Free Tuition for Jews-Only — First, Murder Palestinian Kids

Drinking Soda Stream and Eating Kosher While Bombs Belly-up Kids, Women, Grandparents, and UN Workers and Journalists

So you get free tuition, Tel Aviv U, if you have your child-woman-old man murder passport stamped by IDF, JDL, Israel star of David Mafioso clearly inked blue and white and Nazi-all-over-again!

Really, these Jewish thugs, these immoral thieves, give the punks of SWAT and Airborne and Drone killing free books, tuition and soda-stream for a year, after joy-sticking and white phosphorus-ing people who their ancestors thugged and murdered into submission, to a point.

Nadim Nashif, the director of Baladna – the Association for Arab Youth – told The Electronic Intifada that the university’s declaration promoted “a witch hunt against Palestinian students [who are citizens of Israel] and others who are posting in social media against the Israeli occupation forces attack on Gaza.”

Israel’s Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University have offered strong support for Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza and has vowed to grant students who support the attack on Gaza a year of free tuition.

“Tel Aviv University embraces and supports all the security forces who are working to restore quiet and security to Israel, including its students and employees called up to reserve duty,” the university said in an official statement issued on July 24 on its website.

“Tel Aviv University absolutely condemns and denounces the hurtful and extreme statements being circulated nowadays over social media – statements that have no place in the public discourse. The university will take action in accordance with its disciplinary regulations, which are applicable to students and employees, in the any event of any infraction,” the statement continued.

The university added that scholarships would be funded by “private donors” and “friends of the university,” with university president Joseph Klafter adding that “Tel Aviv University has contributed and still contributes greatly to national security.”

The Hebrew University also said that it would hand out goods collected including hygiene products, snacks and cigarettes “for the soldiers at the front according to the demand reported by the IDF [Israeli army] units” in a notice signed by the university, academic staff committee and the official student union.

The Israeli government had last year announced plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences, in a bid to “strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and make it fit the changes in the means of information consumption,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced.

They cheer the rockets blowing apart craniums. They sit on hills, those so-called holy hills, munching hummus and popcorn, sitting on their duffs, shitting in corners, cheering the death of children, grandfathers cut through with tungsten shells, happy that Boeing and General Dynamics and the entire explosives and high tech industries both Jew and Gentile of empire and genocide have created.

The only human on TV seen lately is UN worker, Christopher Gunness, who broke down on Al Jazerra TV describing yet another war crime against a UN shelter.

According to the United Nations, more than 240,000 Palestinians are now staying in U.N. shelters in Gaza. Another 200,000 Palestinians have been displaced and are staying with other families. Hours after the attack, Christopher Gunness, the spokesperson for the the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, broke down during an interview with Al Jazeera.

CHRISTOPHER GUNNESS: The rights of Palestinians, even their children, are wholesale denied, and it’s appalling.

Got it, liberals, Gentiles and Jews, supporting the murderers? Got it, 100 percent Republicans and 100 percent Democrats, 100 percent Bernie Jewish Sanders? You put more gunpowder in your veins, more immoral Intel and Boeing and Caterpillar and missiles and Raytheon blood money into your thieves’ chests, and vote 100 percent for the murdering illegitimate state of Star of David world.

The jobs those Americans love to plod to – prison, propulsion, poison, propaganda, pollution, penny usury profiteers – and no matter who is killing whose brown baby or brother, as long as the fat days of summer and consumption and sick TV and reality Hollywood and shiny new third car Labor Day Sales unfold – the world is about Americans’ bottom line and fat bottoms.

All sorts of orchestrated death, murder, mayhem by heathens, both Gentile and Jew, in the business of lies, deceit, education (lies and deceit). In the business of fantasy economies, hedge funds, vulture greed-meisters, those money changers who think Argentina should go to its knees because Jews and Gentiles of the realm want their pound of flesh and future born.

This is what I am seeing, in my old neck of the woods – college teaching. I have adjuncts galore wanting unionization, wanting to pay more pound of flesh dues to Jewish and Gentile coin of the realm unions to manipulate and negotiate more cuts, more slides, more technologies-to-replace teachers. I have pleas to write editorials in favor of part-timers, to have sleazy politicians support bills for separate unions for adjuncts as opposed to the tenured class of Little Eichmanns. While we teach our children to lie to the world and themselves, no real people’s history or anti-Zionism allowed, even in backwater community colleges. The administrators and watchers will sack you immediately if the narrative turns away from Zionism.

Can you imagine the dissonance, as we, USA, pay for the killing machines, the killing fields, worldwide, but now promptly in Gaza? How we pay for Jewish and Gentile coin of the realm broadcasters, journalists, media moguls, the entire empire and Make Israel meaner and deadlier and more toxic project?

We do, each and every second we listen to Rachel Maddow or Jon Leibowitz Stewart or Bob Shieffer or Blitzer or Susan Rice or John Kerry or the pigs of Republican stye all manipulated by the Jewish principle, the pro-Star of David decals on tanks and missiles and polluting radio and micro waves, those technologies our great Gentile and Jewish coin of the realm colleges have helped invent so the empire of the Zombies, capitalists, and the Chosen Few can move themselves higher and higher in the realm of the point one percent, while their sycophants, the elite and quasi-elite 20 percent reap the benefits of murdered, raped, imprisoned, uneducated, gentrified, polluted America!

Just finished listening to another National Jewish-Propaganda-Poison-Pertroleum-Pestulance Radio broadcast, and these Gentile and Jewish Coin of the Realm people are stripped of humanity. Some patty-cake story about Wolftrap opera sucking the Jewish Google glass, wanting more money thrown into technology to help the theater goers, the opera aficionado, understand the arias via instant ear-bud and Google glass info-tainment.

The Jewish professor and Jewish reporter laughing and goofing on NPR, no discussion about how the performers will be paid, how to make more singers and musicians in the world, how to fund better schools, more schools, more trips to the opera by the poor, the working poor, the 80 percent.

That’s just it, this Jewish project on NPR and the other stations. Out of ratio Jews-Reformed Jews-Leftist Jews-Orthodox Jews-Closet Jews-Crypto Jews defining the narrative, defining the future, defining what’s in and what’s out, defining futures, defining education, defining science and business and the story of their propaganda around their projects to corner all Coins of the Realm, with or without the assistance of the Susan Rices and John Kerry’s of the world.

If it’s technological, if it’s internet, if its Cloud Serving, if its something on-line and wrapped in the Orwellian Thought Police and Big Brother and Madison Avenue zombie junk thinking and junk acting, well then, let’s digitize it.

As the babies blow up and the retirees and Kibitzers and dual citizens sit in lawn chairs, sipping Soda Stream and piling on the Kosher pickles while missiles and drones and Bombs Busting in Air rain down on innocents, on people they see as rats, or lesser than rats.

These are the USA educated, college infecting people who have worked out the entire calorie count for the Gazans, just enough to keep them going, weak, punch drunk, just enough calories allowed in (2,000) so the world will not see the Jews of Jerusalem as the offspring of Megeles, old Boys and Girls of Brazil.

Imagine, we talk about Labor Day pig-outs, the next generation of barbeque, the dads with T-Bones and Ball Park weenies, and the ladies with so many cupcakes and smoothies to make, the long stretch of summer, back-to-school hoarding, all those plans for the Fall, and we help KILL-MURDER-RAPE.

Here, John Steppling, mixing it up around what exactly is the Intellectual Waste of Our Land, the Ivy Leaguers of oh about 100 prime schools (some on the West Cost, too – like Stanford). He’s good at analyzing art-philosophy-culture-film, mixed in with politics and social sciences and the sick game that is propaganda, like Ebola virus. He’s also great at posting images, art, links to films, stories and ideas, as well as these epigrams, quotations, for example, here, two:

“So extreme are the admission standards now that kids who manage to get into elite colleges have, by definition, never experienced anything but success. The prospect of not being successful terrifies them, disorients them. The cost of falling short, even temporarily, becomes not merely practical, but existential. The result is a violent aversion to risk. You have no margin for error, so you avoid the possibility that you will ever make an error. William Deresiewicz, New Republic, ‘Dont Send Your Kids to Ivy League Schools’


“The morally reprehensible killing of children in Afghanistan, Gaza and Iraq is part of a larger problem, one that haunts the late modern period, which is the rise of neoliberal totalitarianism by which I mean an economic and cultural system that is sutured in its allegiance to money, profit, power, inequality, greed, militarism, the punishing state and self-interests. The new global capital societies such as the United States have replaced the social contract with a defense contract. Zombie politics now rules as the living dead function as parasites on their respective societies, engulfing them with the fog of war, corruption and death. How else would one explain bringing Dick Cheney, John Bolton and Bill Kristol back to life on the mainstream airwaves? Like George Romero’s zombies, Cheney and his ilk proliferate like a lethal virus out of control.” Henry Giroux

The reality is that John and I have exchanged thoughts before, and the project of pacification and militarization and corporatization and memory erasure, well, it best works K12 and higher-lower education. Here, John mixing it up, on why we are kettled by the elite. I’ve organized at Georgetown, and have had many a talk with Zionists-Zionist supporters-Jewish intellectuals (sic), and it is amazing to see how compliant and mean and back-stabbing and money grubbing the elite and the Ivy Educated are, can be, will be:

“The role of education in the West today is certainly germane. Historic amnesia is a crucial issue, but perhaps specifically it is the forgetting of the history of colonialism. Of white Euro and North American Imperialism. It simply does not register in those Ivy League schools, as a general statement. Colonialism is not a good topic for the career minded. The culture industry spews out an endless idiotic infantile stream of product; corporate manufactured and featuring one or another of the well paid court eunuchs. Risk averse, instrumentally logical, and focused on securitization of self. That murderous self realization that Amery described, banal and emotionally cut off, was also what Reich described, and Adorno and Horkheimer. The clerks for Empire. What has changed, on one level, is a aggrandized image for those clerks. Advertising makes insurance salesmen heroic, makes obedience and conformity heroic. Duty means doing what you are told. Professionalism often means nothing more than doing what you are told. The reality is drastically different of course. And this cognitive dissonance is causing psychological eruptions of instability. ‘Going postal’ is now a part of the lexicon. Its been internalized as the cost of doing business. You might lose your shit. Kill someone. But hey, its a tough world out there.

The narrowing of vision, the closing off of listening, the infantilizing of emotion. These are the characteristics of the citizen of the U.S. The image I continue to return to, though, is this bureaucrat, the guys with spread sheets, figuring out annual savings for cutting bathroom tissue size. The non creative anal retentive closet sadists of Empire. Those who ordered the veterinary cocktail used in those cheap plastic tubes with the Wal mart plungers at the Arizona death house the other night. Science is under late capitalism is under attack. Genuine serious science exists, but it is often so dependent economically on a variety of nefarious funding sources, that this compromise effects the results.”

It doesn’t take a great leap of thinking to see that the Jewish-Gentile Coin of the Realm projects are deadly, and those carrying it out are the cabal of elite University and College grads. Their line of thinking and business plan is all about bringing Spanish youth to their knees (50 percent unemployment rate) or putting Detroit in the hands of shysters and money grubbers while turning off the taps, or cheering the Zionists for bombing electricity power plants while people starve, while water is non-existent, while the pharmaceuticals are sanctioned away . . . all of those thinkers trained in our schools, by the exploiters, by the tenured elite class who have exploited us, the non-tenured contingent academic workers.

Imagine how empty the heads are in America now, with the Jewish-Gentile media, horning in on the Jewish-Afraid politicos, all those prostitutes we call politicians, waiting for some election bomb or economic hit carried out by the terrorists of JDL, IDF, AIPAC, and the elite business school and legal school and techno-science schools Zionists and their drum beat followers?
Who is supporting the murdering in Gaza, the killing of UN workers, murdering 9 journalists, while we talk about Back to School Sales and the big Pig Out of Labor Day (sic)?

Read here: **

Read one of the commenters: Says it all!

One may quip that creating conformism, citizens deferential to leaders and mass media is precisely one of the goals of education. But that is done mostly in K-12. I suspect that something else is going on here.

12 years ago it was much harder to make the case for Palestinians, with suicide bombings of the Second Intifada. I know because I have tried with my immediate acquaintances. Now it is totally different. However, people absorb new facts with big difficulty if it contradicts their convictions.

Educated Americans (I say Americans, because I have most contact with them) are not particularly well educated in geography, history and so on, but they are probably more confident in what they know. Uneducated Americans are not better educated, but less confident.

And of course there is the question of elite perspective. America becomes a broken society in that respect, with elite having scant empathy for non-elite. A member of “riff-raff” can be clubbed to death by police working hard for several minutes for the classic “riff-raff” crime of sleeping on the sidewalk (Anatole France would advise to sleep under a bridge), and does it concern the media?

Just one aspect, that police confiscated cell phones of the witnesses. But the death of the miscreant (nobody disputes that he slept on that sidewalk) did not. And he was not “cooperative”, like punching the police dog that bit him. How is a person supposed to cooperate with a police dog? Perhaps I am weird, but that puzzled me. Did it concern the law? Yes, and the coroner duly reported the death to be natural, basically, a healthier person would survive (even emaciated Afghan taxi driver survived several days of beating by US troops). Is it a normal standard for culpability for death?

Thus to the middle and upper class, if the authority abuses the lower classes that it is as it should be. Death for “peddling cigarettes”? He knew the risks when he broke the law. The ideas of “proportionality” are more natural in the minds of people on the receiving side.

link to

If we accept that one can be killed for sleeping on a sidewalk or “suspicion of peddling cigarettes”, “crushing Hamas” together with everybody in the vicinity does not strike as wrong.

Again, the putrid Israeli mind in the form of the putrid academic, former thug spy, has to be repeated. The headline, Raping Palestinian Women Is the Only Way to Stop these People (rats, vermin, cockroaches, fill-in-the-blank for Arab or Palestinian, from one of Israel’s many elite honchos in their racist schools of lower education)! Oh yes, my previous post, with more than 510 “shares,” most of which, probably, are being plunged into the thought police blender, tagging me with some life sentence somewhere in the minds of Zio-Nazis!

** Academic (sic) Calls for Raping All Palestinian Women– Star of David Emblazoned!

Mordechai Kedar, a lecturer at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University who likes to be introduced as director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (which is still “under formation”, despite having been first announced back in 2011), is a popular figure among US Islamophobes.

In 2011 Kedar wrote an article for Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Quarterly entitled “Shari’a and violence in American mosques”, which claimed that 81% of US mosques promoted “violent jihad”. His co-author was David Yerushalmi, the lawyer behind the movement to ban sharia law in the US. Kedar is also a regular contributor to David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine. But his closest links are with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

When Geller and Spencer launched their organisation Stop Islamization of Nations in January 2012, Kedar was one of a handful of individuals who gave their immediate support to this enterprise, becoming a founder member of the SION advisory board. In September 2012 he was a star speaker at SION’s New York conference. In March this year he was on the panel of presenters at the 1st International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Melbourne, which was jointly organised by SION and the Q Society. You’ll note that his name appears third on the bill, just below those of Geller and Spencer.

Earlier this month, following the killing of three Israeli youths, Kedar recorded a radio interview in which he offered his views on “Middle Eastern culture.” It went like this:

Kedar: “A terrorist, like those who kidnapped the boys and killed them, the only thing that will deter them, is if they know that either their sister or mother will be raped if they are caught. What can we do? This is the culture that we live in –”

Interviewer, Yossi Hadar: “– Yes, this sounds bad, but…”

Kedar: “It sounds very bad, but this is a lesson. This is the Middle East. Only the knowledge that –

Hadar: “Well, we can’t do things like this –”

Kedar: “I’m telling you, I’m talking about them, I’m not talking about what we can do or not do. I’m telling you what they live in. This is the only thing that deters a suicide bomber. If he knows that when he pulls the trigger, or blows himself up, his sister will be raped. That’s it. That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, to keep the honor of his sister. This is the culture of the Middle East. I didn’t create it, but this is the situation.”

In a statement to Haaretz, Bar-Ilan University said: “Dr Kedar did not call and does not call to fight terror with anything but legal and moral means. Dr Kedar wished to stress that there are no means to deter suicide bombers, and used the example of rape as an exaggeration.”

 Source July 21, 2014
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