The Good Corporate Citizen

Who should decide who
Lives or dies? Is this not
The business of God or fate?
Man has no right to tamper
With Creation. Genetic engineering
Is peering into a sacred trust.
Concerned only for clones of the throne.
Multi-National Corporations own these rights!
Soon you can pick the perfect child,
No need for a mother, a test tube will be fine.
Bonding and nurturing a thing of the past.
We knew it could not last.
A new world of perfect people, no flaws,
Look hard and you will see the devil’s claws.
No need of compassion
For your neighbor,
Please help those who are born different,
They will feel sad and forlorn.
All the same, what a shame!
The master race will rule this place.
No need of caring and compassion,
This will not be in fashion.
New world economy is lean and mean.
The unloved will become the unloving…
Genetic research ensures survival of the richest,
Without any glitches,
Patriarchs keep us in the dark.
Women and Earth, our mothers,
They give us sisters and brothers.
Healthy or not, all are welcome at our hearth.
Love can make us whole, unlike
The corporate mould.
Embrace those special citizens,
Let them be reminders of why we love.
If we lose them to genetic research…
Was there ever really a church?
Or were we left on a precarious perch?

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.