Corporate Churches

Trust in the CEO
of the Heaven Club
who sent down
His only
Chairman of the Board
who soon appointed
twelve directors
to go forth and,
deliver the words
of the sacred contracts:
free trade agreements and
the chosen ones
will be chosen.
By their wealth
you shall know them.
A poor man asked:
“are you the mister?
if so, may I follow you?”
Yes, you may, now go quickly
and gather your wealth.
“But, mister, I am but a poor man.”
Then piss-off and quit wasting my time.
A poor man has as much chance
of getting into the Heaven Club, as
a Democrat getting appointed
To the Canadian Senate.
Corporate Churches
have faithfully delivered the flock.
Shepherds of the elite
you will reap your just reward
for working miracles:
Turning bibles into golf-courses,
acquring millions tax free,
keeping the silence
during the genocide years
Shall we prey?
thank-you for all we have stolen
and abused, in your name, CEO,
we shall continue to prevail
over the righteous
for they believe in peace and love, and
a concept called democracy!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.