“Gran Morino” (An Ode)

(Americanus Ignoramus)

Pushed to the brink of World War Three?
Big, f–king deal: what’s it got to do with me?
It’s just goddam government–no wrong or right,
Besides, the real question is–what’s on tonight?

Terror, confusion, war and disease,
Meanwhile I live a life of ease.
Reclining in comfort (though mortgaged to the hilt),
A country such as this has never been built.

If I seem apathetic or historically dumb,
I choose my own way (and heft a big gun).
It’s nobody’s business what my prejudices are–
I’ve worked hard to get them (though I’ve not traveled far).

“The rights of the people”–just more of that pap,
Fact of the matter: I don’t give a crap.
So fight on, brave young soldiers (against who I don’t know),
Just kick-ass and kill and keep on the go.

Intellectual historian and psychoanalytic anthropologist, William Manson (Ph.D., Columbia) has published numerous scholarly books and papers, and is a longtime contributor to Dissident Voice. Read other articles by William.