State of Bee-ing

Welcome to garden’s gate
Of which few have entered
Remove earthly trappings:
Labels, mythologies, lies, egos and untruths,
Upon entering Shangri-La
The aroma of wild flowers
Guided you like a Honey Bee
Step from the shadows
Enter into warm light
Renewed, naked, innocent,
Feel dampness under foot
Become in tune with tranquillity
Become one with the flowers
Allowing your authentic blossom
To fully bloom, petals outreached,
To reciprocating universe,
Allowing your unique aroma
To blend with others in the garden
Sitting, meditating, contemplating,
Becoming one with the universe
Transcending all that you ever knew,
Or people thought you were
Rising above clouds of unconscienceness
To new plateaus of universal truths
Revealing the white light
You are in pure awe
Peering into the enlightenment
One with all eternities
Your total being, on all levels,
Aligned, re-birthing, recharging,
Re-being, enlightenment ensues…
State of cosmic grace
Reveals answers philosophers & poets have sought
Concerning earthly sojourns
Every cell charged, transmitting,
Peace, love, harmony,
Honey-Bees caress, touch, and pollinate us,
Absorbing spiritual vibrations, like nectar,
Bringing it back to the hive,
Sustaining the planet, in the pursuit of honey
Unlike us, causing planet collapse,
In pursuit of money……Namaste!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.