Holy Ancient Palestine

A culture living on lies and deceit
hiding graves of truths they’ve slain
the Zionist has no moral shame
With fairy tales of plundering glory
Zionism thrives on made up story
Telling each other it’s all OK
people will forgive us soon one day
Goose stepping and keeping on
same or worse as the barbarous son
Human lives are preyed upon
until stumbling in an open plot
they read the markers bold engrave:
Here Lies The Souls of Zionists
Lost And Died In and Since Commission
Of The 1948 Nakba In Holy Ancient Palestine

Mark Joseph is a "nobody, coming from nowhere with billions of other human beings, outraged at the state of our uncivilized world. With our combined voices we'll all be heard, claiming and demanding rights for all earth's children, rights inherited even long before the event of our birth. I am the Angry White Man." He can be reached at: starrynyghte@gmail.com. Read other articles by Mark.