Obama-Walmart-Barbara Walters — Slum Lords & Bedbugs

Photo op below says it all, this Obama cretin amongst these elitists, superficial elite women, yammering away, yammering away. It’s chilling. The face of Obama the Demon, the faces of those white women, and then, Whoopi? OMG — Oh Mother Gaia!

Then, that National Jewish Radio, again, this morning, with Steve “Prozac Foolish Laugher on the Planet and Somebody No One Wants in their Foxhole When the Bullets Start Flying” Inskeep with his yammering against that other yammerer, Barbara Walters, about her career, about her significance to human and woman-kind. Silly story after silly story, and the breaking news of Barbara interviewing that creep of a woman, Stiviano, the paid girlfriend (some other term for that, please!) of yet another pathetic one, Donald “I am Just As Racist As the Rest of the NBA Owners But Have a Bigger Mouth That Is Woody Allen-esque” Tokowitz, err, Donnie Sterling.

Here, from David Zirin, who I have spent a day with a few years ago. Fine guy, quasi-socialist, but, what is it about Zionism, about Jewish Power, about the Chosen Circle? See these character traits in Tokowitz that Gilad Atzmon brings forth from time to time in his writing. Hoarding, money as plasma, hate, venom, self-flagellation, really, embarrassingly stupid but rich, taker of things:

In 2001, Sterling was sued successfully by the City of Santa Monica on charges that he harassed and threatened to evict eight tenants living in three rent-controlled buildings. Their unholy offense that drew his ire was having potted plants on balconies. Talk about “hands on.” How many billionaires drive around their low-income housing properties to look for violations? That’s Donnie Tokowitz in action. Two years later, Sterling was effectively able to evict a tenant for allegedly tearing down notices in the building’s elevator.

In 2004, Sterling led a brigade of other landlords to smash Santa Monica’s ultra-strict Tenant Harassment Ordinance. The ordinance stated that issuing repeated eviction threats to tenants was a form of harassment. Sterling and his crew believed that they should be allowed to harass to their hearts content. There are only so many potted pants a man can stand!

That same year, an elderly widow named Elisheba Sabi, sued Sterling for refusing her Section 8 voucher to rent an apartment. Sterling emerged crowing and victorious. (That had to feel good. Damn elderly widows.)

And in 2005, Sterling settled a housing-discrimination lawsuit filed by the Housing Rights Center, which represented more than a dozen of his tenants. He paid nearly $5 million in legal fees for the plaintiffs—a staggering amount—along with a reportedly massive, albeit confidential, sum. Not all the plaintiffs, though, lived to see their windfall. Court documents state that on July 12, 2002, “Kandynce Jones was under threat of eviction by [Sterling] even though she had never missed a rent payment. Ms. Jones, who is a senior citizen and a person with a disability, suffered a stroke caused by the stress [of Sterling’s] housing practices. On July 21, 2003, Ms. Jones passed away as a result of that stroke.”

Amidst all that was described above, there are a web of lawsuits and complaints leveled against Sterling that suggest he is willing to suffer endless financial penalty and legal embarrassment if it means he can have control—always control—over who gets to live in his property.

President Obama appears alongside Barbara Walters on The View in 2012.

Look at the creeps above, at Obama, who spoke at Walmart yesterday, citing that company as the great green savior of the world because of effing solar panels on their warehouses of exploitation and pollution. While a judge is awarding Walmart plaintiffs millions for wage theft by Walmart.

This is the century of trash, of people who are the sweat shop queens and kings. Obama is the epitome of the liberal — hate-love-sadness-loneliness-fear-love-hate-peace-peace-words-words as weapons- schizoid-hip-middle-classless-hate-fear-peace-contradictions-capitalism with a fat “c”-authority-raves-Zen-LGBTQ-soldiers-fear-love-hate.

It is so ugly, so ugly, these liberals.

This is the sickness of our times, and I am rushing to get this short blog out to get that off my chest, before I, as a low wage worker in charge of adults with developmental disabilities go to work a 20-hour shift. This is the world, two master’s degrees, 57, and, well, you think the job market is primo? The economists, the state commerce folk, governors, all the siphons of sanity in the business world, all of them, lies, media constantly disabled, and in a place like Oregon, PBS and NPR are, err, the only game in town. In the state. The people lie, and they live in another gravity field. Bubbly. Everything’s turning out a-okay. What lies tied to anything reported as employment-labor-business news!

I just got off the phone with the art director of the magazine I work for. Again, white guy, late 40s, just telling the world that game is over. We are screwed, can’t change the world, corporations and politicians are all the same, and that the planet is heating up beyond any repair, that Miami is gone in ten years and that we are too selfish and egotistical to change the paradigm.

You know, he works on magazines, has a cush job, and has 20 acres out in the rural scape of Spokane County. Water, garden, and, a way to get away from urbanity, from the air pollution even Spokane experiences because of the valley inversion dynamics and the traffic coming through on I-90, and generally a sprawling community where SOV/SOT are the norm — single occupant vehicles/trips, that is.

I run into peeps like him daily, throwing hands up, giving up, total Americans in many ways — I got mine, and, well, you ain’t gunna change shit. Koch and Walton and BP and GE and Bill and Melinda and TBoone and Banks have total control. Forget fighting. Really, this is a product of TV-Education-Lack of Reading-Media-BUY and BUY and war- and wars. Their world is Breaking Bad 24/7. I got me a mule and some acres and apple trees.

But this world of lies, of these pigs like the Clintons and Obamas, Walmart-loving pricks, this bizarre theater of the absurd with the idiot president going to Walmart to discuss, what? Sustainability?

Again, energy independence means PUBLIC transportation, means PUBLIC solar, PUBLIC gardens, PUBLIC single payer health care, and PUBLIC education. This is a country that is broken, one where the meekest is so afraid to mention the T word, you know, TAX the rich and corporations for all the external costs they extract from the public good, public coffers, public health and welfare.

In Oregon, polls bear out that people can’t say t-t-t-a-a-a-xxxxx. Can you believe this? A state that wants sales tax instead of millionaire tax. This is the world we live in, Buffet. This governor is a joke, but the people love him, think he is genius Mensa Mighty Man. Because he is a medical doctor. Been in office for centuries.

This Obama Walmart moment should be a constant harping against him, against his East Coast pukes that work for him, his handlers, the entire lie, of Walmart, and we should be against the company that derives each and every dollar of profit for the fascist family of Walton from US, from humanity. Anything. Throw rocks at their solar arrays.  Start there.

Then, again, on National Jewish Propaganda Radio, the Rush Limbaugh award. Imagine the sickness of this society, that there is an author of the year award in the first place, but they gave it to that whore creep? Imagine the Nazi, imagine the libel expert, the racist, imagine, imagine, imagine if a teacher said one millionth of what Rush has said, just imagine how quickly that school board would sack her or him.

Hell, we get sacked for teaching People’s History of the United States,  or mentioning Sal Alinsky or Marx or climate change or Veterans for Peace. And those pigs in the publishing world, those pigs of awards and profit, give this racist felon author of the year? Author? Really stretching all concepts here.

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh won the “Author of the Year Award” at the Children’s Choice Book Awards for his book Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, in which Rush Revere and a talking horse named Liberty travel back in time to visit the pilgrims. Although the book has never been a critical favorite — one review accused it of “disdain for even the most rudimentary standards of storytelling” — it has been an enormous commercial success.

All these microcosms, all these reminders how screwed up our collective mentality is — Inskeep, Walters, Sterling, Obama, Clinton, Tea Party, Total War, sports, Micky Mouse moo-moos, deep fried stuffed pizza tacos, 72-ounce sippy cups, extra helpings of millionaires, all those talentless freaks, with shows, interviews, networks, and, viewers.

Walmart’s in, Baby, and Clinton is in, in 2016. The jetstream is pockmarked with the cries of the sane. We will follow the elite, the dirt bags, all the crying cracked cultural icons, all those whispers from mental midgets, and the turnstile will zoom as the East Coast snobs and AmeriCorps and interns and Poison Ivy Leaguers will advance their march.

All of this seems these days to be caged in a very strangely clique-oriented grouping of people in this society who control a lot of this society. Going out here, with Gilad Atzmon andAlain Soral:

Soral: I think one of the best definitions of power, for those who have ceased to harbor illusions of democratic equality is: “Give to yourself and yourself alone the right to do the opposite of what you brutally require from others”.

The Zionist Jewish community, which dominates the Western discourse, requires the goyim to behave as men of the left: anti-racist and anti-nationalist … While they themselves behave as far right-wing men through their shameless support of a country (Israel) which is openly racist and ultra-nationalist.

Atzmon: It is very simple. As much as Jewish intelligencia, wants to break the host nation, to dismantle its cohesive narrative, and debase the patriotic impetus, the Jewish State is committed to Jewish interests that represent the complete opposite of the ideology it espouses. Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and it subscribes to a racist, expansionist, nationalist and patriotic ideology. This may seem to be a discrepancy, but in fact it isn’t.

The above dual ethic is actually engraved in Jewish emancipation philosophy. The Jewish Haskala (enlightenment) motto that is mistakenly attributed to Moses Mendelssohn instructs the Jew- ”be a Jew in your tent and a man on the street.” It teaches the Israelite to behave as a Jew at home but, while in the street to pretend to be a goy. This perplexing dishonest dualism (one lies to God at home while misleading the Goy in the street) explains the contradiction between the Jewish intelligencia call for diversity in the West, on the one hand, and the adherence to hard core patriotism in the Jewish State, on the other hand. The Jewish Haskala dual existential mode allows a clear distinction between the ‘Goyim universe’ and the ‘Jewish ghetto.’ In practice, Jewish intellectuals would teach the Goyim about diversity and tolerance, yet defend vile Judeo-centrism at home, i.e., Israel.

This is POWER? The elite? What we throw money at? Media attention at? Tokowitz? What?



Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.

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  1. Paul Haeder said on May 16th, 2014 at 6:43am #


    Just read your latest article on Dissident Voice. One of my several pet peeves about American culture is how easily our Controllers have distorted it, and have promoted Whoopi G., as in your words, “Mother Gaia” and Obama as likable demon on The View. The State’s successful transference and upending of role models & social values since the 1950s is absolutely incredible. How can a president who presides over a nation that has canned electric-powered cars and trolley systems for over a century suddenly convince citizens that Wal Mart is the planet’s “great green savior” for placing cost reduction solar panels on gigantic warehouses?

    Reminiscent of Joseph Conrad’s “the horror, the horror,” you daringly hit The Homeland’s tragic liberal conformity, stating, “It’s so ugly, ugly.” In recent articles, Mr. Ralph Nader gallantly desires (foresees?) the rise of a Left-Right Coalition which will tame our Corporate Controllers and elected servants. In my opinion, such worrisome political effort is high-up on the N.W.O. planning board and Things to Squelch List. One great advantage is their having inculcated Pavlovian conformity-reactions into people, and EXACTLY as you say, Paul, “Wal Mart’s in, and Clinton is in, in 2016.” Sadly, I agree with YOU, our culture reacts sharply and adversely to any efforts which involve de-deifying the Elite and saving itself from pauperization and war.

    Charles “Chuck” Orloski
    Taylor, PA