Post Modern Battlegrounds

Wherefore art thou champions
Of justice,
Those “organic intellectuals”
Willing to give their all
For the greater good
Those knights of transformative praxis
Unwilling to sit any longer
At round tables of post-modernism
The time for action is upon us
Our war is just
Championing the rights of global citizens
Over transnational corporations.

The new global royalty
Once again colonizing Earth
Their greedy sights on outer space
New frontiers to exploit
At the expense of inner heart space
Gramsic’s warnings still heard
From his Italian prison cell/tomb:
Hegemony supports corruption
Of the elite on every level.
The ‘black abyss” and “the oppressor’s heel”
Is in clear sight
The troops have grown soft
Living off the fat of the land
Put there by the struggles of fathers/mothers
Rise-up again, take to the streets and organize
Challenge ‘meanstream’ media madness
Treat each other with respect
There are many struggles but one oppressor!
Allies are needed to link armor
Egalitarianism vs. totalitarianism
Long live Scottish Independence!!!!
A planet awaits the outcome.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.