… And Deliver Us From Ferguson, Amen.”

I am Janet Reno, god told me
Waco Branch Davidians had to perish,
and I did nothing when many did.
I am George W. Bush, god told me
Saddam planned 9/11 attacks
and I did nothing when truth prevailed,
kleptomaniacs attacked the Constitution.
I am Obama/McCain, and god told me
to grow-up, stop whining, pay attention,
“The market must be saved before all else!”
and Wall Street laughed at me
after they got all the homeland’s money.
I am U.S. Armed services,
god told me it’s all right when innocents
are killed in humanitarian wars,
and I did nothing but fret when
US government financially compensated
assaulted Muslims who lost loved-ones
I had never met.

“One law for the Lion and Ox is Oppression,”
said William Blake.
He’d probably be screwed for saying that now.

Tonight, I am Michael Brown,
I shop-lifted cigars from local store,
god told me, “smoking’s not so bad…
except for what exhales from one’s mouth,”
and I smoked until security cameras caught me.
I am the Officer who shot Michael Brown,
and god told me “Big Mike” should never
reach hands inside parked cop cars!”
God advised “always hedge your bets,
stay on safe-side with police,
stand above Blake’s One Lion and Ox law.”
I thought of Officer J.D. Tippet’s death photo,
Oswald probably had something to do with it,
so I donated my oppressed life-savings
to Scranton Fraternal Order of Police.

Forgive me Father, something’s very wrong here –
Yes, yes, I understand, I understand,
“You are in me, I am in you,”
and National Guard’s in Missouri streets.
I know what good I do, I know what evil.
I do not want to be “brother’s keeper” anymore,
I have better things to pursue; for one example,
learn how to drive armored Bearcat
on pizza delivery missions to Sherman Apartments.
And tomorrow (sigh),
I want to march in Ferguson anguish,
breathe police tear gas too toxic for health,
disperse the 1% god-fearing in me.
I am Eric Snowden, one would never believe
I am Made-in-the-USA, 1952,
but classified “damaged-goods” by N.S.A.
There’s Death by Patriotism, Celebrity Hang Man,
its dangerous to walk streets while low income black,
and Mother Russia had nothing to do with it.

It’s years since I prayed (face-to-face)
to Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder.
I pleaded for answers as to why
a presidential pardon granted to
“King of Commodities,” USrael’s
Most Favored Sinner, Marc Rich.  ((To date, I did not forget Attorney General Holder’s past role while administering stilted “Lion and Ox” justice, and one can read about such travesty in Salon, article titled,”The real reason Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich.”; January 16, 2009))
I am a 500-pound time bomb,
I stalk D.C. Holy Land tourist sites in
“Neighborhood Watch,” Salvation Army shoes.
Abraham Lincoln thinks I look quite goofy,
but I am Saudi Prince Bandar in crude disguise –
Father forgive me, hallowed be thy real name,
and can Blake’s diabolical god please
tell me which way the Lion and Ox go to Ferguson?

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: ChucktheZek@aol.com. . Read other articles by Charles.