1% News Blues

Genocide as seen from CNN lips and a 500-pound bomb hatchway

Yes…, CNN, it looks like the same genocide
you showed me the other day is happening
“on the ground” in lowly Gaza.
I don’t like genocide,
and it appears my 1% President
missed most of last week’s “Breaking News”
which showed aftermath of Israeli missiles
slamming into U.N. Shelters
and removal of all the little Palestinian babies
from bombed-out buildings.
(Level with me? Is Iraq forever penciled-in
as US-Israel pinata target?)

At the moment, (8/8/’14; 2:30 PM, E.S.T.),
CNN indicated someone, in uniform,
and seated nearby a bomb discharge hatchway,
noticed ISIS activity nearby the Tigris River
and lots of Chaldean Christians running away
from ISIS who according to CNN “Breaking News,”
are “using weapons made in the U.S.A!”
Yes…, CNN, it surely does look like U.S. weapons
are in hands of ISIS non-soldiers!
Humph… the nerve of ISIS, originally a US creation.
They want Chaldeans to switch to Sunni Islam?
Afterward, of course, open fire upon lunatic Shiites?
Eventually, ISIS become capable to “defend themselves”
against an updated U.S.-Zionist and God Coalition
and unanimously approved Iraqi Dictator?
Suffer the 1%,, CNN – I so want to be informed asleep.

Yes…, CNN, I get your ISIS images and 1% message,
GENOCIDE, they hit me hard.
The Military-Industrial-Security-Complex
has an obligation to place U.S. made weapons
in the hands of those who either want
to commit genocide or stop genocide.
Isn’t that right?
Yes…, Every kind of killing the U.S. did in Iraq
is humanitarian, in-tune with Netanyahu-Christianity.
You are my 1% Daddy, CNN.
I have a moral imperative to profess
belief in Corporate Media and a F-18’s word.
Right so far?

Au-ugh! Massacre, it’s 4:15 PM, ISIS advancing!
“US Airstrikes alone might not stop genocide.”
Ceasefire in Gaza broke down – uh, Chaldeans
better stay away from that unpopular place.
It’s 4;33 PM. (E.S.T.) time for a station break.
I look at a commercial advertising Joseph A. Bank
men dress shirts, two for $99.00.
Unfortunately, short on cash,
I must wait until Black Friday comes.
Oh – a T.V. commercial for Sandals.com,
there’s no war in Bahamas!
It’s 4:40 PM (E.ST.), Peshmerga re-grouping,
Holy Christ… Mosul Dam threat,
Cleveland Cavaliers traded Wiggins,
death toll in Gaza growing (sigh), 1% rules…,
where the hell is Putin and the Chechens?

Excited, I can not wait until 7:00 PM –
Maybe Hamas shall request Chautauqua Summit?
The 1% and Natural Gas have right to defend themselves!
(puff-puff) I have time, and may I ask a silly question?
What will CNN do to make a buck
when bull-shit fertilized people (like me)
finally hear the “Good Breaking News”
about crater cavities, the size of Erbil, detected
daily launch from Abram’s hatchway, Anderson Cooper’s lips.
Stupid question, eh? Shall America 2020 one day
watch CNNtoxication, 1% ISOrgy-porgy certified?

It’s Saturday, August 9, 2014,
12:15 AM (E.S.T.), and I watch “The Sixties,”
launch of Apollo 11, not Mar’s ICBM,
and Martin Luther King is dead again –
Please tell me, Mr. Wolf Blitzer… could it be
CNN and you are simply like bloviating Pharisees
and 1% Romans, stuck on dark side of Moon,
knowing what really happened to U.S.S. Liberty
and Yitzhak Rabin, and,
“They know not what (crimes) they do.”? Luke 23:34

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: ChucktheZek@aol.com. . Read other articles by Charles.