The Continual, Unconscionable Failure to Punish Israel for its Crimes Against Humanity

Constitutes Culpable Criminal Complicity

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

Haile Selassie, former Emperor of Ethiopia (1892-1975)

After more than sixty years of being paralysed into silence by the Zionist venom — the stigma of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial — that prevented condemnation of incalculable cheating, lying, stealing, murdering, and ruthless violation of the legal and natural human rights of the Palestinian people by a nation devoid of conscience, humanity, or any of the noble principles of the religion to which it claims to belong, the world in general and the West in particular have once again been witness to Israel’s latest arrogant, barbaric, and contemptuous assault on international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This country exists as a fulfilment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy.

Golda Meir (Israeli Prime Minister 1969-1974), Le Monde, 15 October 1971

The concept of legitimacy cannot be claimed on the basis of some Biblical narrative written thousands of years ago by scribes (ancient Jewish record-keepers) intent on inventing a Jewish people and creating a Jewish nation. Genuine legitimacy, like respect, cannot be feigned, fabricated, purchased or purloined: it has to be earned with commendable conduct and well intentioned cooperation in the affairs of all humankind.

Genuine legitimacy for a Zionist Apartheid Israel, therefore, cannot be established by the silencing of demands for accountability for contemptible and illegal behaviour with impunity; it cannot be established by devilish duplicity, rambunctious denial of obvious criminality, or the deprivation of human and political rights for others; it cannot be established by numerous self-serving false flag operations such as the 1954 Lavon Affair, the 1967 USS Liberty Incident , the 1968 Operation Trojan, and even the frequent and deliberate targeting of Jewish people and organisations with a view to laying the blame on various groups ranging from radical Muslims to even harmless environmentalists; it cannot be established by a Fascist ideology based on the “supremacy” of a “chosen people” whose colonial Apartheid objectives include the savage military ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine; it cannot be established by the continual bribing and corrupting of the elected representatives of other nations; and it cannot be established by forever committing crimes against humanity to legitimise the illegitimate because the time will certainly come — as it did for the Nazis — when there has to be a reckoning that demands justice and punishment.

In view of Israel’s latest diabolical and devastating spree codenamed Operation Protective Edge —  some 17,000 homes bombed and destroyed, over 2,000 civilians killed including 500 children, and over 500,000 people made homeless — the time for that reckoning has to be now! People everywhere, including all those Americans who are either politically illiterate or naively oblivious to reality and the true facts, have to be resolute in deciding that goodwill towards Israel and tolerance for its crimes against humanity can no longer be  permitted because of regret over the Holocaust. Jews do not have a monopoly on suffering as is witnessed by the fact that — and that is not counting the millions of injuries and fatalities resulting from Israeli-induced conflicts — twelve million children under the age of five die annually from preventable diseases and malnutrition. People must determine that “never again” shall be equally applicable to Palestinians as it is to Jews; that Israelis, like the Nazis, must be made accountable and punishable for their war crimes; and that collective cowardice, criminal cooperation, and culpable complicity with regards to Israel are an irresponsible dereliction of duty to all humanity.

The collective cowardice resulting from the fear of being stigmatised as anti-Semites or Holocaust deniers is an irrational and immoral reaction to the well financed and orchestrated Zionist campaign for the promotion of guilt-inducing reminders of the Holocaust — otherwise known as the Holocaust industry. Current and future generations cannot be held hostage in perpetuity by zionist Israel for crimes committed by past generations. Furthermore, past persecutions of the Jewish people does not grant Judaeo-Zionism the automatic right to now ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people. Shrill and constant cries of anti-Semitism to silence criticism of Apartheid Israel are now so commonplace that they have — like the child who cried wolf too often only to be ignored when there actually was one — have become meaningless and rightly irrelevant.

Criminal cooperation is the provision to Israel of preferential access to U.S. and European Union markets including the latter’s failure to enforce laws prohibiting the import of Israeli goods produced in the Occupied Territories; criminal cooperation is investment in Israel which in 2012 alone rose 14.5% to $73.9 billion with American investors accounting for $19.7 billion followed by $9 billion from the Cayman Islands — a global tax shelter that serves as corporate headquarters for many companies such as Coca-Cola, Oracle and Intel; criminal cooperation is the acceptance by politicians of pro-Israel political action committee contributions which in the U.S. alone are quite astronomical. Israel’s ability to bribe and corrupt politicians does not extend to the people, therefore it is up to the people to show their disapproval in the only possible and peaceful way: they must effectively boycott Israeli goods by joining the BDS campaign; they must boycott companies who invest in Israel; they must crusade against individuals or organisations that associate with, or support Israel; and they must continually lobby their politicians especially those that have accepted the accursed Israeli new shekel and demand justice and respect for the human rights of Palestinians.

Culpable complicity with Israel’s barbarous criminality takes many forms including nations who either abstain or vote against UN resolutions condemning Israel’s persistent persecution of the Palestinian people — the U.S. has used more vetoes on behalf of Israel than it has on behalf of itself; culpable complicity includes the provision of military-related equipment to Israel with the knowledge that it will be used for the continued oppression of the Palestinian people in the illegally Occupied Territories — From 2009 to 2018, the U.S. is scheduled to give Israel (the largest recipient of U.S. assistance) $30 billion in military aid, and culpable complicity includes the hypocritical double standards by which Israel’s criminality is either judged or just completely ignored as compared to other less useful international law violators whom Western nations do not regard as being within their sphere of influence.

If what has just occurred in Gaza is not unconditionally condemned and punished, then it will most certainly reoccur as it has been doing for over 60 years. Israel’s parasitic inclinations will not be satisfied until every drop of drinkable water which it has not already stolen, becomes too contaminated for Palestinians to drink; Israel will not be satisfied until its air, land and sea blockade of the Occupied territories — that prevents the import of vital food and medical supplies — has induced malnutrition, disease and death amongst the imprisoned and persecuted population; Israel will not be satisfied until all Palestinian children have been traumatised by the experience of seeing their parents being hounded, humiliated, imprisoned without due process, and in many cases simply murdered; Israel will not be satisfied until those same children are further traumatised by being arbitrarily arrested, interrogated without adult or legal council support, beaten, terrorised, and forced into signing confessions (written in a language they do not understand) that incriminate parents and relatives who are then held indefinitely under the misused Administrative Detention Order; Israel will not be satisfied until every Palestinian home, hospital and school has been reduced to rubble with bombs supplied by courtesy of U.S. taxpayers; and Israel will not be satisfied until every drop of Palestinian blood has soaked into the stolen Palestinian lands on which more illegal Jewish settlements will be built. And no, this is not an anti-Semitic exaggerated rant, it is a fact that has been endlessly reiterated by racist Israeli leaders who want Palestine and not peace.

Any western leaders — especially U.S. presidents — who may have ever thought that Israel wanted peace, must have been faint-hearted, foolish or complete frauds. So far most political and religious  leaders including the Pope and apart from retired Anglican bishop Desmond Tutu have failed to unconditionally condemn Operation Protective Edge. Justice and retribution will only be achieved by the people. The people of the world have to inform the criminal Zionist Apartheid state of Israel in the strongest possible terms that finally it is now definitely very much a case of “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

William Hanna is a freelance writer with published books the Hiramic Brotherhood of the Third Temple, The Tragedy of Palestine and its Children, and Hiramic Brotherhood: Ezekiel’s Temple Prophesy which is also due to be published in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Book and purchase information, sample chapters, reviews, other articles, videos, and contact details here. Read other articles by William, or visit William's website.