The State of Propaganda

We’ve seen what they can do
To the others,
Is it any wonder youth
Question the status quo?
Something just isn’t left
Yet, they expect everyone
To simply look the other way
Invasions, assassinations, depressions,
Historical atrocities: slavery,
Genocide of the First Nations,
30 million homeless citizens
Of “New Rome”
CIA backed dictators,
Drone attacks, increased surveillance,
Millions killed: “casualties of war”
Others by friendly fire,
More troops committed suicide
Than killed in action!
The truth can do that to a person,
Especially if fed propaganda
Throughout their lives,
It’s hard to be neutral
On a moving plane
When headed for Twin Towers.
Cold war mentality reborn
Time to dust off the ICBM’s
They have certainly made a mess of things!
The American psyche is starting to crack:
Schoolyard killings, workplace attacks,
Community member’s assassinated,
More sociopaths than any other country,
They could export them, lean and mean.
Wholesale slaughter of women and children,
Political, religious, military scandals,
Seems hegemonic priorities are right (wing).
Narcissism, grandiose, lack of empathy,
Are on the rise, major ingredients for
Making psychopaths, CEO’s and mercenaries…
Parents be careful what you teach your children.
Or should I write nice fluff about flowers
And slow moving clouds……….
I wish that I could, but, lives are at stake.
It is a poet’s job to write ‘poemaganda’.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.