Transforming Global Politics

The Time Has Come

Wars of aggression are ripping the planet apart from one end to the other. Nuclear weapons are on the table. A politically self-anointed elite believe they are about to squash the last few remaining independent states. When their New World Order reaches lockdown, freedom will have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

So, how did we get here? Is there any way out of our predicament? Simplistic solutions are offered across the spectrum—from shenanigan preachers to Wall Street gangsters. Here’s another one, kindled in the fear that little time is left, and that by addressing the biggest purveyor of human misery, we might just make it to safety in time. In a nutshell, please bear witness.

Human thinking today is still bogged down by our primitive software program called dogma. From the dawn of human consciousness, many beliefs have been held close to our hearts without a shred of tangible evidence. From such primitive ideas and notions, superstitions were born. Fantasies about magic and how to perform miracles took root. Beliefs galvanized into collectives, forming the first dogmas of cults and early religions.

Dogmas flourished, giving early humans rules and rituals, no matter how unfitting the outcome. Eventually, a new dogma arose. It carried a prescription for war. War dogma is relatively new compared to the long linage of cults and religion. Archeological discoveries dating from about 4500 BCE reveal the earliest signs of organized aggression.

Today’s war dogma, complemented by other economic and religious dogmas, has humanity on the brink of annihilation. These primitive ideological structures are responsible for the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons.

Worse, many key current U.S. military and state department strategists are ravenous to commit nuclear war. Just ask Dr. Helen Caldicott who reported what happened in her book, Missile Envy, when she visited the American embassy in Moscow. War planners treated her to a diatribe of offensive options that made nuclear war and survival look like a turkey shoot. None of them had any first hand experience in war whatsoever.

A fundamental transformation in the way we think, in the way we process information, is desperately needed. This critical juncture prompted Albert Einstein to write: “…the unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes.”

Fortunately, we do have an alternative to primitive thinking. Today, we can reprogram our supercomputer brains. As individuals we can erase our antiquated dogma software and replace it with a new program of modern science. We do this by learning scientific methodology. With science we can become much more focused on the truly dogmatic nature of warmongering and how to remove criminally minded individuals from all sectors of high office.

By transcending dogma, we trade in: beliefs for facts; delusion for disillusionment; fantasy for reality; speculation for chains of forensic evidence. As well, since war crimes are bathed in secrecy, we also trade in secrecy for truth — that hard sought after prize in all criminal legal proceedings.

The question now becomes: who are these people that keep dragging humanity into war. When this question is raised in discussion groups, certain cross-linked groups are often named: the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Committee of 300, globalist central bankers, and the Neo-Conservatives’ New World Order. Some hybrid of these groups is said to be the current ruling elite over planet earth.

War has long been the vehicle by which aristocracies of the past have maintained power over the masses. Their warmonger roots go deep through 6500 years of near constant war.

With the advent of modern psychology, we now understand that chieftains, kings, and emperors from ancient times think and operate without a conscience, without empathy and consideration for people they seek to dominate. According to current psychiatric nomenclature, such self-centered individuals make up over 1% of the general population. Their behavior is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of mental disorders under the category of antisocial personality type disorders. The public broadly refers to them as psychopaths. This author categorizes them as being caught in a more specific syndrome related to warmongering denoted as: Criminal Aggressor Personality Disorder.

One of the main features of Criminal Aggressors is their thirst for power. These psychopaths seek to rule at any cost. Without a conscience, they care not about who gets hurt. Wars, as in mass murder, pestilence, famine, and environmental destruction are the footprints of Criminal Aggressors, and they rule over the earth today from Washington, D.C.

Few people realize how extensive U.S. aggression has become. Using a reference of 208 planet-wide states and territories, the United States, since its inception, has invaded 202 of them, by one method or another, with a documented goal of “world leadership,” their euphemism for world domination and enslavement. See “Project for a New American Century” and “Joint Vision 2020” as just two examples. The family survivors of millions killed around the world by these warmongers have learned the true difference between purported leadership and experienced brutality.


With the 1% psychopaths ruling over the world in a stratified pyramid structure, a counter transformation encompasses this pyramid turned upside down, so that, the masses are ruling over the psychopaths, reversing ancient history.

Imagine an inverse world, where elitism and psychopathology are on the bottom of power stratification. The symbol for global transformation could be the two images combined to form a diamond shape, an upright pyramid sharing the same base with an upside down pyramid.


In other words, the diamond symbolizing the process of transformation from the current top down pyramid of power (conjoined at the center) to a true democracy, power exercised by and for the people over the titular power of globalist psychopaths.

Transformation does not happen instantly with one throw of a switch. It comes in increments. Insights transpire. For instance, the ancient idea of peace through persuasion is challenged and understood for its limitations. A new dimension comes into view: unconscionable psychopaths responsible for the great miseries of war are immune to persuasion and polity. To psychopaths, politics serve as a vehicle for diversion, stalling, cover-ups, and all form of psychological warfare using legal instruments to block public persuasion and even to frame dissidents and political leaders of countries who try to remain free.

Subsequently, a transformative collective zeitgeist around the world can now be realized. We must now focus on legal proceedings to remove psychopaths from positions of political and economic power. The key to success rests on such a major paradigm shift.

By embracing a transformation from dogma to science, we create a valid and sound platform on which to create a new forensic focus on criminal psychopathic behavior—reversing the old paradigm of the king’s court judging and persecuting the masses to the conscionable masses taking control of the courts to prosecute criminal aggressors for war crimes.

By transforming dogma to science, we leapfrog from Stone Age to modernity. Future generations depend on this radical change for survival, as Einstein warned against. Nuclear weapons are made at the instruction of people with questionable sanity. The increasing use of these weapons at the command of criminal aggressors is a worst-case scenario. While a diamond can be emblematic of a mass movement from oppression to freedom, its caption can ferry literary punch: imprison psychopaths.

Bo Filter is a social scientist, speaker, and author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression: Book 1. Read other articles by Bo.