Sparks Aplenty, Then and Now

A sunny oxygen rich July morning,
I am wrinkled and insignificant
as the driver in Franz Ferdinand’s open car.
In kitchen, air-conditioner on blink,
I listened to P.B.S., a report
on a Mexican helicopter’s entry into U.S.A.,
and firing upon Border Agents.
So much I knew –
our next door neighbors, the Hogan’s,
planned a high school graduation party,
and the family politely asked
to use our maple shade tree out back
as comfort from the heat for 100 guests.
With grace and good humor, I told Bill Hogan,
“Sure thing, as long as no one gets drunk,
violent, and tries to seize our vegetable garden.”

Everyday, I want to hide my senses
from Media reports on global sparks.
One day,
U.S. and Ukraine want Russia gone from Crimea.
Next day,
P.R.C. desires leave from U.S. reserve currency,
day after, “bestial” ISIS marches on Baghdad
and the U.S. billion dollar Embassy investment.
Day after next,
Israeli jets hammer Syrian positions…,
Sparks, sparks, no fire yet,
the only good news (at present) to report,
the ghost of Gavrilo Princip rests beneath
our family shade tree, disarmed,
he holds a “Happy Graduation” Hallmark card,
and the responsible Hogan family checked
Gavrilo’s drinks and background.

Last night, on P.B.S. Radio, I learned
Saudi Arabia plans to deport non-Muslims, uh,
but allow US troops to keep Riyadh Air Base.
Laughter from beneath Hogan’s party tent,
a Geisinger Hospital helicopter passed overhead.
I do not foresee outbreak of WW III
just because Princip’s antique getaway car’s
illegally parked beside fire hydrant (out front).
Gavrilo’s car engine runs, rickety-clank,
spews Balkan exhaust into Black Coal lungs.
Princip’s Mastercard maxed-out,
he’s anxious about gas at $3.69/gallon,
and Taylor cops try best to defend Borough borders,
keep party-goers and Mexican military chopper
pilots out of Orloski vegetable garden.

• Author’s Note: 100 years ago today (June 28), with a couple deadly shots at royals, young Serb assassin, Gavrilo Princip, helped spark global catastophe, resulting in approximately 16 million war dead, facilitated 1%-er “victor’s” redrawing of maps, perpetuate hunt for personal treasure, keep common people on Depression edge, and set stage to never end profitable wars designed to “end all wars.”

Charles Orloski lives in Taylor, Pa. He can be reached at: . Read other articles by Charles.