Alice Miller in Gaza

The researcher Alice Miller became worldwide known because of her investigations of childhood traumas. A dozen of her books is translated into thirty languages. Miller shows the mechanisms, with which victims can turn to perpetrators, and she shows the ubiquity, even the inevitability of this danger. The big hits the small who in turn will transmit it to their own children if the circle does not get interrupted. Miller (a Jewish victim herself) also examined the Nazi generation in Germany in order to understand how Germany could develop such a genocidal racism. Today, Miller’s findings are standard knowledge, and nobody questions her basic theses in principle.

When I asked her during a small correspondence why she never wrote anything about Palestine, where Jewish victims had settled to seize the land, she answered that she would give no more interviews – it was shortly before her voluntary death. As a matter of fact, she did write something about Israel in one of her books, but she never wrote about the influence of the Nazis on the Jewish victims and never about Palestinians. When I told her about the origins of my father, she instantly thought I could interview parents of suicide bombers. The fact that Israelis, too, are prone to these psychological mechanisms, was never mentioned by Ms. Miller.  She probably never even noticed that. That Jewish victims can turn to perpetrators is something that still is taboo in Germany. So Miller’s theses are valid everywhere, except for the case of Israel.

But is it really a coincidence that there are about sixty race laws in Israel? Let’s not forget that the Zionists – see, e.g. the analyses by Lenni Brenner – back then did accept the Nuremberg race laws and partly collaborated with the Nazis to bring Jews to Palestine. How can we ignore that? Is the West Bank not a kind of “living space in the East”? Do the Palestinians by now not live in ghettos? Are there no attacks on the self-defined enemies of Israel? Is there no blood-and-soil mentality in Israel? Do soldiers, settlers and politicians not act like a master race, ruling over terrorist subhumans? No? And what is Gaza, if not a genocidal war of destruction? There is no peace scenario for Israel, because Israel does not have a suggestion for a lasting peace. Israel is running toward the final victory, just like we did. The major points of the national socialist ideology can be found in Israel, not as isolated cases, but systematically. Even in documentary films secret service bosses boast with their skills in using Nazi methods.

04_maskenArt work by Anis Hamadeh

Since 1947 and before we hear from Zionist soldiers how they imagine to fight Nazis while killing and dispossessing Palestinians. We won’t take it anymore, they would say. But the Nazis are long gone. In order to get out of the victim role – a role people in Israel are conditioned into as early as in kindergarten – they become perpetrators. He who is a perpetrator cannot be a victim anymore. They call it the “vigilant Jew”. The Palestinians have lived in this country ever since the watermelon. But they must have no army and no weapons, so that Israel can more easily shoot them dead. Every month they lose land that is stolen by Israel. Israel is run by murderers and thieves. This is not a secret. When you build a wall on the soil of your neighbor, you are a thief. When you systematically shoot children, you’re a murderer. Israelis and their friends can spend a long time pointing to Hamas, like before on Arafat. That changes nothing at all.

We in Germany have drawn a final stroke under our Nazi past, but this must not be! We must confront ourselves with what the evil thing in the Nazis was, and then we must fight it. What happens instead are avowels without any meaning or sense and a simultaneous support for Israel. This is the final stroke, it ironically gets confirmed by the avowal that there can never be a final stroke. The final stroke, that is, for example, the ban of Nazi comparisons. We must not do that, because we do not speak about the Nazi time, we only excrete vows. (Except when we want to launch a new war with the slogan “Never again Auschwitz”.) The Nazis were extraterrestrials, basically not having anything to do with us Germans, but we still insist to be the greatest. Our crimes against the Jews were the most vicious, nobody can dispute that we own the world championship of evil. We won’t even start talking about it. Final stroke.

Fact is that Germany cannot again find excuses to say we didn’t know. Also, Germany cannot eternally cling to the Israel lie, according to which Israel defends itself. Everybody sees that Israel is not defending itself, but is an aggressor. Israel did not even define its borders! The politicians, journalists and intellectuals in Germany, who support or merely tolerate Israel’s policy of destruction today, will be taken to account. Like Gabriel, who could become minister only because he recanted his criticism of Israel while subordinating explicitly to the Central Council of the Jews in Germany. This will not be forgotten. Nothing will be forgotten. Neither the inflamers and racists that act with impunity in groups like the Central Council, the German Israeli Society (DIG), the anti-Germans, BAK Schalom and the respective agitating media; those who pretend to decry anti-Semitism, but in the end just want to agitate against Muslims and Israel critics.

The comparison with the Nazis is necessary.  It is not polemics or a special insult. It is important to understand today at last what happened in the Nazi period. The events do not stand outside history, they are not unique, and they were not committed by extraterrestials. And we Germans are much less special than we might want to be.

Anis Hamadeh is a German artist with a MA in Islamic Studies. His writings include Palestine/Israel/Germany. He is the author of Understanding Islam: A Practical Handbook (2013 in German). Anis, who is also a songwriter, does live appearances, studio productions, etc. Read other articles by Anis, or visit Anis's website.