Ferguson, Missouri, and it’s true in Israel . . . The vote was wrong, I believe.” To crowd applause, Bangert told Warren that the money “could have been spent on infrastructure or helping immigrants fleeing Central America.”

But Warren steadfastly defended her “pro-Israel” vote, invoking the politician’s platitude: “We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.” According to the account in the Cape Cod Times by reporter C. Ryan Barber, flagged by Zaid Jilani, Warren was also asked about her Israel position by other voters who were at the gathering, and she went on to explain:

“I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right. America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren’t many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law. And we very much need an ally in that part of the world.”

Warren even rejected a different voter’s suggestion that the U.S. force Israel to at least cease building illegal settlements by withholding further aid: “Noreen Thompsen, of Eastham, proposed that Israel should be prevented from building any more settlements as a condition of future U.S. funding, but Warren said, ‘I think there’s a question of whether we should go that far.’”

Here, more on Hannah Arendt –

Many of us were still reeling from the delayed impact of the Holocaust. The more we tried to think about it, the less could we make of it. Now we were being told by the brilliant Hannah Arendt that Adolf Eichmann, far from being the “moral monster” the Israeli prosecutor had called him, should really be seen as a tiresome, boring, trivial little fellow, the merest passive cog in the machine of death that had so efficiently shipped the Jews to the gas chambers. This Eichmann, she said, was a cog impelled more by bureaucratic routine than ideological venom. Still more painful, as we read the Arendt book, was her charge that the Jewish Councils, or Judenräte, set up by the Nazis in the occupied countries were evidence of how thoroughly the Jews had collaborated in their own destruction. Again one heard a note repeatedly struck in modern thought: the victims blamed for their victimization, the helpless indicted for their helplessness. Said Arendt:

But the whole truth was that … wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and these leaders, almost without exception, cooperated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazis. The whole truth was that if the Jewish people had really been unorganized and leaderless there would have been chaos and plenty of misery but the total number of victims would barely have
been between five and six million.

The Eichmann about whom Arendt wrote was the Eichmann on display at the Jerusalem trial. There he seemed—as Simone de Beauvoir had said of the French collaborator Pierre Laval at his trial—commonplace and inconsequential, an unimaginative and feeble little fellow. (Hence the well-remembered phrase about “the banality of evil”—the killers, it seems, looked pretty much like you and me.) But even this Eichmann showed astonishing qualities, never breaking under pressure, never begging forgiveness for his crimes.

Eichmann had once said, “I would jump into my grave laughing because the fact that I have the death of five million Jews on my conscience gives me extraordinary satisfaction”; Hannah Arendt dismissed this remark as mere “boasting,” the big talk of a small man. But, asked Lionel Abel in a powerful reply to Arendt, “How many people have ever boasted of having killed five million people?” That kind of boast was hardly the talk of a featureless cog in a bureaucratic machine! As for the single-mindedness with which Eichmann had pursued the goal of mass extermination, surely some profound depravity of intention or monstrousness of thought had to be at its root. No merely banal creature could have conceived or executed so horrible a crime; some version of “radical evil,” far from commonplace, had to be invoked here, and once invoked, it shattered Arendt’s view of Eichmann. Far more persuasive was a remark by Saul Bellow that “banality is the adopted disguise of a very powerful will to abolish conscience.”

Oh, heck, we at DV get these persnickety spammers, illustrative of the One Percent’s hold on those who call themselves “Doctor” with their science degrees. So, some Bay Area guy, a Dr., emails me, and says DV knows diddlysquat about nuclear power. Not exactly a smart thing to say, since splitting the atom and mining uranium and the entire process of boiling water for steam power with hot rods and blistering atoms is not exactly THAT complicated. But leave it to some guy who aligns himself with LeHigh and Stanford, and, he just smites DV for running a Ralph Nader mini-essay Sept. 5, questioning the legitimacy of the nuclear lobbies. Absolutely telling of these creeps with degrees, emailing me this stupidity, with whatever world they occupy, thinking that all great things are here thanks to them, chemists he says, you know, or his honchos the nuclear felons, chemists who have seeded the world with everything that is wrong with humanity, and, well, I will let that one go quickly.

So, I wrote back, briefly, and, shit, he goes on and sputters, blaming Nader for Bush Baby in office, as if Nader had anything to do with how pathetic Gore is/was, what a wimp, liar, oh, how we need Gore Vidal his cuz now more than ever . . . and really, what sort of a Bush conspirator like Gore would stop the vote in Florida, what sort of un-man would do that? How many blacks lost their votes? Native Americans? Right, this is foolish, and a chance to push the documentary on Nader, “An Uncompromising Man.” Watch it. Even a head statistician for demon-crats admits the vote count had nothing to do with Nader. How many democrats voted for Reagan, for Bush? Right. Over 8 million democrats went over for W Bush Coke Head Southern Comfort Dry Alcoholic AWOL piece of freak shit rustling president!

Here, then, from Chuck again. I sent him a tribute poem I wrote for a friend who bit the dust last month. The poem is coming out in House Organ, Winter 2014. I will ask for permission to have it posted at DV once that happens.


I have no good reason WHY I am on board with AOL, but this morning I noted how the foul Howard Stern eulogized the foul cultural icon, Joan Rivers. Sometimes even the MSM gets it right — I should congratulate AOL? Moments ago on AOL, I read their feature headline about Prince Harry’s ecstasy with another child on way. Wasn’t it just two Halloweens ago the MSM pounced upon him for appearing dressed as a Nazi officer? Surprise — it wasn’t a disguise! Please excuse language, Paul, but isn’t it incredible how such stinky Royals play footsie with all the worst regimes and leaders throughout history, and the “sheeple” who adore them get fucked?

Your poem on Shannon is beautiful and an encouraging tribute. I felt bad he became a military “Guinea Pig” but I’m encouraged how he managed to grow wings later in life. Suppose Pink Floyd might have been onto something with their Animals albums, and pigs with wings lyric? Pigs with Wings” — uh, that’s quite Greek Pink antique, and It’s probably healthy for me to think such “El Paso gash” barriers can be crossed (360) one day, after of course the slavery and carnage grinding-cycle is done.

You accidentally emailed the attached poem to my old email address, and consequently I got to it late. Did you submit the work D.V. Poets Basement yet? Never too late, you ought… even a bakers-dozen of Americans would be better off reading your Shannon tribute than listening to ouch-crab-bite-gotcha stories on Joan Rivers life.

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