Climate Change Theater — Largest March Ever for the Climate? Fill ‘er Up

UN Summit on Failed Climate Change … Not Showing Up to 90 Percent of Our Jobs Would  Save the World

More and more parades, theater of the absurd, mugging for media, book tours, and academics and Jewish writers speaking for the masses on “alternative media.” For planet earth. Can we just say goodbye to Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein and this fucked up Facebook and Google and Apple and “the world will be better without energy and dirty hydrocarbon investments” mentality about really stopping climate change, or even talking about it. None of this is rational, none of it, and I speak as a former or reformed environmentalist who has had his head baton-smacked a couple of times protesting this or that species heading toward extinction or ecosystems being screwed by Big Business and Big Mama and Papa Bandwagon.

The absurdity of Amy Goodman talking for an hour with Naomi Klein on her show, Democracy for Jewish Democracy. This Canadian Klein is about as real and concerned and to be believed as, well, PT Barnum. Their books, their constant publishing of the same old stuff, the same superficial stuff, these quasi-researched but shallow books, oh what an industry, what a Bill McKibben End of Nature scam. How many more books and interviews in a Mutual Jewish Admiration Venue (MJAV) like Democracy Now are we going to have? To save the planet? Hmm, these small millionaires, with a few million each, in their collective families, and their Canadian or American or European lives, this is the new leadership, New Wave for Dissidence and Revolution? Nope.

How many was it in NYC? A hundred or four hundred thousand? Yep, same Apple apps and Facebook fuck-you likes and those love miles sputtering to NYC, and the money thrown down at the human abusers, those hotels and all the rotten Big Apple scam and overpriced and mean and totally ungreen big city shit ideas, all rolled up into street theater, and, well Amy and Gabor Mate’s son, Aaron Mate, and the other environmental carpet baggers like McKibben. They get that Zionist and bombing loving Bernie Sanders on TV again, his lies and insipid personage, back on the MJAV Democracy Now. We have to hear that Israel-loving Neil Young singing some sorry assed climate change song? Really? How many millions of tons has he and his band of horses and entourage and big following spewed into the air? Those planes, trains, buses and automobiles and amps and all those publicity materials, all of that, running on Non-Dirty-Energy? Right? Those solar powered planes and algae-sourced bio-fuels running his and the others’ lives in the One Percent? Sure? Amassed wealth, amassed power, amassed media moguls making it big-time on that Neil Young thing? And then, how much attention do these fellows and women need, really? How much do we need to hear them on the radio, on the Grammys, with soundtrack, in Spin Magazine, and then, now, news-makers, prognosticators, telling us what should fit and work and what we should be doing in our colleges – divesting from dirty coal, dirty energy? Is this a joke? The world runs on off-shored dirty energy. All the steel and metals and plastics, and the junk-junk-junk, on the backs of millions of enslaved workers and in the cauldron of those mines and steel mills and genetically modified fields and polluted lakes and rivers and glaciers. All those cancers and PTSD lives of hundreds of millions of people, working for Neil to have his guitars and his fun times jet-setting around the world to sing yet another uninspiring climate change, quasi-political ballad, from someone who, well, is so out of touch of suffering, of the daily breathing and gasping that billions must plod through in order to keep that lifestyle going for the 6 percent of the global population, all those whites and Zionist Gentiles and Jews and people who DO NOT MAKE THINGS for a better world.

Do we have to hear Bill McKibben yammering about how the Big Apple is more sustainable than smaller cities? Really? Crap!

Large cities emit more CO2 and earn no more per capita than small cities, contradicting the ‘economy of scale’ that makes larger cities ‘greener’ than small ones and raising doubt over claims of other benefits Dr Mae-Wan Ho

Neil would not cancel his tour of Israel? Money-money, and fear of the Jewish Retribution Tribe? Well, Israel, of all places, where the majority by big-time is-was-will be in favor of bombing Gazan children and grannies. This is a country, pure in its overwhelming belief in and backing of apartheid and genocide, selling the world the tools of death, of death camps, drones and IT equipment and surveillance, and, well, the entire mess that is 21st Century Death Dressed Up as Entrepreneur, Or a Tribe That Has a Good Head for Business, No Matter What the Schlepping Is.

I just wonder what goes through these people’s brains, these Naomi Kleins and Naomi Wolf’s, two people I have had the unfortunate luck to have spent time with on my radio show and in person. Absolutely out-of-touch with working class people, with struggle, with the real chutzpah of their Jewish past, us, who want to make shite or shit of the very systems that they want to stay propped up – intellectualism, literary mumbo-jumbo, and the clique-clique of the middling media, middle of center, or left of middle, either way, just more and more of the talking, the little in-crowd, all of it, and for naught.

You see, those Koch Brothers now on the radar of effete Bill McKibben, hmm, well, think Georgia Pacific, Home Depot and so-so many other companies that have co-opted us all, co-opted us all. We can’t move an inch without mixing our blood with all those boogeymen. Imagine, divestment, 350 (dot) org, and all the theater on campuses, and then this climate march.

Feeling good about the indigenous folk, the grassroots, the civil society coming out in droves for the march in NYC? Really? Rockefeller Foundation, with its $890 million (or 3 billion $), announces divestment from fossil fuel investments, and that’s news, great and mankind’s biggest win in years?

Like the other “funds,” Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes to mind, the There Will Be Blood investment portfolio is sometimes hard to find on the Internet, but in the end, these funds, while created through there will be blood Standard Oil or Mindless Anti-Trust Breaking Microsoft, these foundations invest heavily in stocks, in the tens of millions for each dirty corporation, in such groups at McDonalds, Syngenta, Monsanto, and hundreds of other companies that are as bad or worse than Big Oil. But, this dirty energy divestment campaign is a cork shot from a BB gun into the bow of a nuclear carrier. Campuses around the country are run by thugs, ex-politicians, bizarre boards, presidents with no teaching under their belts, even retired generals and White House Fucks. Really, the gutting of PK12 and higher education is the story of the year, ahead of climate change and Ebola and the End of Clean Water. No amount of Amy Goodmans interviewing Jewish friends like Medea Benjamin or Naomi Klein or the Chomsky Family. Talk to people, kids and families, really. Have those conversations in parking lots and in the aisles of Target or Safeway or Piggly Wiggly or Koch Industries. How far have those big lies, those attacks on teacher like myself, taken this country’s mainstream, the 80 percent? Compliant, afraid, skeptical beyond hope, cynical, disconnected from a fight, and, well, chemically and psychologically and economically neutered in so many ways. Talk for the average bloke and gal is all about NOTHING. College ball, cartoons (CGI), and basically what to buy and what new little controlling toy like the iPhone and iPad and iWatch and Google Glass will be on the Xmas list.

Colleges investing in Oil, but what about ALL the OTHER Wall Street investments in war, chemicals, bad medicine, economic hits to the world? Interesting, though, how our wars, our strikes in Syria and Iraq, et al, they are propped up by this dissonance around climate change, while education is literally being gutted, while exploitative labor and slave labor continues to grow, while water is being sucked up for flooding geologic formations to push up gas and oil, while carcinogens by the hundreds are created yearly to maximize profits and monocultures and these lovely GMO-pesticide-PCB-nerve agent resistant soy and corn and wheat crops.

And we just do not want to get at the skeleton of things, where this economic genocide and resource apartheid and ecosystems Apocalypse is actually occurring? Zionists and their watchers and handmaids. Military, science, IT, computers, the entire mentality of youth now, the new Corporate (Economic Hitler) Youth. Let Apple control every financial transaction in terms of purchasing. Let Amazon (dot) com gut every USPS possibility of making a come-back and making itself new-old with banking and loans. Let these disrupting economies take over all hands-on and independent work. Can you imagine listening to these 3-D printer (and now 4-D printing) entrepreneurs who get that Corporate smile, time at MIT and hundreds of other colleges, and they smile at the disruptions their good labor killing projects will create – project that are 90 percent based on consumerism, on entertainment, on the unnecessary to humankind. These folks work for the killers, and, therefor, are the killers, and when you have that choice to buy their crap or sign-on to their Zionist Zuckerberg Total Awareness Shit Hole Fuck You Book, and you choose, well, you are complicit.

Watching PBS on Sunday, some odd show with a strange woman interviewing CEOs of companies around the world. I am wonky and a collector of facts, so I watched. Even this little moment on that Zionist PBS, the bizarre becomes the more bizarre. Here:

Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems Corporation. Here are the fascinating results of that interchange during and since the show, which provide the first in a series of interviews with the leaders of companies operating in the 3D printing sector. Avi Reichental has been at the helm of 3D Systems, arguably the largest and most conspicuous company in the 3D printing arena since 2003.

3D Printing Industry: With all of the current excitement around 3D printing for consumers, the industrial market, which produces some of the most impressive 3D printing applications, gets a little overlooked these days. Is 3D Systems competing strongly in vertical industrial sectors? What would you say is the strongest market for 3D printing.

Avi Reichental: Our bread is buttered every day by our expanding direct manufacturing success that spans from transportation to personalized medical devices. In fact, since 2010 roughly fifty percent of all the 3D printers we have sold went into manufacturing applications that include airplane parts, jewellery, hearing aids and durable and consumer goods. Increasingly we are winning significant manufacturing opportunities and are awarded major contracts like our recently announced nearly $3 million Air force award to transition speciality SLS materials and machinery into production readiness for the F-35 joint strike force fighter. Our fastest growing vertical is healthcare solutions, which for the first nine months of this year is up some 82% over last year to more than $36 million.

Everything that we do is disruptive, transformative and impactful. Over the next five years I believe that 3D printing will emerge as a major force of change in how we communicate, create, make, educate, cure and manufacture. 3D Systems is fortunate to be at the epicenter of this transformation and has an awesome responsibility to democratize access to creativity and to empower the next industrial revolution with integrated content to print solutions that are affordable and sustainable. All of us at 3D Systems are excited and humbled by the incredible opportunity in front of us and we are deeply committed to deliver.

This self-important mover and shaker is reflective of our end times — disruptive economies, economies of scale, and this Avi joking around that there is in months a new food 3-D printer that will make chocolate figures and candy everything. Har-har-har, what a gentle fellow, just for his wife, he says. But look above. These companies are the reason why education is dying and the world is polluted and the minds are numb — F-35 Fighter? His company like thousands make cute little things for consumerism AND these parts and systems-links for a bomber that will cost the world more than just billions in education-health care-developmental disabilities money:

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is $163 billion over budget, seven years behind schedule, and will cost taxpayers about twice as much as sending a man to the moon. But according to Pentagon officials, the Lockheed Martin-built plane is light years ahead of its competition from other countries, and there’s no turning back on the project now.

These money changers are ALL the same. They want total control of the world through a smaller and smaller window of power, the One Percent or the .2 Percent, or .02 percent. So, you think the PBS Zionist “journalist” would even have that information about F-35 and this Avi’s blood money, military-prison industrial complex welfare money, going to his oh-so cool and hip and disruptive company?

Until the climate activists see the big picture, see that education is now in the hands of Stiff Arming Privatizers and App Lovers and History-Culture Erasers, and until they see that jetting around and dropping millions into NYC and getting a little bit of the slice of the controlled and controlling opposition is part of the problem, then, we have to hear the chants and see the paper mache puppets parading around Wall Street and make-believe that all of this noise, even 400,000 on the streets, will be the new corks in the new BB guns up against the Machine of Economic Carriers delivering death and destruction to our very doorsteps.

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.

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  1. MisterFingers said on September 23rd, 2014 at 11:36am #

    This is filed under satire. Is it? I hope so. Mister Kirk seems to be snarling from the sidelines, tossing nasty little insults at easy targets. I would suggest that he jump in, join the gatherings and try to lend his influence. Unless he too is interested primarily in selling articles and furthering his career.

    And by the way, why the focus on Jews? What difference does it make that Naomi Klein and Amy Goodman are both Jewish?

  2. Paul Kirk said on September 23rd, 2014 at 7:22pm #

    Here, a loyal reader. Funny stuff. Snarling on the sidelines . . . insults . . . jump in . . . selling articles . . . furthering my career! Short little barb.

    Whew, if only this reader would set down some contextual rots. Read my stuff, as Paul Kirk. I teach, wipe asses, work with developmentally disabled, foster parent two twins, go to city council meetings to stop fuel depot in Vancouver, WA. I get paid shit as a magazine writer, two stories of which on the nuclear lies and downwinder pain of Hanford that won journalism first places, w/o money as a prize, and nothing that will help my resume.

    So, how is it wrong to follow the tribe, the Jewish tribe, when they come together and lock out other voices, the majority? I worked for unions, and not one of the Jewish folk in the union was a worker per se, and the bosses were Jewish. The point of the Jewish picky thing is that I have seen way too many inside, clique-run organizations, media groups and just generally companies that have a voice that is not, well, real, or working class. Listening to Naomi about her book, well, I guarantee, she is of the elite, of the literary middling class, with sunshine at her back and economic security in her future. She is not saying anything new, and her book, the new one, is just, as I have written before, more of nothing.

    So, again, marching in NYC, well, that’s all it is, plus the carbon footprint of such an endeavor, and the discussions on the street might be okay in a community college or Georgetown U sort of way, but the entire Fortune 1000 crew and 90 percent of Americans (that’ s 315 million) are laughing, out to lunch or are stuggling so hard and driving so many miles just to survive on the scraps of capitalism.

    Try to get out of your gossemar blanket, reader. Let’s see, Portland, OR, just won some green city award from 40 other cities in some faux competition around sustainability. This is crackpot stuff. I drive the roads and freeways up here. It’s a living hell, commutes. And, the places for rent are almost all gone, or so expensive that this green city ain’t green but for those with greenbacks. Try some new 22nd Century thinking, please. Jobs, suviving, consumerism as taxation scheme, something other than fake sustainability awards for a city with poverty, with no place to live, where housing costs are a crime, where people of color are being pushed out, where the jobs are mostly slave wage deadend service jobs.

    Right, Cool Cities, USA. And that’s the satire, really. Not my writing, for sure, but the theaters of the absurd and pathetic in this country that pass for lefty and progressive stuff. Satire is is the only way to look upon these elites and organizers and Zionists economists and drone makers. Satire is the only way to couch this world where we work on faux green intiatives when in fact there are no jobs and there is no future for real work, just piecemeal app writing and following the One Percent and their 19 Percenters into HELL . . . the one they designed.

    Sayonara, Sucker. Here, your little note! Are you living in a Google townhouse or something? We get paid for writing at Dissident Voice? Man, I missed that memo!

    This is filed under satire. Is it? I hope so. Mister Kirk seems to be snarling from the sidelines, tossing nasty little insults at easy targets. I would suggest that he jump in, join the gatherings and try to lend his influence. Unless he too is interested primarily in selling articles and furthering his career.

    And by the way, why the focus on Jews? What difference does it make that Naomi Klein and Amy Goodman are both Jewish?

  3. Steve said on September 25th, 2014 at 1:00am #

    Nice rant, Paul. I cited it in response/rant to an article ( over on CPunch, most of which I agreed with, but when I came to the part where she talked about people needing jobs, even with NGOs, I had to stop and think for minute. Here’s the whole thing:



    Interesting, thought-provoking article which reinforces the idea of a gradual awakening. Paul Kirk’s rant, over at DissidentVoice, various discussions here and there of the “Gatekeeper Left”, and even Chris Ketcham’s recent piece on Chris Hedges, all came to mind.

    All of which lead me to grimace a bit at the following two paragraphs (copied blow) of your article. “People need jobs”. For me, there is a resounding cognitive dissonance in that statement.

    Reminds me of Ward Churchill’s thought about all the “little Eichmanns” working in the trade center. Or of an article I read a while back that talked about the changing sociology (not good) occurring in neighborhoods populated by large numbers of people working for the national security complex. Or of all the professors dismissed or censured or denied tenure at universities around the country. The “free speech zones”, whether they be physical or virtual, are another example.

    We don’t need “jobs” any more than we need the IMF or the EU or any of the other sovereign-busting organizations or treaties whose only purpose is to reintroduce feudalism.

    An old phrase comes to mind: “What if there was a war and no one showed up?”. Or: What if there was an election and no one voted? What if there was a bomb to build and no one built it? What if there was a mall and no one bought anything? The obvious answers to those questions are the following: no war, no election, no bombs, no mall.

    Granted, change has to start somewhere. And that usually starts with a conversation, no denying it. But how much carbon was pushed into the atmosphere by all those worldwide marches, just so people who had the means to have those conversations otherwise (around the family dinner table, for example) could get together to spend time and resources that could have used otherwise, or not at all? To what good? So the oligarchs could look down from their protected towers and chuckle over their canapés and champagne?

    And I do blame those who work for NGOs, just as I blame those who work for the big banks, the MIC, or even that faux socialist, Bernie Sanders. I turned down an attractive job offer from a foundation when I realized it was partially funded by USAID.

    I worked once in Saudi Arabia, as a teacher. Not because I needed a “job”, but because I wanted to see and live in that part of the world. This was before our first incursion into Iraq. It was like living in an insane asylum. I’ve never encountered so many misfits, fascists, and sociopaths in one place ever in my life (except maybe in the Marais, in Paris). And while my students were some of the most intelligent kids I’d ever taught, the hierarchy above them was one of the most brutal and sadistic I’ve ever encountered, a close second being one of the catholic schools I worked for in the States.

    So, no, people don’t need “jobs”. They need, we all need, a coming together. And that doesn’t start in NYC or DC or Seattle. It starts at home.

    All the best,

    Steve Church

    The quote:

    “Of course people need jobs, and NGOs provide them. I’m not blaming those who work for NGOs any more than who work for any other capitalist institution. We’re all trapped in the enemy’s economy. Instead, what I’m arguing for is to be aware of the nature of it, its severe limitations, and to do real political work outside the framework provided by the job.

    We should attend demonstrations like the climate march, because a lot of sincere people will be there who want to make a difference. But we should remain autonomous within them, bringing our own message targeting capitalism as the root of the problem, exposing the uselessness of working within the political frameworks it sets up for us, and building our own organizations with the people we meet.”

  4. MisterFingers said on September 25th, 2014 at 1:23pm #

    Paul… “Here, a loyal reader.” “Sayonara, Sucker. Here, your little note! Are you living in a Google townhouse or something?” Huh?

    I am not a loyal reader, I never even heard of you. I read the article because I wanted to know what people were saying about the march in NYC. I found your piece a bit disturbing and so I commented.

    Regarding Klein and Goodman: You should know that the point, if there is a valid one, is not that two Jews were gathered together but two class loyalists. This is not a racial issue until you make it one. And you have. I think you are too occupied with insults to see these things.