Calling a Spade a Mother Hucker

when the language of Nixon, Chicago’s mayor, NFL-ers, Generals works for the 80 Percent — time to take off the play-nice gloves as murderers take to the streets, airwaves, Ivy Tower

There is no compunction to call a mother f-er a mother hucker. You know, PC, clean surface America, never allowed to really use the language of George Carlin to express the outrage of each nanosecond in Amerika. So, for the record, “mother hucker,” well, will replace that other epithet or expletive all great presidents and generals and coaches and cops use all the time. Oh, I know, all those Facebook freaks, and play nice Americans (back-stabbing every second of the day) and those stalwarts of the idiotic idea that “if you can’t think of something nice to say, then say nothing . . . if you have to curse, then you are ignorant.” Calling these pigs PIGS and Mother Huckers just is not PC or cool or allowed in mixed company. Bibi the Gaza child gasser, well, he can’t be called a Mother Hucker, can he?

But do you really listen and watch the Joe Scarboroughs and Barak Obama’s and John McCain’s, and that asshole head of GM or Holder the Eric or the creep just today who is some up-your-rear admiral (Kirby, lipless white trash) justifying massively arming police forces across the land with all that Zionist/Gentile crap of war.

Watch and listen to these motherhuckers, these Ferguson cops, or, well, be real, folks – there are no good cops out there. Think hard, they are abusers, and if you think that’s hyperbole, then you have zero basis for the reality of being pushed, slam dunked, arm-wrestled, baton-whipped and hand-cuffed into submission, if you are lucky. So, yes, too bad about the reporters arrested, tear gassed, but come on, pencil-necked wonders – the rest of the world has assumed the position, spread eagle, handcuffed, detritus, and we have these multimillionaires running the country, the press, the corporate scum press, commercial scum press. That National Jewish Propaganda Radio, NPR, just taking down any ethical stance, any logic, all in the name of the backers of their propaganda machine. And how those east coast wimps have been bred into liars, hipsters, the dead-end of middle of the row capitalists. They like a little Jon Leibowitz, or Ellen, or Madeline, or Hillary, but no way to the real humanity, the 80 percent. None of their reporters (sic) are REAL. Not one.

Yep, the list goes on of the motherhuckers out there, those pieces of reverse Darwinism sad sacks who are are destroying children, the embryos of our futures, all good things that make sense, that are in need.

How can anyone say any good about cops, military, the rotten mercenaries, the shit-faced privateers, soldiers of fortune, the Zionists, the Christians, the crypto fascists who SUPPORT war, who profit from the killing – each cog and gear and shrink-wrapped part of the machine that kills, literally and spiritually, the rest of the world, us? I’m talking about the self-described Jews-Christians-Muslims who buy the junk and are part of the act of killing clerics, nuns, priests, clergy, the ones who are on the line, breadline, peace line, the very lines keeping sanity and humanity in the minds of the majority who want an end to the insanity of militarism and punishment?

I’ve been arrested fighting NAFTA one, and George Senior’s First Iraq War, with priests, nuns and social workers and back then a few teachers who were not careerists.

Count a few dozen times for me, as protester, as journalist, as eyewitness to mother hucker cops beating a transvestite in El Paso while people stood frozen and I intervened. Huck you, people, who think there are good cops, and that Obama piece of feces, and the John Kerry’s, you have got to be kidding. These Georgetown white shithead women with the state department, all their mealy mouthed, shit words for illogical bloodless statements about the crimes of America, and, well, they just are Darwinian mutants, in charge, for a time, determining the fate of Iraqis, the fate of millions.

Yet that Admiral Riley, that John Kerry, McCain, all those pieces of shit cops, they really are sadists, and you can imagine one on one, mano y mano, humping it in jungle or in desert, well, they are mutants, reverse Darwinism, the adage that the weaker leaders and the weaker One Percent and the 19 Percent in their camp, well, they are ruling. Cops, soldiers, all of them, gutless on their own. Mobsters with their ilk. I have taught many of wannabe cop, and, hands down, each one, 19 or 29, all have been idiots, wasted life, killers, haters, racists, zero tolerance.

I taught cops, or wanna be cops, and border patrol, and US Army and Air Force. College classes, and I had a bunch of marines, E-8’s, complain about my radical mind and dirty mouth, at the Sergeant’s major academy. Best teacher around, but I got sacked. Because of wussy Americans.

Bravado, overly-ripped idiots. The cops I taught in college, well, some of the worse human beings on earth, and I have been around the drug dealing block a few times in Mexico and Central America. They are sadists, complainers, half IQ things, as are the border patrol, all racists, of sorts, and, shit, as college students, what lazy, dumb, pathetic people.

So now they have firepower, all the drone equipment ready to be sold by the pathetic IT Zionists and Jews and Gentiles who have no allegiance to the majority. So, this is news? Cops killing unarmed and innocent people of color, black males?

First job as a reporter, full-time, ended up in Ajo, 1979, Arizona, and the deputy sheriff, called out to help settle down a guy with developmental delays, a neighborhood 28-year-old, out in the fenced front yard, and he was off his meds, and out brandishing a four-inch weapon, knife, and, well, that shotgun wielding piece of human shit sheriff, with this kid’s mother out in the yard saying, “Don’t shoot . . . he needs his meds . . . he’s harmless,” well, that sadist pulled the trigger on his Defender and plugged the guy three times, in his own yard, after mother explained the meds and PTSD thing, because the kid-man refused to go to the hot desert ground and throw away the knife IN HIS OWN Yard.

Come on, is the press just amnesic? This killer cop thing has been a theme for decades in US of Assholes. The National Jewish Propaganda Radio, and others, seeing the shooting of another black man 3 miles from Michael Brown’s murder, as, well, somehow different? This man was mentally compromised, DD, ID, who knows, and yet, it’s poor Michael Brown, who was in his own mind, big, and scary to cops, a thinker, that killing is worth all the attention, yet the media CAN’T see the killing of that man as WORSE than killing Brown?

Where is that mother hucker Obama, the rage, the guts, where oh where is Uncle Tom Obama?

Does he fear his own SS, his NSA, Black-Ops, all those shithead generals?

And what do these denatured humans want from them? Hands up? Complacency? So, where are the Black Panthers? Where is the logic of arming neighborhood watches, a la righteous vigilantes against cop crimes, cop killings, cop sadism?

So, the few journalists from which absurd mainstream, commercial outlets got roughed up? This is fucking news, when everyday, boys, girls, old men and young women, of COLOR, and those in poverty, get screwed, bruised and tattooed by these sadists?

I tackled all the pigs in my college classes as teacher. Did it with aplomb, but in the end, the pieces of shit administrators and deans, well, they never backed me. They are one reason why our country is a bunch of compliant, mean, rule- making, rule-abiding fascists, or worse, empty vassals.

I once was a kid wrestler, using long fingernails, nerve pinches and judo moves in my high school, always having to hide those moves, and many times winning but getting points taken away. I sometimes wrestled 30 pounds up and over my own real weight. I wrestled in towns in Arizona where they yelled spic and threw tortillas at the Mexican-American teammates. I had many an after-match rumble with racists and rednecks and pieces of human feces, some of whom became sheriff’s deputies, jailers, cops, Border Patrol and of course US Military Masochists.

Once a mother hucker, well, the more of a motherfucker one becomes. And what are we debating here? What ACLU bullshit thing are we debating? What rotten Obama moment are we parsing? How many dead from the neck down Jewish and Gentile scholars do we have to hear talk about people they have nothing in common with?

Have a talk with a cop, if you have the guts. Really, just start rattling off their collective misdeeds, their motherhucker inability to think, to have policing without a drone and semi-auto assault rifle and SWAT team in the reserve. Try talking with them. They are also the same motherfucker that that Admiral and all those military-Zionist contractors and the others making something, some part, some PR scheme for all the thousands of military parts going into one Hellfire missile destined for children and clinics and hospitals and disabled persons facilities in Gaza, or wherever.

Think about that, you motherhucker profiteers, in so many shapes and forms, so many systems and branches of the military-empire complex. They have markets to hawk the stuff, and, well, this is where we are at, actually having denuded debates about whether we are a fascist society, or one that is militarized.

Do you listen to the motherhuckers out there, on TV or writing in the NYT? Do you all even take in the enormity of how screwed up this country is, this motherfucking country? With each and every cog of the human killing machine in place?

Do you not want the worst of the worst, US Air Force, ending up in the drink? As they fly over Portland, sonic boom bastards, in their F-18’s and F-22’s? The worst of the military, all bullshit proud and elitist in these billion dollar machines, running on $20,000 an hour, or more. These are another definition or classification of motherhucker. The air force, the drone force, the joystick MOTHER Huckers of Democracy. More on them later.

Let’s end with a real righteous motherhucker –
Guts, like Cynthia McKinney:

>AMY GOODMAN: Talk about what’s happening here in your city. You have been here from day one. A very controversial tweet you sent out, angry at Governor Nixon, saying, “F— you, Governor Nixon.” Why?

SEN. MARIA CHAPPELLE-NADAL: Yes. Well, let me tell you. I was here since day one. It was a Saturday, late evening. And a good friend of mine, Antonio French, said, “Hey, listen, we’ve got to get out here. You have to be out here.” And I came up, and I noticed a lot of people very angry about a young man laying dead on the ground for hours, literally for hours. And so, since that point in time, I was protesting with the people.

There’s a lot of anger in this community, many people who have been intimidated, harassed by authority, such as police officers, and they felt as though—and they feel as though they are Michael Brown themselves. And so, at any given time, wrong place, wrong time, they are Michael Brown. And so, unfortunately, the Sunday after the killing of Michael Brown, there was a lot of looting, unfortunately. And on Monday, after the looting, we were protesting in peace, and we were tear-gassed. We were given no warning. In fact, I just did a different interview, and it was said that there have always been at least 30 or 40 minutes prior to tear-gassing, but not the first three days of tear-gassing. We didn’t know that.

And so, where I was, it was a one-way street, one way in, one way out. I had my intern and a young reverend with me, and we were trying to get out of the area. At that time, there was a woman, six months pregnant, who was forced to the ground, face down, because she was trying to get out of the street, which is a one-way street. And they thought of her as a threat. It felt as though we were being threatened or accused for being looters, and we weren’t. I was with about 150 kids, young people who live in the apartment buildings right on Northwinds Estates, right behind the QT. And if I felt unsafe, I wouldn’t have been there. We had no opportunity to leave. I was scared. I was nervous. I’m pretty courageous. I’m a pretty courageous person, and I was nervous. I was nervous for my intern, because she’s only 21 years old.

And the governor, Wednesday, he was still at the State’s Fair. He was at a country music concert when his own Democratic senator was getting tear-gassed. And he had not even been engaged in the situation whatsoever. So, yes, I was very mad. And anyone—people keep asking me if I regret what I said. And I don’t, not whatsoever. One, it’s my First Amendment right to say whatever the heck I want to say, any four-letter word, expletive. And I think anyone who has been tear-gassed, it would be abnormal if they did not express themselves. So, absolutely, I was upset.

The most important thing your audience should know is that the governor still has not gone to ground zero. We are in day 11 or 12 now, and he’s been to the municipalities, both north and south, and here at the command center, which is about a mile south, southeast of the ground zero number one—because we have two ground zeros. And he has yet to come to talk to the people. I’ve been out on the ground since 6:00 this morning. And I was talking to one of my constituents this morning, and he said, “I don’t know what is going on with the governor, but we would have protected him. He didn’t have to come in the evening time, where there are a lot [inaudible] have come in the morning, where there are fewer people.” But the fact that he still has not come to talk to the people, who see themselves as Michael Brown at any given time, is really a slap in their face.

And that’s why I’m bringing into question, you know, what his intent has been all along. And I have said publicly that he’s always felt uncomfortable within the minority community. He only comes around the minority community when it’s politically expedient. A great example, last year he tried to cut TANF benefits, which would disproportionately impact minority communities. He also wants to cut low-income housing and tax credit benefits, which again would disproportionately impact minority communities. So, this governor, for his entire career, political career, he’s had a disconnect and not a true, genuine relationship with the African-American community, unless it’s politically expedient for the next promotion he may get.

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