There is No Liberal Opposition in Capitalism

bought, sold, snookered, sneering cultural snobs & ennui….

Look at this controlled opposition shit – it is mindless how many email blasts go out and end up in my anarchist’s box, as if I am some weak-in-the-knee democratic party putz . . . . Or some fair-weather anti-Capitalist-99 Percenter.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch just dropped George Will’s column because of his outrageous statement that being raped is a “coveted status that confers privileges.” Can you chip in $5 to urge other papers to follow its lead?

This isn’t the first time George Will has used his enormous platform to say something this awful. Not long ago, he compared Obamacare to the Fugitive Slave Act.2 He’s compared climate scientists to Nazis.3 And he has a long history of ethical lapses, failing to disclose payments he or his wife received to advance the views expressed in his columns.4

Enough is enough. If George Will wants to espouse these kinds of fringe views, he should do it from a fringe media outlet, not some of the most respected news outlets in the country.

Click here to chip in $5 and help get rid of George Will.

Thanks for speaking out.

–Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Gabriela, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, and Onyi, the UltraViolet team

This is the PC crap of our lifetimes, and what do these women do in real life, asking us to chip in $5 to get rid of George Will, a propagandist, working as a syndicated columnist. How many rotten to the core, male and female, LGBTQ, are as bad, writing their daily feces, but are pawned off as unbiased writers? This Will is a cartoon, and maybe having him work his shit-hole magic in those newspapers IS EXACTLY what revolutionaries need. We need to answer these folks, not try and push them off TEAM USA, i.e. the Corporations Rule A Squad. Will will always be a millionaire, always get book deals, always get commencement speeches, always get the ear of TEAM USA.

Oh well, the UltraViolet team, whatever that is, is not I believe part of my 80 Percent Team, wage slave team, working poor team. George Will? That’s the cause of the week? It is white noise, bantering, and, speaks of PC Squad USA, the neoliberal, neolithic democratic party way. PC, tempering all of our “microaggressions,” keeping words in check while they Facebook themselves into one GIANT selfie . . . . and you too can have that photo taken with George Soros and Mrs. Gates and Michelle in her Gardening bibs if you just chip in $15 a month. That’s NPR, too, for $60 a month, and you’ll get a mug with Barbara Walters embossed on it, so you can feel her face everytime you take a shot of rot-gut tequila!

And get this: I receive hundreds of these sorts of requests for chipping in $5 here and $20 to cause x-to-the-30th-power. It’s a cottage industry in Corporations Rule A Squad mortal combat. Whew, George Will? American mainstream newspapers? Isn’t that the point, that newspapers, big and small, are part of the problem, from the inside out? George Will is clearly labeled as a nut-case, like all the other “syndicated” writing workshop idiots. Censorship, or boycotting an ultra-idiot like Will when we need him as a foil. Believe you me, the faux liberal opposition is really not that good at articulating “their” side, but they do have this Obama-on-the-Internet-rally-the-controlled-liberal-opposition-troops thing down, and can get email blasts out like the best of them at Google USA ! Plus, all those lists they’ve got me on — there is no keyboard left unturned! Yep, Hillary and Michelle and Oprah and Gloria Steinman, we are the 99! Absolute Orwellian, that meme — We Are the 99 and the One Percent Are the Evil Ones! Right . . . back to my 80 Percent meme . . . .

I know, I know, it’s not my meme, that “We are the 99 Percent” crap. Amazing that the world buys into that shit, the one percent like the Clintons and doctors, or the .1 percent like the Gates, Bloomberg, Bezos misanthropes, or the .01 percent, like, well, you get the picture.

It’s the blue collar aristocrats, those plumbing and roofing and construction tycoons, with the “Replace Obama, Vote Romney” bumper stickers. What the fuck? Obama is one huge tragedy, but definitely one of the Blue Collar Millionaire’s allies – frack, bulldoze, nail together, pave our way into hell. Can you believe it, Romney the parasitic capitalist, the sad puke that thinks 41 percent of his fellow Americans do nothing, help no one, but drag on his bottom line offshore holdings.

Yep, the 19 percent of the pigs in coding, the Google Little and Big Eichmanns, the entire mess of people in positions of bureaucratic-military-medical-surveillance-pig/cops power. Right, they are for me, of me, with me, in the Occupy Wall Street (can we trash this meme once and for all, We are the what?) 99 percent. No thanks.

All those Oregon pukes with electric cars, and the fat smiles and bullshit “I am in the 19 Percent” smile just giddy gasoline is now $4 a gallon – “finally, we can start that hydrogen and electric car economy “. . . . but one small thing: all the suckers like me in the lower 80 who have to drive beaters to wipe the 19 Percent’s kids’ asses and service their solar panels and paint homes, pound on new roofs and prep their Slow and Organic Fucking Freaky Food. Right, we are the 99 – no thanks. They relish fuel prices going up, the idiots, the 19 percenters. The suburbs are now us, the working poor, slave wagers. We are the ones putting on hundreds of miles on vehicles each a week, propping up the economy with our insurance policies, tire purchases, all the maintenance and the taxes we pay in road and gasoline fees, all those legal pigs with the fines and arrest warrants they serve on us.

Putrid thinkers, and you all can shove the We Are the 99 Crap?

Who, the administrators of Saif, the workers comp system in Oregon? Hired on a new guy from Colorado, so this CEO has to get another $50K a year as compensation over the outgoing puke. That’s $330,000 a year to the CEO of worker’s comp, and I can tell you the system is rigged.

Now, this puke 5 percenter, well, he just got canned after 3 months on the job for using non-PC language, investigations carried out by the former CEO, some female gift to the Little Eichmann class of bureaucrats. Now, heck, the Saif outfit is being sued by outgoing Coloradoan for defamation and reclaiming wages (sic). This is the world of the 19 percent!

Oh, the Oregon Obama-For-Pigs-In-Health-Care-Felonies CARE, Cover Oregon (Obama Care a la local), well, shoot the software and website failed, and another bunch of 5 and 10 percenters with money shoved up asses get canned or quit, and now, Oregon hires on more worthless 19 percenters to study the problem at $1000 an hour each, and, lo and behold, this mossy state is suing Oracle, the company that planned the Insurance Heist system. Oracle has been sued a million times, and they specialize in winning those suits, with their suits at $1000 an hour, all little and big men/women in the Eichmann class.

Do you see yet, fine readers? Until we start lambasting publicly, in their faces, to friends, foes, in op-eds, anywhere, we are doomed to this controlled opposition, bullshit kinda world, where pigs like Condie Rice cry out when she gets shouted down at a lecture: “Well, be quiet, you are lucky you are here and not in some other country where really bad things would happen to you if you spoke out like this to a vaunted and valued leader lady like myself . . . you know, put in jail, tongue cut out, raped and thrown in a gulag . . . .” These are the pigs, and the piglets in the college audience who cheered Condie Felon Rice on, well, how about those 99 Percenters? Right? I am Not the 99 Percent with those pukes in that Vermont school – a private military college. Fuck them Norwich pukes.

Dave Ross, one of two protest organizers, disapproved of Rice speaking at a Norwich lecture series. “She’s a war criminal, she should be on trial, not being held up as this wonderful, patriotic citizen to the next generation of American military leaders,” he said.

It takes us by the millions to say this, and our education and TV and Media and Wage Slave system is counter to any hope of emboldening our fellow 80 percenters to start striking back, standing up, and maybe that action, collectively, will finally get some of us back to our roots – the stockades for these pigs, presidents of companies, CFOs, CEOs, CIOs, and CwhateverNonsenseAndNothingness folk. Can you imagine just taking them out to the woodshed, cream pies in eyes, anything, everything, daily, until the messed up media have no choice but to forget about the X-Men and starting covering/reporting on the world falling apart around them.

The very concept of a military college, private, well, that says it all, says it all. These pigs I’ve taught writing classes to for several programs in the US military, and always as the radical teacher. Air Force, Army, a non-commissioned officers academy. The military is PART of the problem, from bottom up, top, down. This mythology of the poor economic draftee, the poor misguided kid, the girl who just wants to fly choppers, well, have at it, suckers. Think again, the Little Eichmanns, and they are NOT Me, the 80 Percent, no-no, so, again, shove that the 99 Percent crap. Plenty of 19 percenters in the military, retired, double and triple dipping, lobbying, contracting, what have you.

The shouting and backs turned on these pukes, including Hollywood sucks, we gotta keep doing it, gotta keep doing it. Gotta keep DOING it.

They are the disease, the One Percent, for sure, and they have diseased a large cadre of folks in the US of A, those 19 percenters who hold 52 percent of all wealth; not bad compared to the One percent with its 40 percent. Yep, the good old 80 percenters, confused, misguided, miseducated, misinformed, mistaken, supporting the Romney-Clinton-Bush-Ron/Rand-AynPaul-Obama-what have you cheats.

A million cuts everyday, the sign of the times, the putrid air from Cheney and Liz, the rotten things we call humans free to spread contagions. Get on FOX, write Op-Eds, get interviewed, get patty-cake Q & A air time; get the book deals, the board chairs, the endless money thrown at them, that is the One Percent On Greased Skids, AKA, thanks to the compliant and cunning 19 Percent.

War profiteers. Lovers of military-police-medical-surveillance-HR-pharma complexes. The entire country is now servicing the One Percent and the 19 Percent, all in bed with their own four-eared devils, their ideas cloven, their faces the white ghostly things of Zionists and Aryans.

I get emails, Change-org, big and small outfit pleas to help, to write congress, the EPA, some state wildlife honcho, to Obama, to Reid, someone, anyone, write and please donate money to the cause. The CAUSE?

Controlled madness, skittish, fools fornicating with ideas on the internet.

Really, write (who) to stop nets (how) from killing whales (Capitalists care about cetaceans?)?

Write Iran to stop the hanging of child bride? Really, look at this shit graphic! To peddle a social cause, and garner money for the cause!@#$

Please sign the petition today!

Quote – WalkFree (dot) org

Our campaign to PepsiCo has already received a response from the company! Shortly after we began our campaign, we heard back from PepsiCo — followed by a copy of their new palm oil policy.

However, after analyzing PepsiCo’s position, we believe they fall far short of what is required to help end modern slavery in the palm oil industry. And that’s why we’re getting back in touch.

We welcome PepsiCo’s commitment to no forced labor, but we are not confident they have measures in place to ensure that commitment is implemented in practice right down their supply chain, to the palm oil plantations where slavery has been uncovered.

The fact that they responded shows that PepsiCo is listening — and cares about their public image. This is important. PepsiCo will move — but only if as many of us take action as possible. Can you help spread the word?

This is a critical time. With enough pressure right now, we can push PepsiCo to do the right thing and develop a strong action plan that ensures that no there is no modern slavery in their palm oil supply chain.

Oh my oh my. What sort of company is PepsiCo? What products and non-products do they peddle? What influence do they have on K-Street? That is the problem, now, is it not? How do we really tie into consumption, i.e. how this crap of a thing called Capitalism treats us like guts and toilet paper users, roll on deodorant, one giant marketing billboard, Guinea pig, thanks to the welfare state of educational institutions and government agencies that prop up these free-marketers, capitalists? Can we get people to put two and two together? Now how is it that getting PepsiCo to do this one thing, how is that benefitting anything, the big picture? How is it if Walmart agrees to any little crumb, how is that helping us?

Burn down their houses, burn their entrapements, end the debt by not paying, start rolling blackouts on all their stuff, massive shop-lifting teams, run the bastards ragged in their 5 star homes and send them to the hospitals with GI wings named after their gut-killing products, their family lines. Really, TIE them up, nooses loose, some final words, a selfie, maybe. Kick the stool-bucket-LazyBoy!

You think that fight for the $15 an hour is really going to pan out? Think Seattle and the city of Sea-Tac, well, the state of Washington, all the businesses, big and small fighting any fair wage, all those non-profits, you think, they are going to pay for $15 an hour just because a socialist alternative city council member (Kshama Sawant, a friend when I was living there) pushed it through? Ya think? There is a state court here, initiatives, and, well, what’s keeping someone in Vancouver or Kirkland from crying foul that someone in a business in the City of Seattle gets $15 an hour for the same exact work he or she is getting in Bothell for $9 an hour? Business, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, the works. NRA, national restaurant association as powerful as nra, the rifle dicks.

I work way below my wage, my station, my whatever, folks. I am an award winning journalist who can’t get a gig at a newspaper, and I have taught college for decades, and there are no full-time and tenure track jobs anymore, and I have master’s degrees in English and urban planning. (Okay, all those fuckers at Amazon dot com and Google and the app writers are laughing their asses off, happy I am precarious at 57, gleeful in their Art of War social Darwinist way, really, absolutely smirking that all of that work, all my time fighting for social and environmental justice, all the reading, world travel, all of that, well, $10 an hour at a job taking care of some of America’s most vulnerable populations – adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities! – exactly what I deserve for not learning the App and Coding and Robotics stiff arm salute).

You think those Coders fucking up San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, you-name-it-USA, they are in my tribe, my foxhole? Right, you can have them in your 99 percent, because they, those 19 percenters are some of the worst human beings on the planet, and would sell grandma to a sweat shop if they could, but oh they are cultural jammers, so hip, so consuming, so there and in the limelight of the pukes in Hollywood and music and culture creation (sic-sic).

Here it is now, the $15 an hour counter-argument – this is capitalism, this is it, really. If you don’t have money, or are rich, you are nothing, faceless, just a big back, strong arms, bionic nose, whatever, to be USED by the capitalists, those One Percenters and Especially their 19 Percenter thugs. That’s the USA! Here, Seattle Times, where you will find all sorts of articles on why raising the minimum wage would be bad for millionaires and 19 percenters in Seattle!

CAPTURING the complexity of raising the minimum wage is difficult.

As a nonprofit leader who is concerned with social justice, I’ve lost many nights of sleep considering this issue.

How can we build a more just and equitable community without bankrupting the organizations that help our most vulnerable?

That’s what may happen if the city of Seattle raises the minimum wage from $9.32 to $15 an hour. An advisory committee appointed by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is exploring how to raise wages to $15 and is expected to recommend changes at the end of April.


Our task is to help them to be fully included in the city’s neighborhoods and places of work. Services vary greatly: We help with basic hygiene and getting dressed. We help make meals, get them to jobs and arrange family visits. We ensure our most vulnerable residents live a life that approaches what we all take for granted every day.

Some people are advocating for a $15-per-hour wage across the board immediately. This level of increase is extremely problematic for supported-living providers.

The funding for these vital services is appropriated by the state Legislature, matched with federal Medicaid funds and allocated to hours of service. As a result, providers are limited in how much we can pay employees. We cannot simply raise prices to meet a new minimum wage.

This person — Sylvia Fuerstenberg – gets $45 an hour, or $90K a year. Her business is dead in the water without the servicing workers, and the people doing the work, like me, certainly could absorb any of the high maintenance of the so called manager’s job. This is CAPITALISM. What shame, fore-shame. Can you imagine the Fuerstenberg clan, the other ‘Bergs and Smiths and Steins and Blacks and Witzes in her life, and how it all pans out, this huge disparity, the reckless usury of her system, and all the others?

This is how the 19 percent run, and, well, Fuerstenberg may not be yet in that crew on her own salary (significant other making another cool $150K or more?), but where is the outrage, the constant berating of politicos and the Bill Gates and the Foundations and the Obamas and the entire political mass killing machine?

I do not think she is one of those, a real fighter.

Again, this so-called soldier of justice has no guts to call the spade a spade – WA state, like other states, is one filled with One Percenters, tax loopholes, idiots who think economics is the controlling concept of humanity, that all these jobs one day will be taken over by robots. These people are Hitlers, Ayn Rands, Rush Limbaughs, oh, Friedmans, shit, you name the puke – George Will? They have lived off the government and tax payer trough for decades. You gotta read the letters to the editor (on-line mumbo jumbo at times) in response to the $15 min. wage passed and to this column. Again, no lefties or democrats piping in, and the reality is both sides of that shit aisle we vaunt – professional thievery, err politics, so-deemed representative government (sic-sic) – they are the same.

Response #1: Just saw a video on an automated Amazon warehouse. Robots go pick inventory and move it to shipping locations. The robots work 24 hours a day and don’t strike and don’t call in sick. Also saw that fast food restaurants are experimenting with automated ordering kiosks where you select your order on a touch screen and slide a debit card through to pay for your order. No human clerk needed. (Overlake Hospital already has one in its Cafeteria.) This will be the response of business if the $15 an hour is pushed. Fewer jobs for the unskilled as they will be replace by automation.


Resonse #2: $15 an hour and the law of unintended consequences.

We just returned from France and Italy and was able to witness the future of business when a government makes work rules without regard to the consequences. The make the cost of hiring one employee so expensive that the following takes place.

In a high end bakery in Nice – customers after looking in the display case walk to a computer enter their order and pay without talking to any employee. ONE employee receives the order and hands it to the customer who places the order into a bag. Unemployment rate for 16-30 year olds in southern France – 35%.

In a fast food outlet in Rome – customers enter their own orders into a computer – pay and get a receipt without talking to a human. There are only 3 employees – 2 in the kitchen and another who merely hands out the orders. Even the drinks are all automated. Unemployment rate for 16-35 year olds in southern Italy – 40%.

This is the weapon of Ayn Randians, the weapon of Americans, the survivor of the fittest, the 19 percent, loving only the One Percent, hating that Romny Presidential Campaign 41 Percent are Takers, Welfare Vermon.

You ain’t gunna get your cake and your pudding and meat and education and healthcare and housing and social and turtle/whale/wolf justice with this system in place – CAPITALISM. This is a world of Sim City, giant Board Game of Monopoly, or prognostication. They will continue to let people die, let the world go topsy-turvy, fracked into sewage, let a million jobless off themselves, let the recession split the survivors and fittest from the detritus and subhuman.

It’s our fault, our IQ’s, our laziness, our sins, our DNA, our families, our worthlessness, and we are to blame for EVERYTHING that befalls us. Got it!

The fix is in with Capitalism, with this kabuki theater, the two-stepping shit of America, the dunces and the daily har-har of the pukes like Ellen and Jon Leibowitz, and the rest of the Crusaders and Bar Mitzvah-ed and Survival of the Fittest and Let them Choke on Their Umbilical Cords and Stoke Spittle and Find a Home Under a Bridge and Just die.

What a silly, schlepping society we are, thanks to the Coders, the Cultural Icons, the Clintons, the White House Spokespersons, all the secretaries of state, the entire bunch of Poison Ivy League lovers of the art of war games, the shuffler of pieces on the board of life. A country that has Detroit on the ropes, dying, billions in shit loans, these loans that will eat the soul from a lot of cities out there, believe me you, really – read it here, wherever, Mike Whitney over at Counterpunch, and, well,


Three times the original bonds approved by voters or their elected representatives?

Funding infrastructure through bonds doubles the price or worse. Costs can be cut in half by funding through the state’s own bank.

“The numbers are big. There is sticker shock,” said Jason Peltier, deputy manager of the Westlands Water District, describing Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build two massive water tunnels through the California Delta. “But consider your other scenarios. How much more groundwater can we pump?”

Whether the tunnels are the best way to get water to the Delta is controversial, but the issue here is the cost. The tunnels were billed to voters as a $25 billion project. That estimate, however, omitted interest and fees. Construction itself is estimated at a relatively modest $18 billion. But financing through bonds issued at 5% for 30 years adds $24-40 billion to the tab. Another $9 billion will go to wetlands restoration, monitoring and other costs, bringing the grand total to $51-67 billion – three or four times the cost of construction.

The city of Detroit, where people in Detroit have to appeal to the UN on grounds of indelible human rights:

Democracy Now: Activists in Detroit have appealed to the United Nations over the city’s move to shut off the water of thousands of residents. The Detroit water authority says half of its 323,000 accounts are delinquent. It has begun turning off the taps of those who do not pay bills that total above $150 or that are 60 days late. The Detroit water authority carries an estimated $5 billion in debt and has been the subject of privatization talks. In a submission to the U.N.’s special rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation, activists say Detroit is trying to push through a private takeover of its water system at the expense of basic rights. The group Food & Water Watch said: “By denying water service to thousands, Detroit is violating the human right to water.”

More from Ellen Hodgson Brown:

San Diego County taxpayers will pay after 40 years for $105 million raised for the Poway Unified School District.

Folsom Cordova used capital appreciation bonds to finance $514,000. The sticker price after interest and fees will be $9.1 million.

In 2013, state lawmakers restricted debt service on capital appreciation bonds to four times principal and limited their term to 25 years. But that still means that financiers receive four times the cost of the project itself – the sort of return considered usurious when we had anti-usury laws with teeth.

What can we do, what can we do, says the grandmother from Dresden, 1948, or the lad from Ireland 1880, or the First Nations father as the Oklahoma Land Rush pushes him further into the dust of capitalism.

Yet, we do what, in this lefty world? Unending tributes to the Jewish Clan, the Political Correctness Tribe, the Movers and Shakers in Small Time Businesses? What-what-what will a broke union do for me, adjunct faculty with a good $2700 for one class spread over 16 weeks? Think kind folks, and put an hourly wage on that, try and think about that – teaching young and old students with so many hobbling problems brought to me by family-society-capitalism-biochemistry-community how to think, focus, research, argue, write, articulate, be human and humane? How much do I make, and what did the my union boss tell me his union organizer about fees and dues and what sort of patronizing and careerism did I have to stomach? Yep, another $50 a month parking fee here, another $60 monthly dues there.

Capital S-C-R-E-W the 19 percenters, the faux lefties, the dead in the water liberal and neo-liberal pukes. This is what we get, a la Counterpunch? Read closely the dead heart, the soulless writing, the glib, the empty room of the liberal!

Apparently even if you are the granddaughter of Frances Ford Coppola, you still are able to understand what it’s like to be an aimless and alienated teenager as Gia Coppola’s directorial debut Palo Alto aptly demonstrates. Based on a collection of short stories by James Franco (who produced and co-stars in the film), Coppola’s Palo Alto is one of the most tense movies ever made about being a teenager. It is like a pressure cooker wrapped in gauze. Beautifully filmed and fraught with the tensions of confused sexuality, adult predators, and an overwhelming sense of nowhereness, the film is beautiful yet emotionally draining. It is timeless yet of this time. It is dreamy yet so real it made me feel like throwing up after watching it.

The movie centers on three central characters — April (Emma Roberts), Teddy (Jack Kilmer), and Fred (Nat Wolff). It also features sideline characters such as the class “slut” Emily (Zoe Levin), a predatory soccer coach (James Franco), and an array of disaffected parents (including a pot smoking and very fat Val Kilmer) who are like shadows of people who care. The movie meanders through a dreamlike cadence of teen alienation and emptiness. It moves from soccer fields to parking lots, from bedrooms to living rooms, from parties to skate parks, all resonating with that place fraught with the anxiety of being caught between childhood and the adult world. These are kids who meander without purpose or meaning. They are fleeting and without direction. They live only in the moment, whether they are giving a blow job, getting a blow job, gulping down Cheez Whiz, eating a sandwich, guzzling booze, or losing their virginity to a sleaze ball coach while wearing Thursday underpants on the wrong day of the week.


Palo Alto pays tribute to a whole line of movies about the Blank Generation, Generation X, and Teen Angst, but it is also very much its own contemporary film. It ends with the three main characters alone and separated from each other. April lies on her bed staring at her cell phone. Fred is on the freeway driving into oncoming traffic. Finally, Teddy walks alone through a misty dark night under the freeway overpass. These kids may be connected on some surface levels, but they are also completely alone. Ending the film with the silhouette of Teddy walking alone is a beautiful evocative image. It leaves us feeling like we have just experienced an elegy and a movie. In between the blow jobs and the booze, the molestations and breakdowns, really this is a film that shows how alone we really are not only when we are teens, but when we hit that wall of the adult world. Beautiful, tender, tragic, and real, Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto is a fine first entry into cinema.

Kim Nicolini is an artist, poet and cultural critic living in Tucson, Arizona. Her writing has appeared in Bad Subjects, Punk Planet, Souciant, La Furia Umana, and The Berkeley Poetry Review. She recently published her first book, Mapping the Inside Out, in conjunction with a solo gallery show by the same name. She can be reached at moc.liamgnull@inilocink.

I am not even going to go into why this is a wreck of a review, based on these putrid, these white punks in Hollywood. Coppala and Franco? This is where we are at, the mainstream, the movie-film junk of America, these stretches of laudatory hipsterism. You have got to be kidding me, beautiful, tender, tragic and REAL?

Pure ennui, pure insider crap, pure Hollywood liberal nothingness, the filter and gaze from people who DO NOT matter, nor do their little “artistic” ramblings, and wow Franco the literary hero now, with collection of short stories, oh my oh my, this is it, then, the same white piece of crap upper echelon and insider and Hollywood slugs; the One Percenters writing about the 19 percenters. This is it, the art of nihilism, the gift to a generation, chroniclers of our times?

These are unethical, wasted, pompous racists, elite in their origins, and the media of film, oh crap, it’s so beautifully shot, so evocative of a culture aimlessness and alienated teen life.

This is it, then, the realities of these One Percenters, workers of the narrative rot, the realm of their sensibilities. This is a film that should not have been made, nor shall it be seen by this 80 percenter. I could list a dozen movies worth spending hard earned downtime watching. And this ain’t some Siskel and Ebert thing, people. What we read and view makes us what we eat, suckers!


You Will Be My Son

How I Live Now

The Station Agent

Night Train to Lisbon


Charlie Countryman

The Rocket



Hell, these are not even the TOP list, and many are just fun movies, not all serious.

The point being – this is trash, a trashy society, and society that vaunts the Hollywood spectacle beyond belief. Palo Alto is a nightmare on many levels.

I will take Reverend Billy any day of the week, and as I have said before about his anti-shopping church, and his new work on GMOs and the RoboBees, it’s this kind of shit we ALL should be doing to bring attention to the One Percent and their Cadre of 19 Percent Eichmanns:

Citizens of Earthalujahville!

Didn’t they levitate the Pentagon and turn it orange, some years ago?

We are planning our return to the Devil’s Laboratory, the “RoboBee Lab” at Harvard University. We want to transform the four-story tall RoboBee Lab into a gigantic bee-hive.

We have sung our “ROBOBEE DON’T POLLINATE ME” gospel number in the hallways of the lab, and the scientists stumbled out and we talked. We’ve been to the lab twice now.

Our little film about the Robobee and coverage in the New Yorker by Elizabeth Kolbert, the Village Voice, and Al Jazeera America have raised this scandal to the light of day. The citizens are beginning toswarm. “You mean, they are building a drone to replace the Honey Bee, even while pesticides kill off the real bees?”

We have two more shows at Joe’s Pub in New York on June 15th and June 22nd. Around the corner from our Joe’s Pub finale on June 22nd, is a second pub, grandly called Swift’s Hibernian Lounge. There, the singers and faithful, the beekeepers and artists – shall gather from 4 to 6 o’clock. We will draw and paint and sculpt and write songs, depicting the bee-hiving of the RoboBee lab. Monsanto and the Pentagon must be opposed with magic surrealism, honey and money. Oh glory beeeee it’s a fundraiser tooooo —

Faithful who won’t be with us in New York, do not despair!

— Watch the HoneyBeeLujah Show livestream at 2:00pm EDT on Sunday June 15th.

— Send your drawings of bees attacking the Robobee Lab to me atmoc.yllibvernull@yllibveR by June 20th. We will put as many of your creations on the walls as we can. You images can be by hand or photo-shop.

Here, yet another one of those freaky emails about bees and the Obama controlled opposition: he has some Task Force (sic-sic) on Pollinator Health? What are we doing in this environmental world? More task forces and white papers and NOTHING done, but a lot of email and digital ink exchanged?

It truly is bye-bye time for liberals in the “movement” (sic-or-bowel?). This sort of thinking and writing and action, thanking Obama for what? Oh, time to get a new job, new universe, new skin!

This week is National Pollinator Week — a great time to celebrate bees and pollinators essential for our food production and healthy ecosystems, and to call attention to their rapid decline.

Also this week, the Obama administration issued a memorandum establishing a new Pollinator Health Task Force. The Task Force will conduct research on pollinator declines and create a public education campaign to teach people how to protect pollinators. It also provides funding to create new bee habitats in five states.

But it falls far short of what’s needed.

Tell President Obama he needs to take strong and immediate action to save bees.

It’s encouraging that the Obama administration recognizes the importance of pollinators for our food supply, farmers, the economy and the planet. But this plan doesn’t do enough to protect these small but essential creatures.

It fails to take definitive action on a key factor contributing to the bee die-offs and one they could do something about now — neonicotinoid pesticides. A growing body of scientific evidence points to neonicotinoids — the world’s most widely used insecticides that treat 140 crops — as a key contributor to the bee declines. Recent studies show they are also harming birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Neonicotinoids can kill bees outright and make them more susceptible to disease, pests and other stressors. Just one seed coated in these pesticides is enough to kill a songbird.

Forget about anything around this seedless and rotting from the center, from the One Percent out, culture, and the Mad Men stuff, which I have been picking up while a friend veg-i-tates out watching it. I do other stuff, and when not looking at the slick images of Matthew Weiner’s TV series, the lines actually sound very clipped and acted and scripted. This is not rocket science, and anyone saying Mad Men is so sociological and historically and humanly great, as in drama, well, I have been around the writing block a few times, and this is patsy stuff, consumable, and the culture is what Weiner writes, not a real look at too many things, and what can you say about the characters, and it’s always easy to say it’s fiction, it’s drama, but the characters are not that interesting, and while all cut-throat and Madison Avenue splayed and money seeking and lost and fabricated and rotten to the core, in the end, that is not enough.

What a terrible waste of life, watching these shows, Mad Men, and worse the defenses of this or the New Black is Orange or Breaking Bad — all trite and the work of rotting minds, little men and little women in Hollywood, making it big TIME, laughing and snorting and lying all the way to the hedge fund!

Mad Men my ass — it’s boring stuff. Yet, there is a Paris Review interview of the creator, Weiner, and it is embarassing to think he is being treated as a literary star. Done! The world is one large marketing butcher paper to the moon with a billion scribblings and mock ups and campaigns to make Capitalism the very air we breath and choke on!

Ad and Mad and Men and Women, a fill-in-the-blank generation, and silly stuff that entertains us into not knowing!

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.