Bombing the Paralyzed — Stars of David on Rockets Bound for the Comatose

No moral outrage, collectively, in the streets, at work, in seats of power? What a sick-sick little world the white Jewish-Christian species have become. Blowing up a facility, hospital blatantly, with patients bedridden, in rehab. I have clients with ID, DD and PD – you know, intellectual, developmental and psychiatric disabilities. The Obamas, Jews in Israel, and the military-poison-bomb-jet-drone complex, they are the ones with severe ID, DD, PD.

From what is becoming in my mind (don’t cast aspersions onto me for my daily listening to DN and understanding how Amy speaks to a rarefied elite of Jewish intellectuals) Jewish Democracy Now, since Amy Goodman seems to — hands down– have 60% consistently, up to sometimes 100 percent of her guests on her shows coming from Jewish origin/roots/history. Which brings up another set of issues tied to what we are hearing in/from The Press; tied to what analyses we are getting from this minority among minorities in seats of power, both economic and educational; tied to what we are being trained to jump to from an early collective age through Jewish educational wonks and Jewish psychologists, and the like tied to a special force of passivity and ameliorating; tied to especially those in the so-called progressive movement, of which many of my brethren are mostly hobbled by their Jewishness and my lack of that. It is quite unsettling even at DN, though nothing compared to National Jewish, err, Public Radio or PBS, Propaganda Broadcasting System. Here, from DN

R. BASMAN ALASHI: I don’t understand why they hit us. We’ve been in this place since 1996. We are known to the Israeli government. We are known to the Israeli Health Center and Health Ministry. They have transferred several patients to our hospital for rehabilitations. And we have many success stories of people come for rehabilitation. They come crawling or in a wheelchair; they go out of the hospital walking, and they go back to Israel saying that al-Wafa has done miracle to them. So we are known to them, who we are, what we are. And we are not too far from their border. Our building is not too small. It’s big. It’s about 2,000 square meters. If I stand on the window, I can see the Israelis, and they can see me. So we are not hiding anything in the building. They can see me, and I can see them. And we’ve been here for the last 12 or 15 years, neighbors, next to each other. We have not done any harm to anybody, but we try to save life, to give life, to better life to either an Arab Palestinian or an Israeli Jew. Whoever comes to this hospital, we treat him for his humanity, not for his nationality or his religion.

AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Basman Alashi, how do you respond to the Israeli military saying they’re launching this ground invasion to stop the shelling of Israel by the rockets?

Just imagine the rotten sick pathetic cowardly inhumane twisted warped insane anti-human inhumane rabid psychopathic bigoted hateful stupid bizarre Nazi Mengeles spineless things the Jews of Israel are releasing, unfolding, pushing, concocting, DOING? Those tanks and drones with the holy (sic) Star of David stenciled on them; those devil F-15s blazing in the air with the sign of religion painted on white and blue? Think how rotten these people are, these propagandists with their American Joe Bidens and Twin Tower toppling Mossad murderers as rear guards?

All those har-har Jon Leibowitz Stweart and Bill Mahr types traipsing around with their tribe of Rachel Maddow and the so-vaunted Hollywood-Media-Banking “tribals” destroying a rehab clinic?

And the dumb Goyim says, “Well, better the Captains of Star of David call and give the scoundrels of Islam a warning before they go in and level their places . . . I’d rather get a warning call from Verizon before my house was targeted for destruction.”

Really, this is the mindset of a psychopathic and weeded on academic and tribal crap that has flooded every inch of American and European and UK and Australian life. Every act of terror and mass murder by Israel is given a new billion dollar contract, more laurels, more guns and more media fawning.

We are a macho-ed and feminized and plasticized and sad race of Americans on the whole who care less about history and know zilch about ecology and who give a pass to every rotten corporate institution in the book. We know nothing, almost. But the smirk is there, as the point-One Percent of the One Percent control 80 percent of the wealth, 110 percent of our children’s children’s futures!

So, what would you do if you were slapped down? Punch, sucker upper-cutted? Right.

DR. BASMAN ALASHI: I have no answer to them. I need them to stop shelling, because this area, Gaza, is similar to a concentration camp. They are squeezing people from the ground, from the air, from the sea, and they are expecting people to just sit there as a duck and shooting. People here are responding naturally, that they have the right to defend themselves, as Israelis have the right, but we also have the right to defend ourselves. But I’m asking the Israelis, since they are the superpower in that area, is to act responsibly, wisely. They are the big brother, and they have to sacrifice a little bit for that little land in Gaza.

Now, bringing this into my little sphere, the Jewish conflict and the pogroms and all those little secrets about the USS Liberty, false flag operations, even a tsunami of Fukushima proportions caused by Israel’s nuclear weapons, well, this is the sign of the times. Lies, stealing, outing, the works on that kosher ball park weenie!

There is a bigotry inherent in a people with monetary power, paranoia, intellectual cronyism, and tribal spasms all wound up in millennia of inter-marriage and passing on both biological and philosophical DNA that says “we are the chosen people, we are the enlightened ones, and all others will and should be and are subservient to us.” Really, so-so sad that by my own posting of a David Zirin piece from the Nation (not a good magazine) and then reprinted in the Socialist Worker (has its big flaws) to a supposed new friend here in Portland, I was told that I had crossed the line and he ended the friendship with me, and he summarily ended the more developed relationship with my wife and his.

Just because he is a Jew who has blinder-saturated allegiance to Israel. East coast, college-educated, and someone just going on and on about the violent and abusive tendencies in the cops in this country. But mentioning the violent virus of IDF, Zionism, the long-faced retired terrorists of Israel who run the right-wing rabbi-league, the Knesset, and Drone Inc. Tel Aviv, well, that is another line in the sand, crossed. Mentioning that those same cops or jack-booted thugs in USA police departments are outfitted with Israeli-centered military and surveillance hardware from manufacturers in the occupied land of a world gone mad, well, again, business is business, and you do not criticize the makers of death or their origins or their own tribal allegiances. This is a world, no, where Sweden is number two or three per capita weapons of death exporter, behind Israel, yet what collective delusion we have around Sweden as a passive or pacific country with all the right social programs in place.

We have the same sort of delusional alternative reality around Israel, poor Israelites strafed and gassed by the Germans. Yet! ….Yet.  Really, yet this country of the SS Exodus.

Oh, how the world is run by a small-small-small minority. Just listening to National Propaganda err Jewish Radio, or even Democracy Now, it’s a brave new world of Jews interviewing Jews ruling the discourse and warping at nano speed the gravity of humanity with controls over finance, data collecting, education, publishing, and, well, I will not go on and on. A very strange world of a minority among minorities determining the futures of the developed and lesser developing countries.

Just finished reading the long-winded piece in Counterpunch on NPR, and boy, another Jewish fellow going genetically fallow in his estimation of what makes NPR wrong:

Whenever my local NPR station has one of its frequent on-air fund-raisers, I am tempted to call in to tell them how Morning Edition is my source for conventional wisdom and pro-regime propaganda.

I could say the same, of course, about NPR’s weekend news programs and All Things Considered. But Morning Edition is special; it starts the day.

If they don’t cut me off, I’d go on to explain the difference between “pro-regime” and “pro-administration”; how the former designates the power structure and the institutional arrangements that serve it, while the latter refers only to the top government jobs that Presidents and political parties control.

I would then go on to tell listeners that if what they want is pro-administration propaganda, they can wait for the commercial-laden evening lineup on MSNBC, where no one will ask for a contribution and where Democratic Party cheerleaders will more than sate their appetite. I might warn them, though, that by the time Rachel Maddow comes on, they will be looking at serious indigestion.

If I am still not cut off, I’d tell them that since even she can’t find much good to say anymore about Barack Obama and his appointees, they should expect their pro-administration propaganda to come mainly in the form of reports about Republican idiocies.

There are enough of them to keep MSNBC’s pundits going and going and going.

This is what makes MSNBC unique among mainstream, corporate propaganda outfits: it can sometimes be amusing.

On the other hand, Cokie Roberts is too predictable to be anything other than boring. I mention her only because she is the doyenne of conventional wisdom and pro-regime propaganda. MSNBC has plenty more where she came from; some of them, Don Gonyea and Mara Liasson come immediately to mind, are a lot worse.

Because it is predictable and boring, NPR actually is, or once was, good for something. It provided background noise in the morning. This point is never raised during fund drives, but it should be: it is the best reason to contribute.

However, lately, NPR has become unreliable even for this.

This piece by Andrew Levine is soulless, uninteresting, boring, and, well, something off of anything powerful, critical, insightful, passionate and real.

Yet this Jewish “left” writing and thinking is Washing over the land of my purview – writing, education, journalism and intellectualism.

Ahh, from Gilad –

Apparently for many Jewish groups, the suggestion that the Jews only State is, or even could be, an ‘Apartheid State’ is unthinkable. But far more interesting is the fact that the Jewish Lobby in America believes that it can dictate to the Secretary of State what terms to use and what words to avoid. “Any suggestion that Israel is, or is at risk of becoming, an apartheid state is offensive and inappropriate,” AIPAC’s statement read in part. And it didn’t take long for American Shabbos Goyim within the Congress and Senate to weigh in. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., released a statement urging Kerry to apologize to the Israeli government and people. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggested Kerry shouldn’t even have the chance to apologize, as he took to the Senate floor to call for the secretary to step down.

But in truth, Kerry is actually slightly wrong — Israel is not an Apartheid State. It has never been so and never will be. Apartheid is a racially driven system of exploitation. But Israel doesn’t want to exploit the Palestinians, it wants them gone! Israel is racist, nationalist and an ethnic cleanser. The Jewish State is not an Apartheid state, instead it follows the Nazi model of ethnic purity. That realisation can really upset the progressive Jews.

In fact, the notion of Apartheid in Israel was introduced by the Jewish left in order to divert attention from the fact that Israeli totalitarianism and Nazi-like inclinations deeply embedded within Zionist thought and Jewish political thinking.

Since this excising of a friendship, a week ago, much-much more has been observed in la-la land by yours truly – whether the media run by Jews or the US government held captive by Jews or Zionists or AIPAC or what have you, very few, Jew or Goyim, want to discuss the terrorist assault on Gaza by the $23 billion a year kings of genocide – the Jews of Sinai.

In fact, it’s a strange copulation between the fear of the everyday American around keeping the job, keeping up pretenses, keeping the bad-bad news out of the karma, or the strategic way folks have an unquestioning attitude toward IDF, Zionists, Israel, as they have in the US corporation. Never ever would the average American lay at the feet of the chemical and pharma companies the high rates of metabolic failure in US citizens, the complete eroding of immune systems, the complete cancer-plagued American body.

This is what 40 years of Mad Men advertising-propaganda-bullshit patriotic preening have done to the American psyche, all 380 million of us collectively, sans the Zionists and One-to-20 percent of our citizens who shit on the rest of us, and expect profits to exponentially grow – with the help of the larger welfare state for corporations – as the world burns.

Seriously, no one wants to talk about the unholy alliance between US and Israel. No one dares question the moral impotence of USA workers backing the military-tech-surveillance machine as they clock in and clock out daily by the millions. This ethical erosion around what it means to be a human on earth, not just a Westerner, or money changer or leverager!

Here, the piece (keep reading and see below) on how Latin America is being militarized and drone-captured by Israeli companies with the assistance of military there and elsewhere. Written by a Jew, Zirin, and a socialist and non-capitalist, to boot.

I’ve dealt with sort of chauvinism and unquestioning superiority. You know, if you have never lived in Israel, if you do not know that all Palestinians want all Jews dead, even here in the USA, that they will not stop at anything, well, this is the mind of paranoia, invented enemies, and a delusional way of living in a world that was not made for you, my friends. The world Jewry represents how many? Wikipedia:

• 13.9 million people (around 0.2% of the world population).

• The “enlarged” or expanded Jewish population stands at approximately 18.2 million. This figure includes those with a Jewish father or spouse, as well as children living in a household with a Jewish step-parent.

• The total number of people who hold or are eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return — defined as anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent, and who does not actively profess any other religion — is estimated at around 21.7 million, of which 6.3 million are currently living in Israel.

Chosen, superior, Zionist, controllers, overlords, intense psycho-distress around accumulating wealth and power. Absolutely sick, that a Goyim like me can’t talk about politics, about the policies of USA, Russia, Japan, Timbuktu, AND Israel. All other topics are greenlighted, but when it comes to critiquing Israel, well, I would have never thought that a guy who is not educated in the history of things Jewish or around Israel or the Middle East, and who has not a single concept of the thousands upon thousands of Jewish and sometimes Jewish-Israelis who question, doubt, despise, rail against many, many things around the nuclear state of Israel, ruled by former terrorists, or current ones dressed in big belly suits.

This is the bigotry of the American Jew. Eastern educated, a dithering Obama-backer, and someone who has zero idea who Max Blumenthal or Noam Chomsky is, even if they are still lovers of the concept of Israel on the land of genocide, or any of the history of Palestine and then the Zionists, but then wipes friendship or even some open hand off the face of the earth in his mind.

We were forewarned by this couple, that as a couple, Goyim and Jew, both uneducated on so much about the world, politics, the intersection of politics and life en toto, well, forewarned that they broke off many a friendship from people who would dare question the superiority and heavenly status and unwavering purity of Israel as a nation, as a concept, as a global wound.

In one conversation with him, a while back, it was clear that Islam and Muslims are evil and murderous and his “mother ship” country (one he was not born into and probably visited a few times on high tech missions to be an entrepreneur) and its star of David on tanks and anti-aircraft weapons, that Judaism, well, it’s the smart religion, the ethical religion, the theology of the smartest people on earth.

There is no real talking or discourse to bigots who believe Judaism and Zionism and Mother-Ship Israel are pure, are the penultimate concepts and beingness that defines everything globally, whether science, or the size of drones used as probes up our asses, or the very structure of disaster and economic hit-men capitalism, or the very essence of the message, the media, the arts and pop-arts.

This framing is acceptable for a wandering who, someone who defines self as Holocaust-hardened and retributive.

This is a fellow who said he went around to his children and apologized for the state of the world his 60-ish age group left their futures in . . . how messed up the world is. Yet, on the same forked tongue, there is a lust for surveillance, high tech economics, even a zest for possibly investing into an outfit with a human (midget) form of a robot that has facial poses and facial recognition software to sense the moods of the human user.

That user would be, err, children. To teach them math, science, languages, to be there as Jeopardy whizzes, to help (sic) autistic children, you know, a high tech piece of crap, in the tens of thousands of dollars, to, well, replace teachers. In the face of two teachers at the same table.

This is bigotry of the Microsoft-Google-NSA-Neo-con kind, and not just hitched to the Jewish sort in the game, though in many ways, his bigotry, prejudice, ignorance of the history of his mother ship land, well, that’s certainly something a Jew like Gilad Atzmon talks about:

Gary Corseri

If the roots of “Jewishness”—separateness and “exceptionalism,” non-assimilation, exilic indoctrination—are discernable in the old-time religion of the Book of Esther, they ramify into something remarkably different—yet genetically akin—in what Atzmon and others call “the Holocaust religion.” “Jewishness,” he writes, “is the materialisation of fear politics into a pragmatic agenda.” In the modern Holocaust religion, vengeful, omnipotent Yahweh has been replaced by the unchallengeable “truths” of the Holocaust—past suffering cited to justify Israel’s ethnic cleansing and expansionism, its formidable arsenal of nukes and other weapons, its threats and wars of aggression.

“It took me many years,” Atzmon writes, “to understand that the Holocaust, the core belief of the contemporary Jewish faith, was not at all an historical narrative, freely debated by historians, intellectuals and ordinary people. … historical narratives do not need the protection of the law and political lobbies. … The fate of my great-grandmother was not so different from hundreds of thousands of German civilians who died in deliberate, indiscrimate bombing, just because they were Germans. Similarly, the people in Hiroshima, who died just because they were Japanese. Three million Vietnamese died just because they were Vietnamese and 1.3 million Iraqis died because they were Iraqis.”

In many ways, Atzmon’s book is a cri de couer addressed to Jews, specifically, but to humanity, generally, to grow up! To reach beyond tribalism and the politics of fear and vengeance. His style is dialectical, positing thesis and antithesis, arguing with himself and anticipating his readers’ (or opponents’) arguments to arrive at a plausible synthesis.

Or this piece on Atzmon by our own editor,  Kim Petersen:

The narrative is important, and many Jews are highly skilled in discourse. Atzmon writes that Zionists realised that full control over language would allow them to impose their worldview on subsequent generations of Jews. Israel Shamir in his book, Masters of Discourse, illuminated how pervasive the Jewish narrative is in many societies.

But the Jews are not always so clever in their attempts to control the message. Atzmon relates how the IDF prevented all foreign media from entering Gaza, not to propagandize the Goyim but to keep Israelis and Zionist Jews from seeing themselves through the eyes of the Goyim. Atzmon describes this approach as “completely countereffective”: “the Israelis ended up seeing themselves through the gaze of Arabs, Iranians, Muslims. … Humiliated and pulverised, Israelis saw their true nature exposed.”

Atzmon explains, “… it is not the idea of being unethical that torments Israelis and their supporters, but the idea of being ‘caught out’ as such.”

Atzmon identifies a hypocrisy in Jews identifying as Jews. “Some Jews,” he writes, “may, for instance, proudly carry the Jewish banner (Jews for Peace, Jews for Justice, Jews for Jesus and so on) as if they believe that the ‘J’ word contains special righteous attributions. However, they will also be gravely offended if they are called a ‘Jew’ by others. Suggesting to a Jew that ‘he is a Jew’ or ‘behaves like a Jew’ can be regarded as a serious ‘racist’ offence.”

Here, Zirin’s piece that got all the hate going from former friend, Jewish.

The level of high-tech hardware on display is hardly different from what we have seen at previous World Cups and Olympic Games. Gunships and missile launchers have over the last dozen years become as much a part of the scenery as the FIFA Fan Park and Olympic Village.

The problem, though, is not really how the media has yawned past these kinds of post-9/11 security imperatives (although this is a problem). It’s the way that in too many host countries, the militarization does not go away when the mega-events end. Instead, it becomes the new reality. If you buy a drone, you are not, as a security official in London told me in 2012, “going to just put it back in the box.” Surveillance culture becomes normalized, and through the Trojan horse of sports, a fresh Orwellian reality is born.

Concern about protesters, crime and terrorism have all undoubtedly played a role in the security buildup, but Brazil has also built up its armed forces dramatically in recent years as a way to show the world that its new global economic might would be matched militarily. Yet the presence of such overpowering–not to mention high-tech–weaponry raises a critical question: Who is arming Brazil? Who supplies–and profits–from their new normal?

THE ANSWER can be found in Haifa, Israel, at two different multibillion-dollar weapons and electronics manufacturers: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elbit Systems. Rafael is a for-profit company owned by the Israeli state, while Elbit is a private corporation. Elbit’s earnings are up dramatically, with its drone airplanes providing crowd surveillance during the World Cup. As Chief Executive Officer Bezhalel Machlis said in an interview with Bloomberg, “The intelligence-gathering electronic and optics technologies of Elbit and our Brazilian partners are perfectly suited for the homeland security challenges at these events.” The providing of high-tech militarism caused Elbit’s second-quarter net income to “rise 30 percent to $50 million,” Bloomberg reported.

As Kim knows, and probably Zirin (though he does make money in his gig at The Nation and publishing books), we can turn blue in the face protesting and writing and railing against systems of power, the corridors of the takers and bigots and professional and high class eliminators of culture and defense. We can and we do, continue this cataloguing, this endless stream of articles, diatribes, flailings, what have you. We can call out the pigs, the rotten masters of the universe, the vanguard, the great pretenders, the war mongers and hate mongers and liars and cheats and cartels and takers-takers-killers-killers.

We can “hope” for change, for realizations and deep seeded Eureka moments, that all smart people will see the light when it comes to the chemical-mining-Pharm-legal-Data collecting-military-education-Agra-entertainment-press complexes. All those kick ass books, all those future Rachel Carsons in the making, anyone, a new Ralph Nader, anyone out there, Wangari Muta Maatha, Vandan Shiva, anyone with a gift or charm to push and organize and write and sway.

But, really, not one thing was won in the environmental movement, the so-called fighting for the planet activism. Think hard and long on that one. Look to the truth of the world, the collapsing systems, the poll aged ecosystems, the 7.8 billion on earth as breeding humans, including the most dangerous, the One Percenter breeders and the others in the rich class breeding and sculpting more offspring to be like Liz Cheney or John Kerry and Rand Paul. Think of that pogrom, one-child per family? Think about the pee tests? Think about that system where the super wealthy and rich have to prove their worth to have their billions, to stymy their breeding, to check on their consumption of various chemicals and boozes?

Who is fit to be a welfare Queen, indeed, Teresa Heinz, or any of them, who have lived off of lies, leveraging, manipulation, the pain of wage slaves making their empires? These welfare Kings and Queens of the Steve Nike Knight variety who have state legislatures meeting in special sessions to give him a special tax write-off, loophole, err, Super Welfare Check, thanks very much, Oregon citizens footing the bill.

Israeli Orwellian Crap indeed. Read comments from The Intercept, the Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill and Larua Poitras news site created by E-Bay honcho:

Bending the law to kill

So far, the IDF has killed more than 400 Palestinians, 80% of whom are civilians, and wounded 2,000; while two Israelis have been killed (one by ‘friendly’ fire). Israeli officials claim that they are targeting Hamas military installations. “According to the army, since the start of the entire operation, 200 ‘command and control centres’ and 43 ‘Hamas regime buildings’ have been hit,” notes British journalist Ben White. “The former is often a euphemism for someone’s family home; the latter includes government ministries.”

But over 1,300 Palestinian homes have been destroyed by Israeli bombs. By implication, assuming the claim is true in the first place, the IDF’s own figures imply that only 243 of these have been remotely connected to Hamas.

Israel’s military track record suggests worse. White highlights a Ha’aretz report from 2009 which revealed that “IDF officers were receiving legal advice that allowed for large numbers of civilian casualties and the targeting of government buildings.”–Nafeez Ahmed

Or, this one from Mona-20 Jul 2014 at 8:17 pm

Headline: ‘Are you a fucking leftist?’ –Israeli fascists target anti-occupation activists in Tel Aviv

Pedinska  made an important point below. While polls show Israelis overwhelmingly in support of their nation’s massacre in Gaza, there is a small minority who are outraged, and who are protesting in the face of violent, Jewish-fascist attacks.

And I mean fascist. Some have adorned themselves with a logo of European fascists, save for replacing a part of the design with Stars of David. These scum are inquiring: “Are you a leftist?” If so, they want you dead. Israeli David Sheen has posted Facebook commentary from these people explicitly advocating gas chambers for “leftists.”

Attacks on so-called leftists have been going on for a long time from the aggressively Zionist snake pits, and our own Craig Summers has all but said that everyone commenting here against Zionist atrocities is a leftist, by definition.

In today’s Israel, as with the Nazis of Germany, being associated with the left is dangerous. Even — perhaps especially — if you are a Jew.

More here: **

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.

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  1. Paul Haeder said on July 23rd, 2014 at 8:00am #

    Hey, from a reader in Switzerland. Again, any discussion about the sins of Israel now and Israel’s father is a green light for being attacked, vilified, marginalized, and thrown into the dead-letter box of the Zionists and supporters of the killing machines, where weapons and poisons and zillions are cached for the inevitable sickness of power gained, power amassed, all bundled together in the sad tribalism of Jewish bigotry. Gideon Levy, Jew, Israeli, has to have body guards because of work he wrote in his newspaper? This is the truth of a rotten people destroying their own peace and murdering the Middle East:

    Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, in a recent piece for Ha’aretz: “[Hamas’] conditions are civilian; the means of achieving them are military, violent and criminal. But the (bitter) truth is that when Gaza is not firing rockets at Israel, nobody cares about it. … Read the list of [Hamas] demands and judge honestly whether there is one unjust demand among them.”

    Here, fro Deocracy Now, and then the letter from Peter below:

    AARON MATÉ: That’s Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking on Monday. Gideon Levy, so he’s saying here that this current attack is about self-defense. And the blockade has been justified in terms of, “Well, we have to stop Hamas from smuggling rockets; they are, after all, a group that’s committed to our destruction.” Your response to that?

    GIDEON LEVY: So did you stop the smuggling with the siege? Did you really stop? We see now how well equipped Hamas is. This is ridiculous, because any siege can be broken for certain purposes. But the siege breaks the people of Gaza and pushes them again and again to the corner, to the corner of violence and to the corner of desperation.

    But I would like also to comment about the prime minister’s remarks, as if Israel has to react. Sure, Israel has to react and has to defend itself, but, Mr. Prime Minister, where did it start? Those rockets fall on our heads just by chance? There is no context to this? There was not the breaking of the political negotiations by the Israelis refusing to release some few veteran prisoners? There was not a war declared on Hamas in the West Bank after the kidnap and the murder of three Israeli youngsters, arresting 500 Hamas activists who were not involved in this kidnap? Didn’t Israel stop the salaries—transferring the salaries to 40,000 Hamas workers, employees in Gaza? And what did Israel think? Wasn’t Israel against the unity government? And what did Israel think, that all this will pass like nothing and Hamas will accept everything? So I have news. Those who believe that nothing will happen were either extremely arrogant or blind or both.


    Paul – you may have lost the friendship of your Socialist Worker – for your – what? – being to frank? presenting the reality?

    You are my friend in kindred spirits – as I’m losing ‘friends’ by the day – as the horror of lies we live in and let them happen overwhelms me and incites me to talk, people delink from this angry sob – when I dare talk about the mass murderer Israel, the killing machine of the USA with one false flag after another, to instigates yet another war to maintain its rotten with blood to the core economy (sic) – Ukraine, when all obvious signs point to the extended arm of Washington’s assassin-in-chief – ultra puppet Kiev – as who shot down this plane MH17 – which was flying outside the war zone – 200 km south according to airspace controllers, then escorted into and over the war zone, only to blow up minutes after the escorts disappear.

    Why Malaysia the second time? -after the skyjacking of MH370 to the most monstrous US navy base Diego Garcia, the world spending hundreds of millions to find the plane on the ground of the Indian sea… when its holed up in a airwave tight hangar on Diego Garcia – with maybe all the passengers killed – Malaysia, one of to the few countries regime change didn’t work (yet) – Malaysia one of the 134 nations where the CIA has ‘regime change’ operations on-going.

    Paul, keep saying it as it is. What is a friendship when it falters for fear of the masters? – Maybe one day the world will wake up and see the light; though darkness makes blind- its a spiral turning further and further into the ground, into the core of evil. One can just hope with Leonard Cohen, that there is always a crack in the wall….where the light shines through.

    Be well,


    … I write for the Voice Of Russia, under ‘Reality Check’.

  2. Paul Haeder said on July 24th, 2014 at 10:05am #

    Thanks for some reach outs to me on this piece, and some call it ballsy, others, well, kindred spirit I am to them. In any case, Gary Corseri, who is a poet, novelist and contributor to DV at times, has some comments to say, relevant to the piece and my own narrative. Gracias por sus palabras!

    Here, below:


    (Note: I wrote the following, but couldn’t get it thru to the listed e-mail at the article. I wrote Orloski to see if he had another contact for you, and he was happy to oblige.)

    Thank you for adding your clarifications and justifiable anger to this blood-sticky horror in Gaza! My former-Trappist- monk-friend, Thomas Lotts, sent me your most recent. I was pleased to find you quoting from my review of Atzmon’s THE WANDERING WHO. (I met Gilad in Atlanta a couple of yrs ago. Cynthia McKinney, a friend and hero of mine, introduced us. He’s very likable… and, of course, very smart!)

    Where in Mexico did you teach, did you live? I hope to go to the Lake Chapala area this winter; trying to get into an artists’ colony there for a month or so. Have you been there? (My friend Joe Bageant and I were going to rent a duplex there 4 yrs ago. Joe got sick and departed this vale of tears… though his work will live forever!)

    It amazes me how much good work you do week after week! Are you really 2 or 3 clones writing under the name Paul Haeder?

    Blessings– GC