An Abandoned Generation

Got to tag along in the stroller
with my mom and her smart phone,
a connectivity’s holy roller,
she’s a dextrous texter clone.

Got to join in a walk
with my dad and his smart phone.
As long as i don’t talk
I may listen to the ring tone.

Got to ride in my people’s car
with both on their smart phones.
Driving erratically bizarre
they turned cyber capones.

Us three:
Mercifully these ‘adults’ weren’t
remotely operating drones.
So while not by spilled coffee burnt
we are covered by crumbs of scones.

Author’s Note: Our children are obviously abandoned as far as a livable future. Also occasionally right now in the neighborhood.

Eric Sundin writes poetry with the aspiration of expressing something beyond prose and, whether it does or not, it is mercifully shorter. He is a retired business man whose civil disobedience actions include, in particular, Vietnam and the Cold War. He lives in Seattle, WA and can be contacted Read other articles by Eric.