A Testament on the Human Spirit

I am thankful to all those who have walked the path before me and left lights on along the way.

The human species is designed by the Loving hand of God.

Creation is a constantly evolving miracle of The Lord.

Life itself is an unfolding of The Eternal Tao Process.

Verily, time is a river in flux.

Verily, space is as much within as it is without.

Many have said, ‘It is above as it is below.’; truly, this is quite so.

All is One at the Source.  While here on Earth we are split into dualistic dichotomy.

At one frequency is the enlightenment of Heaven, pulsing in rhythm with the Holy Spirit Vibration.

At another level is a frequency of Hell, barely resonating with a lowly, heavy, nearly stagnant energy.

It is time for every man to ask himself this question: Do you choose to live a morally upright existence and accept Angel Consciousness while living in healthy moderation of your Animal Instincts, or do you choose to be a vampiric parasite that survives by draining energy from your fellow man?

Do you choose to walk in the light, or to operate secretively and silently from the shadows?

Do you choose to work honestly and love God, or to cheat, deceive and manipulate others while playing the role of Satan’s minion?

Do you choose to embrace the spiritual test of this physical incarnation while seeking to learn lessons that will aid in your development toward becoming embedded in the consciousness of a star, or will you ignore your sacred privilege and thus remain caught in the web of illusion which leads to a cycle of reincarnations at the same stagnant stage?

Do you wish to emerge from the cocoon as a fully realized beautiful butterfly, or continue to crawl along in the dirt as a caterpillar?

Verily, every man must choose.

Verily, the women, too.

Verily, cancerous maggots and worms have taken refuge in the guts of the human communities.

Some would suggest the introduction of toxic, poisonous, chemically synthetic drugs into the lymphatic and immunity systems of our bodies as a means of dealing with the sickness.  They would have us suppress the symptoms of outrage, anger, disgust and nausea that rock the boat in our stomach by numbing the emotions that we feel and covering up the problem temporarily.

But we of The Phoenix Generation do things a little differently.

Verily, when illness enters us in the form of deadly bacteria, we vomit.  We spit up that which seeks to bring about our demise.  We flush out that which ails us.

Leave the pills with the snake-oil salesmen.

A simple finger down the throat will cast these devils out.

The spirit of humanity is too good to allow it be dampened by the damned.

There is still too much left to accomplish in the development of our species to allow such an enemy the opportunity to ruin us from the inside.

Verily, let every person look themselves in the mirror.  It is gut check time.

There is a spiritual war taking place in our belly.  We shall not give into the foul Beast.

That which diseases the collective psyche of humanity shall die off.  Let the Earth absorb the dust and ash.  Let the Phoenix Generation rise from out the decay of tainted bloodlines and sadistic Satanists.

Verily, I wake every morning knowing that there is a battle for the heart and mind of humanity being fought in this world while the fate of our species hangs in the balance of Universal Judgment.  I wake knowing that my life’s purpose and meaning is to live with an intended mission of spreading the wisdom of The Holy Spirit Vibration.

The pattern of this path results as a natural consequence of living by God’s grace and guidance.  For me, there can be no other choice.

Yet, I see that not every person is filled with a spirit that seeks to ward off Evil and work to honor the blessing of all that which is Good.

Verily, I wonder, why?

Yet I would not live in confusion.  I clearly understand that each human is at a different point of life’s journey.

Do not be surprised when a duck quacks like a duck.

Be not surprised when a snake slithers like a snake.

Be not surprised when a wicked person acts wickedly.

Be not surprised when a kind person offers kindness.

Verily, every piece has its place.  Every part fits perfectly together.

Verily, eventually every tilt has its tipping point.

Verily, let the false kingdom of nihilistic, decadent Evil topple over while the paradise of Heaven rises to tower in splendor.

Verily, I say, let it stand high.

Verily, every person is like unto a snowflake that is imbued with a unique soul signature.

A civilization is a system imposed upon the flock by wicked shepherds who seek to nullify such uniqueness and turn the people into a hive mass of collectivist thinking.

A community comes about through the natural order of free-thinking, creative, divinely-infused individuals working together as each uses their special skills, gifts and talents toward productive endeavors.

A civilization is an engineered grid of tyrannical rules, regulations and laws enforced by those who seek to enslave the human species and cut it off from God’s Source.

A community is a bond of family tribes that live as loving neighbors toward each other with mutual respect for the privacy and freedom inherent in the heart of every human.

A civilization is built as a prison.

A community is spread wide open.

Verily, a civilization is formed not only by those who impose it, but also through the compliance and lack of resistance put up by the people.

Verily, a community represents the Kingdom of God and allows every member of The Phoenix Generation to fly freely and reach their full potential through the maturation of consciousness.

Verily, all life is a reflection of Creation’s perfection.

Let no humble human live in a state of guilt or shame.  Let no healthy human be fooled by self-destructive energy into hating themselves or any part of life which is inherently Good.

Verily, let every man who is sick find remedy through the process of a natural recovery.  Let the body do what it does by healing itself.  Receive a dose of Holy Medicine by getting out of your own way, as they say.

Clichés become so because they are recognized as wise truths.  Take not for granted what is simple and easily understood.  Look not for complications in a cleverly constructed mental game, but work diligently through them when they do happen to naturally occur.

Verily, let me speak now in a parable about an anecdote riddled in metaphor used as an analogy about allusions and allegories.

Verily, let me now be more literal.

Let me now be slow and smooth as I work in quick vibration.

Verily, let me now rest calmly in deep sleep as I experience hyper hyperbole in an excited state of dreams.

Verily, let me break it all down and keep it real simple: Let the Human Spirit operate in Holy Spirit Vibration and resonate with the glory of God’s great gift of freewill at a frequency that liberates the Phoenix Generation’s heart, mind, soul, and clean, healthy, disease-free gut.

Verily, Amen, and thank you.

Thus spoke Numa.

• From his book The Awaking of Numa

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at 17numa@gmail.com. You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.