Notes From Beneath San Francisco Underground

Look see… 6.1 MAG quake, walls move,
animals on run, police rotator lights beam,
multi-color demon skin dreams come true
and San Fran’s sewer is safest place in town.
Old child, young child, each hurt a little bit,
they huddle together upon trolley car floors.
Myself, an earthquake epicenter,
I should take cover among beasts,
knowing The Animals might have had it right
long ago, about when to get out of Vietnam,
“on a warm San Francisco Tet night,”
into which (today) I tremor a thousand miles
above the USA on “Trans Love Airways” –
Bread falls from stewardess’s tectonic plate,
crumbs drop into a lucky old beggar dog’s bowl,
on way to Lombard Street shelter.

• In 1967, Eric Burdon released the beautiful song San Francisco Nights which still tends to make some people rock with peace.

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