The Holocaust’s Visit to Yad Vashem

A striking and provocative video has been brought to wider attention by the free thinker and humanist Gilad Atzmon who comments, “This is a must watch, Israel is way ahead of us in its treatment of this bizarre non-historical piece of history… (don’t let the Shoa’s hairy armpits put you off, remember the theatrical event takes place in Israel and bad taste is inherent to the Israeli vision of beauty).”

The video is accompanied by the following introduction: “For the first time in history! after a worldwide tour… The Holocaust came to visit Yad Vashem — the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Who’s responsible for the Holocaust?”

The video takes as its basis the undeniable occurrence of a genocide during World War II.

Natali Cohen Vaxberg — a “far-left Israeli actress,” as described by the right-wing Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post — courageously plays the role of Shoa as a deus ex machina.

Among the questions Vaxberg’s character Shoa poses in the monologue are: “How could you [Israeli Jews] have justified the 67 without me? The 48 without me?”

“Because of whom can you [Israeli Jews] manage a ghetto of 3 million people [Palestinians] without the superpowers coming together to beat the shit out of you?”

Vaxberg’s character calls into legitimacy statehood founded in genocide, a legitimacy that extends to many states that formed out of colonialist/imperialist machinations.

A central question of the video is how does one monstrous crime become the pretext for the victims to perpetrate another monstrous crime upon a new set of victims? How can so many people worldwide allow this to happen?

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