Colors of Our World

Color, color me
Color me bright!

Color me black
with the stillness of an empty restaurant at midnight
with the thieves in the creepy night
with the creaking of a black iron gate in the wind
with the angry ocean and its violent depth of death

Color me grey
with the gravel kicked while dancing on the street
with the plaster coming off on ruins in war inflicted areas
with the smooth highway road slithering like a snake
with the car that crushes as it overturns out of control

Color me red
with the blood of citizens over a noble cause
with the flag raised high and world shattered beneath
with the bullet piercing the heart as a man stumbles
with the foundations built, and millions denied health

Color me brown
with the wall built to divide united nations
with the land torn and fought over
with the dust covering graves of men of honor
with the barrels filled with gasoline

Color me colorless
with the tears of love far away from pain and grief
with the clean water for dying children of today
with the air devoid of hazardous chemicals
with the space, in a world we can live freely

Colors of Nations
Colors of Earth
Colors of Universe
Colors of Us

Color me colorless
And I can color our world bright
Yellow, White, Orange, Blue
Splash and create wonder

Create – A Beautiful World.

Richita Verma is a writer by profession, a happy soul who loves to churn out lip-smacking dishes instead of hogging all day long. When not writing blogs, Rachita spread good cheer through her Facebook initiative 'Positive Mantra'. She can be reached at Read other articles by Rachita.