Lest We Forget: The Price of Ignorance

The School of Kindness Project

One of the main reasons that so many millions of basically good and decent people at first volunteered, and then complied with being conscripted, to take part in one of the greatest mass abominations in human history, known as the First World War, was ignorance. The vast majority of those people were not stupid people, they were merely victims of an ancient and unspeakably evil political system that had always seen fit to ensure that ordinary men and women never understood that as far as their great trusted leaders were concerned their lives were of no more importance than the lives of cattle are to a rancher – possibly even less so.

Little has changed. As far as the 1% are concerned, the lives of the 99% are still no more important than the lives of cattle.

The reason this situation exists is not, as many claim, because most people are stupid; it’s because they’re ignorant – which is a very different thing. Ignorance, unlike stupidity, is curable. Although everyone is born ignorant as to the ways of the world precious few are ever cured of their condition. This is a deliberate intention of the 1% who, knowing full well that their privileged status in life is wholly dependent on maintaining the ignorance of the 99%, ensure that real enlightenment is very difficult for them to obtain.

That the ignorance of the 99% is a deliberate policy of the 1% can be inferred from three main institutions: religion, education and the mainstream media – all of which are largely responsible for nurturing ignorance. Given that the 1% wholly control these institutions it follows that the 1% are responsible for the mass ignorance that caused millions of premature deaths a hundred years ago, just as that same ignorance causes millions of premature deaths today.

Because the 1% wholly control and perpetuate the institutions of ignorance, it follows that real enlightenment cannot be found in those institutions. It has to be found elsewhere. Fortunately this is not of itself difficult. It only requires the ability to read, and to make the time to do so.

The School of Kindness project is intended to help with enlightenment. It has its name because, firstly, it’s a kindness to spread enlightenment; and secondly, the ethical heart of the project is that to be kind to all living things is the very purpose of human existence. The School of Kindness is basically a free and continually growing resource centre whose purpose is to suggest some elementary guidance whereby people could start to learn for themselves, and in their own time, how the world really works. There’s nothing in it that supports the 1% and their evil system in any way. Given that the existing institutions of religion, education and mainstream media already do that, as they always have done, the School of Kindness project does something different: it exists to serve the 99%.

The School of Kindness is essentially a free resource centre. That is, the basic information is free; some of the books, films and music recommended there might need to be purchased. The main resource centre is here.

Apart from a small collection of book titles suggested in a section I call an Introductory Course on Essential Studies in Humanity, which I think is a very good place for the uninitiated student to begin their proper education, there is no other structure to the resource centre. It’s a bit like a library where you just walk in and read whatever you want to read. Unlike a general library, however, there is less to distract the student. Everything in the School of Kindness resource centre is capable of providing real and useful enlightenment.

A subsidiary of the resource centre is a section comprising filmed talks by me.

The main usefulness of these films is that they provide a lot of valuable information in a relatively compact form, and are free for anyone with a computer to use. There is some loose structure to these films where the student might find it helpful to start at the beginning and progress steadily towards the end.

As the free democrats website is run on a shoestring budget, and is therefore very fragile, anyone interested in making use of the priceless information on these pages should immediately copy as much of it as possible into their own computers so their own access to details of the highly instructive course material listed there is not dependent on the free dems website.

The importance of the School of Kindness project cannot be understated. Unless the ignorance of the 99% can be removed by proper enlightenment, the primacy of the 1% is guaranteed indefinitely and the horror of Permanent War is therefore assured.

John Andrews is a writer and political activist based in England. His latest booklet is entitled EnMo Economics. Other Non-Fiction books by John are: The People's Constitution (2018 Edition); and The School of Kindness (2018 Edition); and his historical novel The Road to Emily Bay Read other articles by John.