An End to Ignorance

It is not me, but we. It is not I, but us. Those who seek to strip away power from the Zionists, the Jesuits, the Imperialists, the Jihadists, the Luciferians, the Satanists, and all forms of centralized principalities of power that cause division through institutionalized warmongering tactics. We would cast out those who have been corrupted with wicked intentions, and place, in their stead, good men and women into positions of leadership to serve as shepherds upon this Earth. We would leave off from the Orwellian Newspeak, doubletalk, and massive propaganda campaigns waged by the Fascists, and begin to preach peace and teach love to the people instead.

There is Good and there is Evil. The physical dimension of time and space is a spiritual battleground, with Karma and Natural Law serving as the system boundaries. Once you have come to terms and dealt with this very simple fact, your wisdom will manifest in full and your inner vision will instantly become much clearer and more focused to the ways in which this world operates.

Follow your heart and intuition toward that which is uplifting, honest, decent and of high integrity, while resisting that which is wicked, deceptive, corruptive and designed to drag down at the energy of pure radiant light which fuels the core of all life.

Be open, truthful and ever ready to promote the intentions of all those who seek to live freely and prosperously upon the Earth.

Close off from and shun all that which would cause the spreading of cancerous growth in your soul; cast it away in complete hatred through the taking of healing measures in your lifestyle.

Use the strongest of words when calling out, turning away from, and denying Evil in its many forms of grossness. Grant no quarter to the lowly enemy. Show no mercy when mouthing curses against that which speaks using a foul tongue with naught but temptation toward the base desires of this world.

Have the courage to confront the devilish arm of Satan in whatever form it may manifest, wherever it may appear upon this Earth, be it outwardly in the world or as confusion within your own soul.

It is the sacred responsibility and duty of every generation of Man to be vigilant in the perpetuation of psychological war against corruption, decadence and wickedness in society.

It is true to say that the people of America, the modern day Babylon, have lost our moral compass as a country. We have become transfixed, hypnotized and conditioned to the materialism of worldliness which acts as a numbing agent upon the senses of the flesh. We have lost all semblance of balance, mindfulness and moderation when experiencing those things that, when used under proper conditions, can be fun and healthy, but become dangerous, intoxicating and stultifying to the soul when taken to overindulgent extremes.

Sure, the foods do taste delicious; the television programs, video games, soap operas and sporting events are enjoyable to watch; the high technology is a grand achievement. But we have allowed our dependency upon these outward things to spiral out of control, become unfocused, and accelerate the decadent process of spiritual decay.

We have fallen into a trance. Woe be to those who are not fully aware of this truth: Evil will always seek to strike when defenses are down. When our souls, psyches, hearts and minds become numb and dulled to the world of the flesh, we are ripe to be plucked for the feast that Satan finds gluttony in. And woe be to those low-minded people who are too weak to resist the wickedness that is wrought through succumbing to such vile temptations that the deceiver is wont to perpetrate upon the herd of humanity.

It is true that most men and women have hearts which are pure, and such as these are not easily tempted by the spirit of Evil; but these same men and women, should they become unbalanced in a state of worldliness at the expense of spiritual awareness, enter into a passive trance and can then be manipulated more easily by those who work with treacherous tactics. Evil’s greatest weapon is being able to corrupt those who show a kink in their armor by becoming susceptible to the negative influence that wicked forces muster. A corrupted soul can be bent out of shape, contorted, and used as a marionette by Evil to do mean and nasty things in this world.

As a general rule, Humanity is an innocent and trusting, if not a bit naïve, species. Because of this basic purity and goodness, humans are not always aware that those who would seek stations of authority, in most instances, hold designs, plans and agendas that they do not openly reveal. These snake like shepherds have signed a blood contract with the Devil; they are well versed in human psychology, and so are able to use their cunning, manipulative persuasion to gain the trust of those whom they seek to herd straight toward a type of counterfeit Hell on Earth.

We have become distracted by shiny objects and false idols, allowing our attention to wander from the solemn obligation of protecting the gates that guard our society from the influences of Evil. Through the cracks left open in our defenses, corrupting forces have slithered their way into our souls. We have unwittingly invited the vampires inside; now we play host to a parasite that has no intention of ever leaving.

Evil, as it will always do when given an opportunity, has lied, cheated and thieved its way into positions of power at the highest levels of influence throughout America. Indeed, the entire world has been infiltrated and infected.

The situation is dire and grows more desperate by the day. Those of us who seek to temper our sensual desires and keep our spiritual defenses properly calibrated to ward off negative influences must go forth with courage in an effort to wake those of our brethren who are trapped in a mesmerized state, having given their consciousness over to the pretty colors of flashing neon signs.

Bring the smelling salts!
Bring the cold water!
Bring the brightest light!

But even these sights and smells will not fully do the trick of awakening our friends and family from their haze.

We must humble ourselves, open our souls, and allow God back into our hearts. We must pray to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit Vibration. We must have the courage to speak loudly in favor of these powerfully holy forces. We must work resiliently to reintroduce their energy back into the collective lexicon of society.

We must rally our willpower, dig in our heels, clear our minds, and prepare for psychological warfare unlike any our species has never known.

It is our intention to cut off the head of our vile enemy; we seek to eradicate the tainted strain of Evil that virally spreads when leeching upon the negative energy created through Man’s intemperate desire for power, lust and greed, which causes unhealthy disturbances in the collective consciousness that result in vanity, pride, narcissism, nihilism and apathy.

Evil has held its hands firmly around the neck of Human civilization down through the ages, but never has the death grip been so tight as it is now. Never has there been a time when the possible extinction of our species and annihilation of the Earth was so imminently near. Never has our fate been so precariously balanced and tied up with the actions of dangerous psychopaths whose fingers hover demonically over the self-destruct button. Never has Evil held the reigns to such incredible and destructive technologies.

Two paths currently race toward a critical convergence. A great quickening is taking place. Never has time been so short. Something has to give. Those of us who seek to live together in peace and harmony, and those who seek to oppose and destroy us through war, are on a collision course that will meet at the nexus of destiny.

Thus spoke the Soothsayer unto Numa and those assembled in the auditorium of Samatra City.

• From his book The Awaking of Numa

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.