Live Life Entertained

O Contentious Consumer
on to shopping paths hallow.
Doggedly, without humor,
rush out, splurge and follow!

So yet again on foray.
Ever jolted, wriggling,
heading among us moray, ((Moray = family of brightly colored voracious eels, generally non-
aggressive but dangerous if provoked))
on raids ever niggling.

But why cower splattered by cheap flatter,
acting out in fallacious the fable?
Enamored by incessant chatter,
settling for crumbs off life’s rich table?

Eric Sundin writes poetry with the aspiration of expressing something beyond prose and, whether it does or not, it is mercifully shorter. He is a retired business man whose civil disobedience actions include, in particular, Vietnam and the Cold War. He lives in Seattle, WA and can be contacted Read other articles by Eric.