For Your Security, Freedom & Democracy

The avenging eagle sweeps down,
No longer napalming or waterboarding;
The white flash of phosphorus burns the eyes,
As the flesh crisps and falls away –
An endless feeding frenzy
For an appetite that cannot be sated.
Give us your hearts and minds,
And failing that…
Your oil and your corpses
Will do damn fine.

Luke Eastwood was born in Scotland, lived in England, the US, and now resides in Ireland. He has had a varied career which includes Croupier, Journalist, Sub-Editor, Car Park Attendant, Illustrator, Computer Technician, Musician, Accounts Clerk, Graphic Designer and most recently as a Horticulturist. He also writes books and articles in his spare time. You can read some of his work at Read other articles by Luke, or visit Luke's website.