Opposing the Elite Opposers

one giant huff and puff industry of pundits and philosophers stuck in the meaning of the universe from their safe, warm ivory towers and fat-butt computer chairs

Meta-cognition, big-talking intellectuals, the tribe talking among itself, whites & Jews controlling the narratives, and more and more delusional stuff tied to grassroots movements and the big lies of Media-Corporations-Big Government-Schools-PR-Religion.

It all starts with a Henry Giroux talking to a Dennis Bernstein, and the beat goes on and on. Look, I am a fan of some of Henry’s stuff, the pedagogy of the oppressed, the discussions on youth, on corruption, and on empire and the fascism of the elite and the corporations. BUT . . . .

With these two on the radio, Bernstein and Giroux, both with strong Jewish roots, both in positions of media and education power, with book contracts and professorships, what have you, when they talk about topics on the GLOBAL scale, on the “why the Obama’s and McCains and Kochs and Buffets and Bezos and Gates are bad, and on how tough it is to be a kid or youth facing tuition equal to a Lamborghini title, and endless precarious employment and dissatisfaction, well, the stuff ends up in this echo chamber.

They really are not ground truthers, on the ground people. Here’s why: Just go to one of the day cares around the country, of course, those private places that are chains, exploiting their workers, teachers and assistants who are charged to take our most precious cargo – kids – and that includes Head Start. Go to one, and talk to say, Kate, someone I just talked with who has out foster kids. She has been in the game for 19 years. The very same place.

Lo and behold, just a little discussion about diet, about behavior, about those things I also noticed last year substituting for K12 in the state of WA, after 30 years teaching college, some high school, some special gang-risk programs, some prison programs, and the military. While these two atheist Jews talk, intellectual and pugnaciously, well, the reality is – and I have to include a guy like 350.org Bill McKibbeon, another loser in my book – that children are becoming en mass much more prone to major allergies, major fits of behavioral dysfunction or disjointedness. Young people, children, are distracted not just by the stuff those big Jewish leaders feed us – Gates, Dell, Bezos, et al – as in screen hypnosis and history-cultural amnesia vis-a-vis smart (sic) phones and tablets (sic). The very essence of in vitro life, all the exposure to the food environment and plastics and weed killers, off-gassing roofs, carpets, roads, all the particulates and aromatics, all those hormone disrupting chemicals in shampoos and super sized drinks and in the drugs those Zionists and Puritans feed them.

Over the course of my 30 years, and beyond, since I was teaching kids how to swim when I was 16 (I’m 57 now), I have seen not just hatred and buffoonery tied to knowledge and NOT wanting to know about THE WORLD geologically, geographically, historically, culturally, linguistically, politically, and anthropologically all bundled into the junk of the mind these Hollywood-Madison Avenue-Iowa Testers-Sugary Cereal purveyors demand, but also tied to their bodies, their ticks and outbursts, lack of concentration power, lack of will power, lack of eye-mouth-hand-foot coordination.

Great gobs of intellectual masturbation, Giroux, Bernstein, McKibben and the other millions in the culture-education-punditry industries perform. But, the bottom line is POVERTY and that’s not just economic. That includes the poverty in what our mothers get to eat, drink and see. How much of the body is busted genetically and bio-physically through glues, resins, multiple carcinogenic chemicals lacing everything. How much is tied to the brain’s rewiring through the Tough Cops, Junk Survivor TV, Grand Theft Auto, Iron Man, Disneyfication of their McDonald’s happy meal world?

I work with young women in the world of developmental disabilities who are clueless when it comes to why the US is not “this is America and we can run the water as much as we want to and we can eat as much meat as we want to and we can tell the rest of the world to fuck off as much as we want to.” Can you talk to Giroux about that? Have those people on radio, in their verbose columns and analyses.

They are in echo chambers, listening to a select few in their classes, and the bottom line is, how much do we have to listen to from these atheist Jews who are not tapping into the bedrock of why things are screwed.

So, below, again, my Taylor Pennsylvannia intellectual and Catholic friend, Chuck. He has some things to say about recent DV articles, and other stuff. Ironically, how many bus drivers does Giroux and McKibben and Bernstein really know, like Chuck, who is in his 60s and is working to drive a bus to keep bread on the table? I talk to bus drivers everyday since my students with developmental disabilities are driven to and from the school-facility I work at via the Portland Tri-Met Lifts. Many of them are men my age and older. Many are from other countries, like Ukraine, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bosnia. See how hard they work for $12 and $14 an hour. Get them on GIroux’s radar, or Bernstein’s or Amy Goodman’s or Truthout’s or the Nation’s.

Ya see, I have been in the center of those so-called intellectual hornets nests. GMOs, Save the Oceans, stop the border patrol, fight NAFTA, reproductive right, save the pygmy owl, rabbit, elephant, stop the NSA, CIA, FBI, CEO’s, no more coal, climate action now, sustainability now, single payer health care now, stop the military felons now, etc., etc.

I’ve written about that a lot in these columns. I have been baton-ed by cops, sprayed by cops, handcuffed by cops, and I have reported on and written about cops as a small town community reporter for dailies and weeklies. I have taught at colleges, not as tenured Giroux types, but as working class, teach four times the load a Giroux could imagine teaching. I have been with those gang-bangers, those kids raped by dad, kids sucking on gasoline-drenched rags. I have been with the kids of elites, gifted and talented, and LGBTQ, and the list goes on and on.

I never ever read REAL crap coming out of these crappy intellectuals’ mouths. I’ve had McKibben on my radio show and he tried to admonish me for NOT support Obama the first time. Calling me dark. Calling me negative.

These so-called intellectuals are part of an upper echelon of 20 percenters, making money in the controlled opposition role of middle of the row-road-roost thinkers. They miss the giant POINT of why we cannot solve climate or empire or corporate fascism and militarism in our civilian sector or the money in the trillions thrown at military and NASA and space exploration while the planet cooks, whil water dries up, while billions live on $2 a day and will have NOT a gallon of water to their names in less than a decade.

They are elites, through and through, and the game of NGO-ing or Non-profiting or edu-tainmenting us into all these corners is sick. Bernie Sanders, again, rot. Nothing out of his mouth means anything because he support genocide in Gaza. Who cares what he has to say about minimum wage, student debt, labor, etc. That’s where is spine is set – military expansion, and support for genocide.

So, how can you be a Giroux or Bernstein working within a system when the rest of the world is failing. Their words are zero solution, and they have zero effect on the massive Military-Education-Chemical-Energy-Banking-Punishment-Imprisonment-Legal-Pharm-Ag systems in place.

Here, typical of the grassrots scam —

Join the fight, support labeling for GMOs











Yes on Initiative 92. You know, controlled opposition Monsanto. Label GMOs, as opposed to stopping them all together. Did you read above, children, sometimes 40 perent or more, in any given population, sucked dry of real futures — autoimune diseases, gut diseases, allergies, full-blown tixuc reactions to GMOs and the Round-up sprayed on them, and all the chemicals. But, really, Soy is in everything, and read my stuff on SOY here at DV. Really, soy and the new GMO-Obama-Walmart-Every Corporation-loving Super Genetically Screwed Up Soy will destroy the future healths of billions.

Takes up to three times the drenching bug and weed and human killing chemicals, this new GMO soy, and we want LABELING?

Whew. My in box today is filled with all sorts of similar controlled opposition stuff on save the bees, wolves, jungles, mangroves, reefs, rivers, salmon, and even Black Americans and Gassed Gazans. Who runs these non-profits? Really, folks, come on. I’ve applied to quite a few, and worked for some. Hands down, intellectuals, or wannabe ones. Middle class whites. Mostly Jewish executive directos have been those on hiring committees I have faced.

Oh, enough already. This entire messed up world is Jon Leibowitz Stewart crap.

Thanks, Chuck, for your call out below!

Paul: I am preparing to drive school bus next week, I just read Phillip Farrugio’s interesting article on Dissident Voice. In first paragraph, Mr. Farrugio SEEMS to hammer upon “way out theories,” for example, alien Illuminati presence, and “Jews behind all our world wars.” As open to the world’s present catastrophes, and knowing a little about little societies such as Pax Christi and the Amish, its difficult for me to exclude the possibility for large and wealthy societies to globally organize and impose their will on the many. O well… in Mr. Faruggio’s article, he indicated having studied “history and truth,” and (admittedly), in comparison to Phil’s enlightenment, there’s much I might have missed while searching for bad roots in dark Davos soil.

At any rate, did you happen to read Henry Giroux’s article on yesterday’s Counterpunch? Like Mr. Farrugio, it’s pretty evident Giroux also studied a lot of history, and delved into areas of TRUTH, private property where 1-5%-ers prefer people to “Keep Out.” Please look at and CONSIDER the following paragraph written by Henry Giroux?

“The spectacles of violence, celebrity culture, extreme sports, and the celebration of unchecked market forces all fit neatly into a CULTURE OF CRUELTY, and forgetting that gives rise to what might be called a new embodiment of EVIL — a kind of psychic numbing coupled with a total disregard, if not DISDAIN, for the suffering of those on the part of the RULING ELITE.”

Doubtless, Paul, all the abominations noted above by Mr. Giroux might have happened by accident, coincidence. He advises readers to “shake off the authoritarian nightmare,” but speaking respectfully and perhaps having studied LESS history than Mr. Giroux, I pop-off and call our time in history Totalitarian Nightmare Highway, and the only Exit (“way out”) is a narrow gate where people can exit, and demonstrate they’re different than what our Brave New World “Controllers” have engineered us to be. Mr Giroux summarizes present US conditions quite well, observing, “This is a notion of EVIL in which self-interests and a survival-of-the-fittest ETHIC become the only interests that matter.” (phew!) Could either Socrates, Jesus, or Buddha said such any better than Giroux?

Finally, I spout off too much here, and regret hammering upon Phillip Farrugio who meant well. To depart on a fraternal note, and knowing my prejudices, neurosis, and struggles living “paycheck-to-paycheck” — admittedly having “it” better than most? — this morning I read Kathy Kelly’s beautiful article about a teacher in Kabul, an 18-year fellow, named Zekerullah. Kathy’s article is like an ancient bible story-history about a good teacher (scribe), hell-bent on trying to help poor people survive, keep their vital souls intact, in a land under awesome western military pressure to do otherwise, in a word, OBEY.

Chuck O.

And then Yes on 92 sends this? All the little donations to support labeling initiative in Oregon, to equal how much total as opposed to the big boys and girls above? Really, think hard, elites in the controlled opposition room. You will never get your day in court until you battle these people, really, battle, and I can’t have a call to arms on this blog, so figure out what that means. Pennies and $3 here and $25 there, versus Bill and Melinda Gates and Monsanto and the Grocery Association? And how many Supreme Court and lower court shysters and politicians are in the bowels of the chemi-GMO-ag-big oil-nuclear crap-HMO belly?

We have had donations from all over the country!

Just driving home from my job, from Portland to Vancouver, I had the National Jewish Radio on, OPB here in  this neck of the woods. Talk about sickness — two Jewish East Coast faux journalists talking about Muslims, ISIS? This is what the Gentiles and Jews listen to in gentrifying Portland, Deborah Amos, who wrote a book on ISIS and Sunnis? Talking to her crony, Robert Siegel? Just listening to these fellows/gals, whatever they are, I felt the intellectual scabbies and bed bugs eating at my brain. Quickly. This is the echo chamber, and Democrats LOVE NPR, National Propaganda (Jewish and elite Gentile) Radio! And what is it those NGOs and Non-profits are really going to accomplish? Right!

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