Necessary Conflicts

You find the cubism of my thoughts
The pictures of my world
Do not fit the mold
Of your prescribed reality…
You want to argue with me
Because in your view
A square peg does not fit
In your round hole…
Your problem…
Solve it.

The angst between us are signposts
That point to the dark places
In our minds…and our hearts
Where we hide behind the taboos
That create the incompatibilities
By which we haunt each other’s lives…
And can you tell me…honestly
That we are so

Let us face each other…if we dare
And let us rage without the baggage
Of our hypocrisies…
Let us wallow in the muck and slime
Of our disgraces… If we must
Let us make a bloody spectacle
Of the cowardice that informs our Prejudices

In the brutal honesty
That comes finally
In our mutual exhaustion
We make the quantum leap
Of embracing each other
Recognizing for what they are
The strengths
And impotencies
That make us hate and fear…each other…

Maybe then
We proceed
To wash from ourselves
The bloody muck
Which is the substance
Of our ugly distortion…
And finally…
Seek the medicines we need.

• From Roy’s book Of Scattered Seed and Broken Souls

Roy Alexander Graham is President, CEO of FigTree Enterprises, Inc. He is the author of a number of books including In My Element, Of Scattered Seed And Broken Souls, Of Paradise Despised, and more. Check out his blog for more of his work. Read other articles by Roy A., or visit Roy A.'s website.