With the Whip

Two hundred pounds dropped from the artillery plane. A beast of a bomb calcified in the heart with naught but devastation roaring through its ugly mind. Nuclear holocaust teetering on the brink of apocalypse in the form of a hair point trigger. Too many maniacs with itchy fingers. Sweaty palms and ravaged agendas. Ready and overly willing to release the poisonous payload. How soon before it smashes? How many will be left standing? Mutation city. Radiation break away. Don’t take the candy when the stranger offers a sweet taste of bliss. Never bite the hand that feeds you unless the other hand happens to be choking your neck and shoving genetically modified “food” down your throat. In such a case, sink your teeth right in. Deep and to the core. Rip and roar. Tear off the flesh and spit it out. Suck on the marrow. Cannibal city. Regurgitation alley. Ally to the fire. Burnt up in the smokescreen. No one is coming from the clouds to save us. No savior is waiting in the wings for the climatic crescendo. So each and every person who is alert, alive and awake better find that perfect harmonic peace which reigns within the soul. It doesn’t come from a plastic charge card. Doesn’t come from a shiny gold object. Doesn’t come through the satiation of lust. Doesn’t come through gluttony. Doesn’t come from greed. Don’t buy into the power hungry devils that twist their words, spin their webs of propaganda, and manipulate every issue they possibly can using petty laws not good enough for a mangy dog. Shit. How’d we get stuck with this? How’d we get born into this? What’d we do to deserve this? Is it fate? Could it be karma? Whatever the case, those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear better suck it up and take a dose of stark reality like spiritually aware human beings. Better catch a glimpse of the higher truth and run with it. Not toward, but away from the bank.

The cartel. The mafia. The institutionalized scam run on the principle of the general populace not paying attention or giving a flying fuck. Getting taken to the cleaners and washed down the drain on a daily basis. Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple once their corruption reached a certain level that finally pissed him off enough to take up the whip and start swinging. When will we get our act together and follow suit? Is there hope remaining that we can make a turnaround? Is there a beating heart left in the collective body? Or have we been walked over, trampled upon and left to perish in the ditch? The false messiah of petty worldliness will only steer you off the road. Better take the wheel in your own two hands and steady the course. Gross misconceptions of reality are readily apparent. Apparently getting worse by the hour. Mass delusion in the forecast. Zombie uprising. Cannibalism in a dog eat dog greed fest as those with melted brains rip each others’ flesh apart. Sucking on the bone marrow. Tasting of the salty tears. Washed away in an ocean of disgust. No one can part this sea. The wave is going to crash hard. So grab your board and catch the tide. The Phoenix, now, is on the rise. See you on the other side.

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at 17numa@gmail.com. You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.