Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Imaginary Enemies — Global ADD & Entrepeneur Seig Heil

“Unjust laws exist.” So wrote Henry David Thoreau in his 1849 essay, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience. He asked, “Shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?” His answer: “I say, break the law.”

Famine, poverty and filth ruled the day . . . . And, hence, when you feed, clothe, pay people, and educate them to be critical of systems and governments and CEOs, and show them the connectivity of a global world and a local fabric, and when you show them species are us and the rest of the bio-kingdom, and when you show men and women, boys and girls that FIGHTING for something tied to the above principles is worthy, and when you show them, us, that breaking bad laws is our duty, and breaking and smashing regulations is our duty, and stopping the give-aways and corporate crime, you solve 99.99 percent of our community, national, global PROBLEMS. This is our duty, and those future generations of all species  in the bio-kingdom? Als our duty to protect them, way out into the future, with all unintended consequences of our actions studies and all tragedy of the commons thwarted, and when you continue this over and over, year after year, generation to generation, well, without consumer capitalism and corporate capitalism and buy and sell ethics and our commons free market capitalism, hmm, we might yet see a groundswell of activity away from taking it all from The Man and rebuffing the entire system.

This is really a two-pronged post — what the hell we are doing to our Homo Sapiens and what the hell are we doing in this media broken world where politicians get away with everything, and where they cater to and curry favor for a broken system of no checks and balances. Can we get more distracted than some NFL Rice on tape hitting his fiance in an elevator? Is this where we are now? The mean males in sports, the meaner males in media, and then the obvious disdain for this abuse and violence taken up sixteen notches? Yes.

So what does it mean, those tough, gutsy 16 female congressional members writing to the rotten NFL about their high-horse demands to have any player accused and found guilty of domestic abuse, or wife beating and girlfriend bashing to be suspended for life. Can you imagine that? The NFL, racist Jewish owners and other whites in their supreme welfare state, demanding tax money and abatements for their sky boxes and fancy stadiums, all for the tradeoff of ruined communities, low wage jobs, and a culture of hero worship and US military drumming in a game intentionally created to encourage violence at high speed.

The following Senators signed the letter: Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Patty Murray (D-WA), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Susan Collins (R-ME), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Mazie Hirono (D-HI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Kay Hagan (D-NC) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA).

“We are deeply concerned that the NFL’s new policy, announced last month, would allow a player to commit a violent act and return after a short suspension,” the letter, released by California Senator Barbara Boxer, read. “If you violently assault a woman, you shouldn’t get a second chance to play in the NFL.”

This is not about violence against women, for sure, since these same political members of the female persuasion never once wrote that same letter to the world, to the AIPAC, to all those military industries, to the prez and his effete gutless air force and missile puke generals and admirals, to the Terrorists of the Jewish and Zionist persuasion facilitating and directing and completing the ultimate violence against not just spouses but their children and their grandparents. You know, a forceful letter demanding the complete pink slip for all persons associated with any loose or direct link to murdering Gazans.

This is the absurdity of our times, really. American female politicians (what sort of creed and species are they?) who demand complete and permanent joblessness for anyone beating their wives?

What sort of stupidity is that, in a world – professional football which is fed by the merchants of machismo in high schools and junior high schools – where the actors are geared for muscle building, hours a day pounding each other, months as overpaid gods of entertainment, vaunted by every manner of American, both male and female. What sort of character do they expect football players to possess? Peaceful, cerebral, strategic and sane? The systems of American capitalism and American entertainment and American gamesmanship generally produce violent actors and violent thinkers in this game called supply-side, free-market meanness. It does not matter if the actors in this warring game are big, steroid and chemically-laced galoots or non-participants, spectators. These sports mythologies are all the same pretext to war and accepting war as a mindset.

Not one of these American female politicians has spoken out with as much ire, make that not even a scintilla of the admonitions, against Israel’s apartheid against the wives, girlfriends, aunts and daughters of non-Jews. Imagine if they did. Imagine what sort of world they would occupy, one where the bedrock of this empire’s violence against men, children, and women would be shaken or blasted away or imploded.

Jewish women unit for Gaza, Bombs, Drones, Empire and perpetual war – but goddamnit, go after NFL freaks!

And, to be honest, I doubt these women have a tumbnail’s worth of common sense on what violence is, what it means to be a male in that world, physicality, and just being more than some fucking compliant, app-induced, Wii-loving, TV enjoying piece of shit. Imagine, me mouthing off to Rice, the guy who hit his fiance’s face, in a one-two knockout (she later married him). Really, some guy maybe challenging this multimillionaire. You, know, my right to challenge anyone in this puck society – oh, like some cop, telling the Portland fucker that maybe I am not such a happy camper of a taxpayer with their murdering shenanigans. Telling some fucker like NFL Rice that maybe pro-players are rotten to the core sell-outs of their own communities. Ya think I’d end up just with a knock-out? I’ve taken a few on the chin, and, shit, I’d grapple back if I was hit even by some freak of a human like this Rice. You think the guy would just punch me once? I am sure he’d go to town on me.

Now, would those 16 senators also ask for a zero tolerance for any NFL player hitting anyone no matter gender or relationship.

This is where we are with these grandstanding misanthropes.

I m seeing this brave new nanny world, this brave new world of ADD, fucked up young boys, corralled by a fucked up society, vacant men, no male role models, women in struggle, women in flux and fucked by their own mental states in this violent – economically – society and this society of bad men running the show with their bad Susan Rice and Albrights and Clintons and Thatchers and all the other she-men, who aren’t one bit better than their male counterparts. Lawyers, judges, CEOs, HR and administrators, the lot of them in positions of power, of pathologizing us, all of us in the 80 percent, they are part of the problem.

These two WA state senators, Murray and Cantwell are typically ineffective and money-grubbing Washingtonians who can’t even get their-my house in order — how’s that violence against men and women thing working out now that the state’s schools are quickly being gutted by the corporate welfare kings and queens?

BREAKING – Today the Washington State Supreme Court found the state legislature in contempt of the McCleary ruling – finding that Washington’s education is criminally, and unconstitutionally underfunded. The legislature has argued that the state lacks the resources, but the court pointed to the $9 billion hole shot in the treasury by the Boeing handout.

This failing grade is in stark contrast to the meager three days it took the legislature to approve the the largest corporate handout in U.S. history. The children of Washington State can’t wait. They can’t get back the time spent in overcrowded and underfunded schools. You only get one shot at your education and four years have passed since the initial ruling.

In a tense hearing on Sept 3, an attorney for the state revealed the legislature’s priorities and commented that it was “Easier to pass the Boeing handout, or money for a stadium, than to fund schools.”

These corporate politicians know what funding education means – cutting the corporate tax loopholes. It means cutting from their corporate paymasters like Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Vulcan.

We’ve had 20 years of Chopp, and 16 years of his speakership, and we got billions in handouts to big business and underfunded education and transit. He doesn’t deserve another chance to make it right – under his leadership, the legislature has already failed kids twice! We need to elect a real fighter for working familes who will campaign to fund education, not Boeing profits.

Rock-a-bye-baby – Oh no, not Medea Benjamin, and other Jews on Amy’s Show telling us what we should think about Obama, Empire, War, Profiteers, the Democrats/Republicans, the Bankers, the Drone makers, the Non-profit scammers, the Academic monsters. Democracy Now is becoming more and more tied to the elite voices and East Coast minds of a collective tribe, Jews, and their perspectives are dried up, really, considering Jews are making commentary on Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, lower economic class, the entire world. Books and tenure and a New York City and Eastern Coastline attitude, Amy and her crew are hard up to find real voices of the oppressed, so instead we get intellectuals, unionists, artists, psychologists, and the entire culture of ameliorating fools making money and making a career on the backs of the poor, pained, oppressed and misbegotten. In many ways, Amy is this wounded and flawed person, thinking her discourse and her platform is some alternative to the mainstream. Without those real voices, outside the .2 percent of global humankind, so many Jewish voices on one show.

I’ve talked about this before, the predominance of Jews and Zionist Jews in their tribal collective controlling not just the Hollywood-arts-narrative, but the sciences and the academic realm, media, and the general cultural and historical and political narrative.

This posting started off as a look into the sickness of the medical-science-technology-vaccination gambit. So much out there, like 9/11 Truthers, on the war against generations, children, our society. No conspiracy theory based on preposterous ideas, but more and more of those vaunted peer-reviewed studies showing how screwed we are with this vaccination program, with kids, by the time they are six months, are bombarded with aluminum, mercury, 78 different viruses and DNA. Yep, the generations of ADD/ADHD, autism, swimming in the spectrum kids. Forget the auto-immune diseases caused by these vaccinations, and the leaky guts, and gluten and soy allergies. In fact, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and guidance and counseling are the normatives now.

You can’t have conversations with people who think they are data driven gods, that science vis-à-vis paid-for university researchers, via the rotten pharmaceuticals, the entire life goes better with pills-chemicals-shitty medicine camp. I have people saying it’s better reporting that is the reason for more autism and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) cases in the pipeline. This is a big a lie as Osama and those toppling Trade Center Towers. Those of us skeptics in this new brave world of bullshit experts and data driven exercises in inhumanity are called the anecdotal dreamers. But, whoops, if only they would read, reload their biases and send them into the shti-hole that is a world now where universities are considered malls, where department scientists and research programs have to live or die on the money coming in from the conservative fucks of commerce and private industry. Forget about the fact that in some sense universities are around to push those thought and idea and presupposition envelopes. You know, take risks, including daring to questions the propagandists and scientists-for-hire who ram their flawed study after flawed study down the throats of a compliant media-press, and where the government oversight is only a memory in the memory hole.

Do we need a big data project for every single lie of government and scientists and so-called experts and industry prostitutes who call themselves scientists-engineers-technologists.? We will continue to believe the big lies and the smaller conflated lies. TBI in football players? Agent orange diseases. Gulf War Syndrome? PTSD? Cancer after cancer? All the synergistic effects of all the chemicals and toxins and drugs and food products shoved into our collective consumption society. Fucking PhD’s and ass-hole engineers still scoff at the effects of nuclear waste and nucleotides on humanity, scoffing to the point of lambasting us and even coding their superiority in leveling the dreaded “i” word and “s” word when referring to us – ignorant and superstitious.

I’ve already written about HPV and Gardasil, the three-shot treatment against cancer in mostly women that has destroyed futures, that have created thousands of semi-invalid 18 year olds stuck in constant pain, constant auto-immune disease hell.

I’ll post some of the links and an interview with a DO, doctor of osteopath, to whet your intellectual whistles.

Vaccines cause chronic immune system dysregulation. While vaccinations do a decent job of preventing childhood infectious disease, they do a far better job of causing many health issues increasingly prevalent in our society like autoimmune disease, asthma, allergies and cancer.

I want to thank Dr. Thomas Cowan, a board member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, whom I interviewed on the Live to 110 Podcast. He made several good points about vaccines that inspired this blog post. I have heard many times that vaccines cause problems with one’s immune system but never found a good explanation for exactly how this happens. Now I present to you the grim realities of vaccines and how they are causing more disease and deaths than they are preventing.

The Issues

Did they really eradicate disease? A 1999 study from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, looked at the death rate from infectious disease since 1940. What’s clear is that the death rate went down by 90% before vaccines were introduced. Other careful studies, such as that by J.B. and S.M. McKinlay, show that the vaccine-related diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and others were declining before vaccination came along. So there’s a question of whether vaccines were actually responsible for eradicating disease. Even the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, admits it was simply improved hygiene, improved sanitation like indoor plumbing and better nutrition that reduced disease.

Do they work? Whenever there’s an outbreak or an epidemic, at least half of the people who contract the disease were partially or fully vaccinated. In fact, the death rates in one study were twice as high for children that contracted the disease against which they were vaccinated. There have been many outbreaks of whooping cough in recent years. Of the children that contracted the disease, estimates run as high as eighty percent that had been vaccinated against it. Clearly some children are protected, while many are not. The strains in many vaccinations may no longer protect as new strains have emerged.

The adjuvants required in vaccines to stimulate the immune response include mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, which are known neurotoxins. Preservative-free vaccines may not have mercury, but there has been no public outcry against formaldehyde, aluminum and many others, so these remain in vaccines as adjuvants. Additionally, a study from Kobe University, which showed that vaccines reliably induced autoimmunity, did not include any toxic adjuvants or preservatives such as mercury, aluminum, or formaldehyde normally used in vaccines. This negates the more safely perceived practice of vaccinating with preservative-free vaccines.

Vaccines cause chronic immune system dysregulation. The changing of our immune system is the most concerning issue in regards to vaccines. Our immune systems, after the changes induced by repeated vaccines, can lose the ability to respond properly in the face of illness, causing a specific set of diseases that have become more prevalent since the introduction of vaccines. Epidemiological studies (statistical surveys) show poorer long-term health is more common among the vaccinated who survive without serious injury than children who are not vaccinated. This is the issue we will focus on in this blog post.

Okay, forget vaccines,  forget about the new triple-action soy GMO-Frankenstein-endorsed, and about to be approved by US-Corp-Uncle Insanity, have you, that can take four times as much pesticide and fertilizers to germinate, weed-free and insect-free, ready for mechanization; forget about the dirtying of all water sources through run-off, over planting, fracturing, non-point pollution, all 7.5 billion of us competing for land and sustainable lives against the .2 percent and 1 percent who will have their pound of flesh and pail of blood to make the next trillion $ for their rotten lives and extended families and Mafioso friends.  Forget about the neurotoxins spread effectively through jets, industries, plastics in the food, all the off-gassing, all of that. Forget about the drugs and pharmas that do not work, that do work, in fact, to lobotomize us all,  and forget about the constant fight or flight mode for humanity, in a world tied to paying off debt, going into debt,  going to jail when in debt, houselessness, all of the fun times the Football Team USA shoves down our throats and shove up our butts.

It’s the belief that consumer capitalism is somehow self-correcting, self-regulatory, self-enhancing, self-fulfilling. No way. No way. But even a good friend of mine, in Spokane, after getting a new lease on life with a new liver, a nice guy, really, but, he thinks shifting the way capitalism moves money around is the source of a New Lease on Life.

Here, my friend’s reach out to Spokanites —

It is my pleasure to announce to all of you that The Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy at WSU has invited Nick Hanauer back to Spokane for the Annual Distinguished Lecture at the Martin Woldson Theatre at the Fox on October 2nd. His lecture “Saving American Capitalism: The truth about jobs, prosperity, and economic growth” will take place at 7:30pm and admission is free to the public.

Nick is an incredible guy. I had the pleasure to meet him when he agreed to present the keynote at my Spokane Business & Economic Symposium Luncheon at the Davenport Hotel last May 7th.

With over 30 years of experience across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, retailing, e-commerce, digital media and advertising, software, aerospace, health care, and finance. Hanauer’s experience and perspective have produced an unusual record of serial successes. Hanauer has managed, founded or financed over 30 companies, creating aggregate market value of tens of billions of dollars. Some notable companies Include, Aquantive Inc., (purchased by Microsoft in 2007 for $6.4 billion), Insitu group (purchased by Boeing for $400 million), Market Leader (purchased by Trulia in 2013 for $350 million). Some other companies include Marchex, Newsvine, Qliance, Seattle Bank and Pacific Coast Feather Company.

This is an important event for Spokane. Nick brings a new perspective to American Economic Policies and his own enormous success in business as an entrepreneur brings a compelling aspect to his point of view.

It’s hard to juggle that conversation with someone I like and consider friends, and he is a millionaire, with small “m”. This Hanauer guy is NOT someone who should have any say in a “new economy.” Note the Boeing connection, and Microsoft, and, Seattle Bank. His heart is tied into COMPANIES, and selling them, and what does that do for the community, for people who have to wipe their loved ones’ butts because of disease, aging, the debilitating illnesses, the terrible realities of $7 an hour or $15, or what I get paid with two master’s degrees, $12? There is not room for society and community and connections and true spreading resources across economic strata and across time — like 12 generations down, or a hundred? These TED talks creeps have taken our lives into Technological hell, into the world of the billionaires. Amazon Dot Communist? Think hard the machinations of Apple — new iPhone, new i-Watch, and Apple’s collusion with banks and credit card companies to make sure that billionaires’ club stay strong, so that ever transaction we make in the future will be through a phone swipe, i-Pay Phone Swipe. This is what ENTREPRENEUR’s do to the world. How do we maintain that cost to put our groceries on the credit card? How does electronic money help the world? Think, folks, these are the masters of a Brave-brave-brave New and Dead World!

We expect rebellion, those of us in the dissident category, who have to have among us as supporters left-leaning types, progressives, and liberals, for god’s sake. We might wax nostalgic for those words of Thoreau stated above, but the reality is we are white, Zionists, empty vassals who in the end want law and want order, who want gentrification, fences, lines, laws, regulations. We do not want youth to rebel, to mouth off, to push the envelope or break the mold, because we are a nanny state bred, watched over by school, government, big business and the HR department in the Sky. We really need pab for TV entertainment, or we get lost in some esoterica, or we believe our radical writing, but we have turned our boys into ADHD, drugged out, compliant things, and we are a world of yes ma’am and no sir We have neutered men, boys, and we have stripped gumption from boys, and I am afraid to say we are a society of misogynists and goody-two shoes. We are run by women, teachers and medical personnel and the general HR and secretarial pool, largely because men have failed this society and women in charge have a warped sense of their authority, their Doctor Spock and psycho-babble, their belief that our little America, stripped of soldiers on our streets is best driven by air forces and drones and IT fucks and entire armies of killers and harvesters and resource and culture grim reapers. Dumb boys who can’t wrestle or fight or point a finger to make believe there’s a gun. The amount of interventions for normal kids and the amount of police calls and psych calls and counseling, well, we are a race of digital zombies, a race that will never overthrow its oppressors.


Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.