Our Ladies of 38-24-36 Torture

… and now, post Boko Haram kidnapping,
US program for Undressing Women for Successs,
and thinking about an act of oral sex performed
by a 6th grade girl in public elementary school
for lunch money and enhanced popularity,
I enlisted in America’s moralist ritual,
looked back to 1972, Larry’s Bachelor Party
at Pine Hill Golf Club & Restaurant.

All Larry’s friends, including me, were drunk.
The stripper’s complete nudity enhanced allure,
and the restaurant owner encouraged mentally
handicapped Big Frankie to take stage,
turned on rotating black light,
paid the performer an extra $25.00
to allow Frankie to go “doggie style”
while jukebox blasted Get off of my Cloud.
Ear drum busting cheers,
bartender Joe whacked Frankie’s ass
with straw broom, and upon completion,
the bachelor party dipped into wallets,
groom first in line in line for stripper’s services.

Quicker and quicker,
it’s 42-years gone, poor Frankie’s all alone
in Scranton high-rise apartment;
heavily medicated, artificial knees,
Nigerian drum beat on Adams Avenue,
tum, tum, tum, Frankie tries Cheetah masturbation.
Boko Haram crime & Senator McCain on warpath –
How I long for their capture one day,
terrorists forcibly come cheek-to-cheek1
with US interrogation Torture Broads.
Like late-Pat Tillman,
I want Sports Illustrated beauties to enlist,
lash non-combatant asses green
with King David’s sling, shame them
until unwanted Islamic prayer stops,
meet Christian Singles on net,
get sucked-off by General Dynamics,
cleanse world of 3rd World perversion.

  1. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s character, Mustapha Mond, wisely proclaimed “In the end, the Controllers realized force was no good.” Although US imperialists consistently rely upon military force in order to re-socialize and condition 3rd World populations, it’s evident that our Controllers took the slower but infinitely surer method of compelling Homeland Americans to become distorted in a manner most profitably desirable. []
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