The Pinky of Working Class Slobs

contains more wisdom than in all the bucket heads of the Ivy League/Stanford Class/Zionist Tower of Babel Combined

I’ve got to admit: Some of the most interesting stuff coming out of people’s mouths, versus the awful crap coming out of the droning digital internet, on TV, in books, anything we might call media, well, the most interesting stuff comes from regular folk, like our own Chuck O. (read below concerning my last post on why we need to call these cock-suckers cock-suckers whenever we can, instead of this patty-cake bullshit play nice and inside voice school marm lie this country has been fed in the PC world of PK12, college, all those rights ripped away from us in the corporate-work world, cops, and the Zionist and Gentile rule of law punishment experts — Seven Banned Words) who in a nutshell are atypical of the elite, the academic, the arcane, the asinine, the whores of Press, Journalism, Info-tainment, PR, Propaganda, Madison Avenue, the Liars Club of Zionists, the banking bastards, those running the mining-military-merchandizing-mayhem club.

People scratching out a living, doing things for people, they have more to say than the lot of them, all of them on TV, in most books published, in most things we read and view and listen to in this cultural petri dish of ebola!

The mealy mouthed, metro-sexual, feminized, neo-con/neo-liberalized “liberals,” all those culture warriors looking for the right of killing fields across the globe as LGBTQ proponents, you know, distracted and infantile adults, all those great consumers and conspiring folk who are the sheeple, some doing quite well, thank you very much, as benefactors of the Zionist-Oil-USA-Empire Project.

Amazing, one of my cousin’s kids working for the missile industry as a 26-year-old, tall, blond, Aryan, her great grandfather one of the boys from Germany sent to Alabama to work on our missile system. The One Percent and the Five Percent and their offspring, they are some of the most dangerous, racist, Empire loving and people hating things of a world I just want IMPLODED.

Language, these idiots in California, now Obama-loving things, so politically bizarrely incorrect that they curse those Mexicans, those illegals, those big drains on the country while their toilets get unclogged, grass gets mowed, blood gets drawn, roofs fixed, cars tuned up, and food cooked and delivered by those very people who they lambast and curse and wish absolute pain and suffering on.

Survival of the fittest, they are, yammering away at the ideas of swollen heads and the New York Times and FOX News. They believe in complaisance, in some noble shit around Americana and the country’s history all wrapped up in the Hermitage or Samuel Adams and these noble (sic) presidents they hear about through yet another white upper class voice, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jewish, or Tony Kushner, Jewish, and Spielberg, Jewish, giving us Lincoln and Teddy and the interpretation of America-the-Great through some pretty splintered glasses.

They are all shits, these announcers of our culture, our history, our futures. Stuck in boardrooms or in game rooms, or as the grand wizards of academia, the grand inquisitors of law, all those folks steeped in the style and fabrication of “the debate,” all their consensus thinking crap,  the ameliorating, the smoothing of history, these researchers who benefit from the pain of poverty, the realities of racism, these people are all communicating within an echo chamber, except, they are also the power brokers in office and are the deciders and the very reason we are a cooked planet.

Have you noticed the more white noise and bumbling pleas and great non-profit mumbo jumbo churning out from the great nothing that is the Internet? More and more middlings making their middle incomes running all sorts of internet scams, schemes and societies. Protection of monkeys, marsupials, mountaintops, mushrooms and meatless Mondays.

This is where we are at, the climate gone, the ecosystems, gone; education on the rocks; labor rights eviscerated. Fear has set in, the meanness of the middle class and the reeling paranoia of the poor as the ruling class, the bureaucracies and punishment leaders corral more and more great, big, swaths of the land of the free, the great democracy of everyone’s wet dreams, and conversations are muddled, set in on the next superhero crap, all those Gentiles and Jews churning out the mush of Madison Avenue and Movie-dom and the Sports Complexes.

Imagine, this world, where the University of Oregon has a two-year president now on the rocks who gets a $950,000 golden parachute, after two years of mucking up that institution of lower learning? Imagine, as adjunct faculty, the bulwark of education, get no benefits, no money, no severance, no respect. Where is the Molotov-throwing outrage? In some chatroom or game room?

I’ve been working in the trenches around education, environment, academics, art, journalism for more than 38 years, and, well, who gives a shit about the machinations of the leading-ruling-bumbling-political-punishment class running and ruining non-profits? Who cares about the so-called sustainability movement? Who cares about the absurd fake battles of the anti-Keystoners, anti-coal trainers, all those folk who end up sending calendars and postcards and pleas in the mail and over the internet, all pathetically neutered schemes helping those middling college grads and underling lawyers get jobs, while, err, the poor and working class and people outside the One Percent and 19 Percent literally are dying.

Each and every system run by the Gentiles and Jews in the “ruling” punishment class, well, they are quickly crumbling. To the point of absurdity. People are so afraid of their shadows, of bucking the system, of speaking out and speaking out of turn. So cuffed by bizarre leagues of women controlling PK12 and thugs of the male class running the world of high finance felonies.

I am finding literally no one willing to call a racist Jew a racist Jew. Afraid to call all these shitheads in the business of punishment, lawsuit kings and queens all those manipulators of facts and stats propagandists. Literally, the world in the USA is one fat Disney phlegm spit on humanity. Entertained to death, and the amount of lies we swallow, the amount of denaturing, the amount of forced and unforced enslavement to the fine-levy-tax-fee-interest payment schemes of the One Percent and their Thugs in the 19 Percent, well, can you imagine getting anywhere, literally, through the maze of controlled opposition, fake thinking, fake diplomacy.

In a world where we can’t even call the shitheads of Israel, the Zionists on both sides of the Torah-New Testament gauntlet, shitheads, and those with that genocidal glee who are forcing blockades on medicines, ice, electricity, water, calories, all of it for basic humane/human rights, these money changers and militarists, big and small, in the know and just cogs in the wheels, they need immediate, well, eradication. How can we do that in a world of mealy mouthed leaders and captains of industry, all gleeful with the coming of the drone-surveillance-pre-crime one world nothing existence of the masses, exploited for every last fine-levy-fee-tax-price? All the pontification, and stupid debates – Ivy League and Parliamentarian inspired – false balancing, forgotten history, and this Lithium world of violent thoughts and violent crap on TV-Sports-Movie-Battlefields, but this society of 329,000,000 million cuffed and electroshocked into submission by and to the mortgage companies, insurance companies, the corporations and outfits and keen industries?

The ratio of cops to people in any given city is really-really low, even with their flame throwers and robot-diffusers and helos and SWAT gear . . . . YET, we are compliant, fearful of the sunglasses-wearing 24-hour Fitness Tanned Lunatics. Fearful of bad credit ratings, fearful of not keeping up with the junky-Joneses, fearful of missing half-time at the Super Bowl.

Yet, we have all these grand thinkers, the talkers, all those satellite beamed stations, endless cooking shows, endless reality (sic) and talk shows and fifty hour buying clubs and fabricated documentaries and news shows, all in the service of the Gentile and Jews of the Coin(s) of the Realm.

It’s all smoke and mirrors and plasticized meaningless stuff that kills the soul, kills the humanity, the male and female, or whatever we are now. Look –

Our online MBA in Sustainable Business program is for professionals who are committed to creating lasting change through the development of green business practices. Program benefits include:

Top-ranked MBA program*
No GRE or GMAT required for qualified applicants
5-week accelerated classes
100% online

This above says it all – just replace “sustainable business program” with any number of dozens of other worthless, bloodless, poor-inducing, people enslaving “degree.” As Gilad Atzmon says about the conspirators —

The growing number of genocides and massacres committed by Jews in the last hundred years suggest that at least some Jews are pretty careless with other people’s children. Wiesel should examine the Holodomor and the role of ‘Stalin’s willing executioners’ as Jewish American historian Yuri Slezkine elucidates in his invaluable book The Jewish Century. Wiesel can also read Israeli Sever Plocker’s declaration that “some of (the) greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.” Just a few years after the Holodomor, the Yiddish speaking International Brigade murdered Catholics and burned their churches in Spain (1936). The tragic and violent circumstances in which the Jewish State was born didn’t sate the lust for violence among some of its Diaspora supporters, quite the opposite. The immoral Neocon interventionists that have been advocates for the death and carnage of millions of Muslims for the past two decades are largely Jewish Zionists. Wasn’t Lord Levy, the chief fundraiser for Tony Blair’s Government at the time we were led into an illegal war in Iraq, a proud Zionist Jew? Weren’t the Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen, who enthusiastically endorsed the Iraq war in the British media, Jewish? Perhaps the time has come for Aaronovitch and Cohen to explain their advocacy of lethal ‘moralism.’ Consider the infamous Bernard Henri Levy who admitted that “as a Jew” he “liberated” Libya. Isn’t it time for him to take responsibility ‘as a Jew’ for the sacrifice of other people’s children?

And how is it that .2 percent of USA population, Jews, have more influence on discourse, systems, the house of cards banking-bilking-brokering, the culture (sic) industry, and the academic realm? It’s a funny elitism, chauvinism, racist set up, really. And we can’t use epithets and those seven deadly words banned on RADIO and old time TV?

Can you imagine a world of faces glowing as they stroll into the world with their apps fluttering on their dumb-ass iPhones? This constant repetition of Jon Leibowitz (Stewart) as some voice of the contrary? Absolutely, this is a strange world of not just the One Percent and compliant and tough and dog-eat-dog 19 Percenters sucking the marrow from us, the working poor, the working class, but that .2 percent of Zionists-Jews-Pro-Israel ruling and setting the framework for most of the areas or systems or avocations and “things” I have been closely a part of for decades, yet, in the scheme of things, no matter where I have ended up, they, these Jewish elites or quasi-voices, really are one million worlds away from where I have every wandered.

Paul: I liked “Seven Banned Words Needing Deployment Now” very much, and I consider this article your BEST and most “Green Energy” rich shit ever, Respectfully speaking, I hope some delicate readers are rankled and upset at your calling even protected species, for example Secretary of Shit State Madeline Albright, what they really are, “pieces of shit.” For the record, George Carlin (R.I.P.) is one of the best dirty-MINDS of the 20th Century. He clearly explained to all listening that commoners mean NOTHING to those in high places; too few listened, they do homage, and get fed chopped shit sandwiches at political fund raisers. Finally, I liked how you lay “Slick Willie” out (in style) in chicken manure field — what a cheap piece of perverted shit having said he almost got CIA-man Bin Laden bumped-off before the Money Suckers Opening Day, 9/11. Annually, The Media likes to remind every one how it took Ted Kennedy nine (9) hours to call cops and explain the incident where M.J. Kopechne drowned off a Chappaquiddick Island bridge. Will self-righteous Media ever find “their balls” and defiantly report multi millions of citizens DROWNING in decades of marked-down and liquified bull shit? Good job, Paul, keep up the GOOD work — your article released more constipated product than a stockpile of Immodium. Shits Away!

Charles “Chuck” Orloski Taylor, PA

Post scriptum: Maybe George Carlin’s brother Patrick shall read your article? In January 2012, I met Patrick at one of Levon Helm’s final “Midnight Rambles.” Patrick’s a smart and funny dude, has radio show, and he’s up-to-speed about proliferation of V.I.P. shitheads since George’s passing. I suggest looking at Patrick Carlin’s web site, maybe catch him on “Facebook,” am quite confident he’ll delight in your “Seven Banned Words Needing Deployment Now.”

Thanks to Black Agenda Report for reporting on the worse than Uncle Toms of this political class of money grubbers wanting more money from the money changers, Jew or Goyim, it doesn’t matter . . . . Oh, did I give  thanks to Bruce Dixon:

Only 2 of over 40 Congressional Black Caucus members voted against legitimizing the 2009 Israeli massacre of 1400 mostly civilians in Gaza, with seven CBC members abstaining. Last week, with the Gaza death toll climbing toward 1,000 not a single CBC member could be bothered to lift a voice against Israel’s genocidal assault of the moment or its ongoing apartheid state in general. Black America should hang our collective heads in shame.

By the late 1980s, a gaggle of former CBC staffers had moved through the revolving doors of elite affirmative action to become corporate lobbyists, with the same ethics and table manners as their white colleagues, but with black faces. Thanks in large part to their efforts, by 2000 a tsunami of corporate cash began filling up the coffers of incumbent CBC members, their black replacements, or in the cases of Alabama’s Earl Hilliard and Georgia’s Cynthia McKinney, their black opponents.

Only a single member of the CBC, Rep. Barabra Lee opposed President Bush’s blank check for invading anywhere he pleased in Septermber of 2001, and by the 2003 invasion of Iraq, four CBC members, some of them swimming in donations from military contractors, raced down to the White House to have their pictures taken with Bush as the bombs were about to explode over Baghdad.

The world is saturated with pricks, assholes, rotten shitheads, male-female, LGBTQ, white, black, Jew, Gentile, it just doesn’t matter, because that economic greed, the terror of the economic hits, the terror of the prison industrial complex, the leading edge being in Israel, or other despotic nations trained and funded by EU or USA or Australia, hell, can you imagine all those PC people and people of color, and affirmative action recepients, diversity winners, all of them, sucking the crack pipe of capitalism, consumerism, Zionism, the hate and death of the broken words of their academic and political evil, all of them, wasted caloric output, all of them, not one tear shed, not one gut gutsy to stand down and rail against the hate and tyranny of the minority?

This is not a Martin Lurther King, Jr. moment for the black pols. Not a great moment for the Zionist and Jewish led unions, all of them, mostly, signed onto the military-prison-IT complex, all those widgets and hardware supplies their unholy labor market, no matter how many children are imploded by that Union Made and Sweatshop derived muscle of the American racists called union members.

This is a Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas moment, thank you very much Susan Rice. Eric Holder. Obama. What wasted trash and pricks and shitheads that clan is derived from. No words of wisdom or guts from the Walmart-loving Michele. The entire Obama family tree and extended tree of corruption, not one of them out there criticizing THE Chief Torturer and Drone-Operator-in-Office, POTUS? Where are they? Bought and sold.

This is the world of press secretaries, play nice, the inside voice, marginalizing anyone with a yell, a cry, a scream, any whole and human wail and raised voice, busted, pushed aside, taken out to the woodshed.

There should be unending screams in every corner of every sector, for this Gaza moment, but not in America, where business as usual, the daily grind of the school days sales, the primitive intelligence of the money changers and money horders and money players.

Buy-buy-buy and clip-clip-clip. America, the wacked out land of plasticized and hormone-laced play nice and inside voice users while seething inside against the other races, hating anything outside the Madison Avenue and Target-ready sales flyer society, all good and dandy hording school, Halloween, Black Friday, and Holiday junk-junk.

You do not talk against the Chosen Few, the elite who are helping to run the economic hell that is the very essence of the capitalist-corruption-consumer laced world of the fast-food and shopping cart ladden mind.

These are the shits, the rot-gut people who are the leading edge, forcing us into their world of fake relationships, all the endless tolls and trolls that have invented un-education, un-philosophy, un-democracy, under the surveillence of the fucked up Bezos-Gates-Zuckerberg of our times.

These are the people who need daily excrement tossed in their faces and noses. Where is the outrage, the shaming, the guts, the willingness to jump out of the Walmart and all-you-can-eat skin of the wilting middle and lower economic classes.

Euthanizing vicious, out of control, people-biting, dog killing canines? Hmm. More intellectually disabled people murdered on America’s Gentile-Jewish death row. More and more homeless chopped to death. More and more mothers jailed for missing court dates, missing fines.

This is a Nazi, fascist moment in time, about to grow like a toxin. All penned in by the elite, the academics, the chosen few jurists, the political class bought and sold by the corporate and monied-class.

Oh, just for a real, deep conversation with a worker, anyone but the Chosen One Percent, the .2 Percent, the 19 Percent, all of them demons of a kind.


Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.