The Lies We Want to Hear

A shrinking economy fumbled,
in a collapsing society,
human species habitat crumbled
in existential anxiety.

Jarring inequality in polity
conspired by the power elite,
in gated, yachted frivolity
unrelenting rent seeking ((rent seeking = (in economics) engaging in e.g. political lobbying in a manner to increase one’s share of existing wealth without actually creating societal wealth)) Wall Street.

Condemned to a future hollow
so why then do we feebly follow?

Is it their confident stare,
proper color ties and tall,
their thick freshly blown hair
that puts us in their thrall?

Or rather what could more endear
than the lies we do want to hear?

The teller of truth is doomed,
never mind staying informed.
We’d rather be well groomed
pretending, unconcerned.

The teller of the truth is doomed as there is always someone willing
to tell us the lie we want to hear.

Eric Sundin writes poetry with the aspiration of expressing something beyond prose and, whether it does or not, it is mercifully shorter. He is a retired business man whose civil disobedience actions include, in particular, Vietnam and the Cold War. He lives in Seattle, WA and can be contacted Read other articles by Eric.