Where Is This Going?

I am afraid as I write this.
Everyone knows what they’re
capable of. It’s on TV and

online all the time. Murder
is just another meal to them,
so I write with shaking hand,

knowing full well their history
and terrible suffering and the
outrage such a question will

only incite but, despite it all
I want to know: if they could,
would the Israelis, finally,

genocide the Palestinians,
would they build the camps
and march them in a cold mist

to the waiting boxcars? It seems
beyond the pale but honestly,
the requisite hatred is

the tattered flag they fly high,
the cultural biases the
precious passed down parent

to child and the religious bona
fides the stuff of wailing,
warring souls. So, if they

could; would they toss more
wood on the bright bonfires already
lighting up the night skies?

Paul Lojeski's poetry has appeared in journals and online. He’s also the author of the satiric novel, The Reverend Jimmy Pup. He lives with his wife and daughter in Port Jefferson, NY. Read other articles by Paul.