Compliance — I Don’t Need No Stinking By-line!

Easy as easy-bake Monsanto pie. The blogsphere, well, I respect some of it, DV being one venue. But really, what spineless, neutered digital tigers are out there, paper tigers mouthing off, total comfort, really not asking for that ultimate solution to the crony capitalism, totalitarianism and fascism of the coin of the realm mixed up in military-drug-money-media-education madness? That solution is annihilation, but if we whisper those words, if we call for a real fight, throwing fire at fire, well, we will be labeled as flipped out or anti-American/Jew/Capitalism.

If capitalism and fascism and One Percenters and the hedge funders and World Bankers and Oil Cartel and Education Brain Swipers are a disease, toxins, then, what the hell do we do with that ebola virus? Isolation, quarantine, and, well, wipe clean the soul, community, culture killing pathogens.

But if you continue saying that, or giving youth alternatives, or the chance to just pry inside some other narrative counter to the World Goes Better with American Nukes narrative, or that the Great White Burden is Our Destiny, then, try it out for size. Just do a quick little Nexis Lexus search of how many K12 and college and university personnel have seen their careers ended. Just do it, and be sure to see how the ADMIN class, those institutional leadership pigs, many of whom come from the ranks of the MBA terror class, or military-drug-money-media-education class, just have taken over all parts of the schooling of Americans. The number of dead-end software programs and common core white papers and all the mumbo-jumbo dark arts of turning youth into consumers, buyers and believes in the coin of the realm and believers in their own mistakes and own failed DNA for the failure of our times, well, it’s unfathomable.

You can try and take on these pathogens on a local level, but unfortunately, the local yokels running the show have been seeded with the disease of “every corporate and everything privatized will save the day.”

I’ve been fighting cops, editors, deans, provosts, union lackeys, and entire student bodies for their fucking ignorance, and their ability to spin everything around “America is the best country in the world . . . no better system, capitalism . . . we do whatever we want . . . .” Think almost 40 years.

It’s like watching a reef system decay, erode, thanks to the unflinching power of the machine, power of the Homo Sapiens and power of the One Percent and 19 Percenters in their cabal, slashing and burning everything in their path . . . for the immediate and instantly gratified buck.

No holds barred, and, well, thank you very much Zionist-Gentile lawyers and money changers and ameliorating eggheads for this very mess we are in.

I’ve come to despise some of my students, those who have zero tolerance for anything, who see school as a cat and mouse game, who think only what it takes to land some messed up job is what it takes to be a student. The reality is that over 34 years in the teaching game, I’ve seen the student body become more and more distracted, infant like, geared for shopping, dispassionate about the poor, uninterested in the world outside the lower forty eight. I’ve seen students rationalize every sort of rotten thing America has done to the planet. Students who have been bred and baked by the queerly bizarre media, all that patty-cake crap, from Sesame Street to the Fox News streetwalkers.

I’ve seen teachers become Costco lovers, cynical, militant against the militant, or dissident, or anarchist. I’ve seen the compliance gestapo take over my world, many worlds, indeed. We’ve been so busy digging ourselves out of the mountains of debt the oil-retail-energy-taxation/of/the/poor thugs have unleashed upon the land that we have lost the gumption to stand down the enemy. Is that enemy us? The me, myself and I in this consumer-driven bullshit world, where conversations now are about sports, shopping, e-Bay, deals, all those traffic lights, the immigrants, how fucked up the youth are . . . you know, the stuff you think and the stuff you say well is and makes the man-woman (seems that male-female dichotomy is now also a no-no, so we are she-males, somehow, in the bad sense, not the sharing and equal rights sense!).

Many don’t even care what scholarship is or should be, and they see those pols on TV articulate how we are in a global mess because of thinkers, when in fact, the thinkers that have gotten us in this mess are the legions of Eichmanns, the punishment PhDs, those psycho-pharma wizards who have set in motion the next seven generations of compliant, fearful, rats – Homo Erectus Consumopithecus. You take the crack culture-TV-steroids thinking toys away from baby and you have an insurrection on your hands.

The entire mess of America, the like generation as well as the punishment generation . . . all those glowing hours captivated by screen time, entire lifetimes consumed in a day scrolling and thumbing and bouncing light into the brain, all of that, plus the next shopping spree planned, that social disease of the next fast-food/big dumb thing, reality TV in your bathroom, those super-sized carts . . . all predicated on the next piece of slave and blood product ready for their consumption, this is how they roll, thanks to the money changers and the empire of the coin of the realm.

Popular-junk culture, the sugary nothingness of everything Hollywood, everything snapped and Photo Shopped, it’s those things that get both youth and now many of their so-called mentors, teachers.

It’s not read, study, perfect, absorb until you drop but rather entertain oneself to death, or shop and yammer nothingness until one drops dead.

I am tired of my precarity, tired of the lack of allegiance when it comes to dissidence, or another drummer’s beat . . . tired of the back stabbing, the snitch society, TV-On-line lithium-like brain washing . . . tired of the fear, the ruthlessness, the evil, the fomenting, the entire thing called dog-eat-dog murderous capitalism. Tired of the infantilism, the sheer patronizing against anything that might hold a thesis contrary to the Jewish-Gentile spin or take on things.

That fatigue – mine – is only superficial, but in reality, the grip of a world orchestrated by the gulag Big Brother . . . aging bones, the felonious medical system, all the taxation and potential foreclosing on everything, all of that just hollows out any kinship I might have with ameliorating brethren in so many camps fighting so many evils, and regretting to recognize the evil in us all for being accomplices.

Bearing witness and being responsible. We are in a time when anything global – scientific, legal, environmental, political, cultural, economic, you name it – is reduced to “I know I can’t solve those big problems so I work on my own. You know, better eating, taking the family to museums, doing my little share to not run the water so much when I brush my teeth, self-improvement, spinning circles, jump-rope teams, how to gain friends and dump enemies and make a million on the backs of the poor” self-improvement.

America, a joke, a laughing stock, BUT. Dudes, this is one big Lebowski mess, one big storm of pain thrown onto almost every back in the 80 percent. Marginalizing me, disenfranchising me, enveloping me in the goo of what it takes to be a mean consumer, a mean self-interested soul, one barely there for the single self-interest of “me, myself and I, plus my family, who is of course estranged from me.” It is all about that SUV with the stick characters on the back window – funny dumb and dumber.

It’s been an uphill struggle, which is fine, worthy of a life, but this new page turned, this compliance DNA infused into Americans, this lock-step fear, this stiff arm salute to all the fucked up things, and the miseducation, misinformation, misanthropy, and missed opportunities to resist the military-drug-money-media-education thugs, well, I have to play a bit of kabuki here, faux shielding of myself through pseudonym.

Proud of what I do for the most part and what I write generally speaking, but not willing to let the noose of Google and the Zionists and the enforcers to take grip that easily.

Removing family name from my by-line is both profound and well, what is in a name, truly? The same me, the same words, the same same same.

So I changed my by-line for DV! Big effing deal. Just a blip in history, and, really, who cares if I am not being recognized like the real deals are vaunted, those in our faux revolutionary world, the Chris Hedges or Glenn Greenwalds, what have you.

You are mulch to the systems, the overlording systems that I have been a party to – media, print, the Press, Education, environmentalism — almost all either working paper tigers or drop-outs, not part of the solution but part of their own self-improvement program, voting DEMON-CRAT!

It’s not a tough challenge to find out that “Paul” and the “Kirk” are legit names for me. I have not gone underground. I’ve just de-Googled myself, semi-ineffectively. By dropping my family last name. Only for the little-little Eichmanns in the ADMIN class who may go a huntin’ to see if my wife has any association with a miscreant, a commie, a socialist, a wack-job, anarchist, what-have-you. So, this is still me, and the ADMIN class and trolls in the Jewish-Aryan world, well, they can still figure out the Paul and the Kirk go better with my, err, last name. In Arabic, it means LION. Go figure that German last name! Lion in Arabic.

So, for those that think I copped out by denaturalizing my real by-line from a blog I have been writing on for, hell, years, here at DV if you can locate the stuff from the early 2000’s, shoot, did you get the memo?

We’ve given Uncle Sam, Social Security, HIPPA, Iowa testing, DVMs, all those bullshit nanny bureaucracies and K12, the military, all those financial cutthroats, the credit bureaus, social workers, psycho-social workers, all those bits of our financial lives, thinking lives, doing lives, to the WRONG people who are now in a web, a system of data storage and judge, jury and executioner SOP.

So, from Chuck, poet here at DV, and essayist for other venues, including the Hollywood Progressive. Thanks. He sums up one angle to this mess in his own worker class way!

Paul: (Caution: This email will not win any prizes for higher literacy)

Am glad you return emailed, below. At present, I believe Americans in turmoil are living under yoke of W. Bush’s edict, “You’re either for us or against us.” At present, as noted below, “all our records, misdeeds, and thoughts” are in our 1% Controllers black-book. Around here, N.E. Pennsylvania, connections were KEY to getting a decent job, and the same goes for today.

However, since the economy has undergone a perestroika process in REVERSE, its very difficult to even get a shitty job here in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, and it gets WORSE if one is on the “against” side of the ledger, (noted above). Consequently, people are fairly well marked BY HOW ONE THINKS and ACTS, and become naturally excluded from survivable participation in how our country does commerce. (NOTE: Not to use bible as a final trump card, but as Book of Revelation has it, the “us” sector in State Power determines how a working stiff “buys and sells.”) To be in open political dissent in US Empire marks a person WITHOUT the need for a physical tattoo or stamp of some type.

Regarding your statement below, and speaking respectfully, I don’t think its the “righteous” our Enemy is all that worried about. The righteous typically stay in cage, are rather compliant when shit hits fan, and they do not act in offense to the LAW MAKERS of the Stolen Land. Righteous sinners are the ones who pose most threat to the “us” — because they are obviously outspoken, are definitely not for “them,” and such type of person often adds street smarts, muscle, and meanness characteristics to an otherwise DEFEATED “collective consumer consciousness.” I, for one, believe the latter limited group are more so feared than by all the WORDS written by a thousand of self-protective intellectuals in DISSENT, those good writers who never YET actually heard or felt a “knock-on-the-door,” even once in their lifetime. Never had to deal with multiple rejections on basic and meager paying job applications.

Famous last watered down words: “Blah, blah, blah, this war sucks, health care insurance sucks, recycle, food costs too high… we’re cooked in crude, adopt a feral cat, we must rise-up…, and in meantime, I am going to the shore!” Dissent gets tougher, develops sharp edge for those who grab it, especially when a dissident’s ability to provide a family with a livelihood is swept away.

I sincerely detest an impulse to be divisive in what I say, and I know division is never good for the well being of Just causes. But a most extraordinary revolution has begun in our country, and by nature of the proliferating warlike world and domestic threats, steam is rising from the D.C. Furnace, and DISSIDENTS will be soon tested to see just how much they really are “AGAINST.” The late-Hugo Chavez speaking at UN podium knew that.

OK, phew…, I spoke mind, Paul, minus an upbeat bedside manner. But now you know precisely where I come from; there’s little place for sinful “dead enders,” System’s essential conveyed point was “you’re either for or against.” Crunch time now, it’s like the old Meatloaf song, “What’s it going to be boy?” — there’s no sleeping on it, and I thank you for talking.

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.