Heartless City Wonder

Sleepless city never rests
Sidewalks and roads, the
Arteries that nourish, the
Concrete jungle beast.
The drama of life played out
In the backdrop of modern day
Castles and pyramids, giving
Honor to Capitalist Temples.
Elite citizens eat and drink,
Gazing into the bay, watching
Silent ships arriving from
Faraway countries and cultures,
Commerce is good, the city is prosperous
For city dwellers,
Why then do others beg and sleep
In your good streets?
Why are Pigeons fed and not the homeless?
The drama of life plays out daily.
The city is growing, more phallic monuments
Erected daily,
Cities feed off the misery of the poor.
Sacrifices to false gods of prosperity,
The culling of the sheeple!
Is this the measure of progress?
Arteries are clogged, and
The beast never sleeps!
What would happen if compassion,
Love, and hope, was added to
The mortar of the new pyramids?
A social conscience is the missing heart
From the sleepless city wonder.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.