The Down and Out Make More Sense than Any Billionaire

so why aren’t we listening, shaping policy around what the downtrodden know and see?

I’m receiving the All-American love channels. You know, corporate rule, the Zionist Zest, GM killing people with a smile and $25 million ad campaign . . . the endless trial of humanity in the climate barrel sights of the earth churners, the boilers of bones, hydrocarbon petrol in their mothers’ wombs. Jeb Rot-Gut Bush in 2016. Hillary “Scrap Metal” Clinton (another driveling Clinton with lifeless belly laugh and thumb so accurately placed on the heartbeat of Amerika . . . NOT) : “Was that a bat?…Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque de Soleil? My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial. Thank goodness she didn’t play softball like I did.”

Shilling for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hillary is on this constant lonely hearts tour to run for president in 2016. She is the disaster that is the professional political hack, the professional and sanctioned killer at large, err, Secretary of State.

This woman throwing a shoe at Clinton was the most sane thing an American did yesterday, at least hitting the news —  shoe, Clinton, federal custody!

Lots of cheerless posts on the internet on how tougher-than-nails Hillary has taken on so many hecklers in her lifetime. The Rahm Emanuel school of bedside manner. Relentless One Percenter, Relentless Racist, Relentless Scum. School is open when schools are closed Emanuel. Gentrifying feckless fools for the next president.

Here, something Hillary did in October. This is news?

During the interview portion of the evening, Clinton touched on a variety of subjects, from blasting the media for giving oxygen to climate change “deniers” to moving beyond Washington gridlock. Clinton, asked about how the government can return to an era of compromise, was poised to answer when an audience member interrupted and, according to someone in attendance, appeared to shout “Hillary in ‘16!”

“That’s funny,” Clinton responded, amid laughs and applause. “Well there are some hecklers that I would never say anything bad about.”

Striking a more serious note, she said that ultimately America is headed for a “course correction” away from gridlock.

“I’m confident that we’re going to see a course correction here because I know the kind of competition we’re in globally,” the former secretary of state said. She added, “We have to remember our influence and our leadership starts right here at home. We have to demonstrate our system works, that we get along with each other, that we can make hard decisions together. Because people around the world watch us so closely, closely than a lot of our own citizens watch our decision-making.”


These are the wasted heroes, the lackluster humans who have the beltway bustle and the hand-picked crowds and the softball media junkies passing around insipid notes, their rationalizing and their complete lack of knowing their game, their in, their stairway to Wal-Mart boards and Boeing contracts. They are not public servants, in any stretch of the imagination.

We hear their focus points, daily – Stephen Colbert getting a cool $100 million or so for five year deal with CBS to take over for Letterman? This is what we  have succumbed to in this society? Voyeurism? Actually pedestal-raising these talentless, sly, simpletons we throw millions of human lives at in the course of their high school follies fun? These people get paid how much? And they, of course, as we know the Kissingers or Obamas and the Clintons and Romneys and Koch Brothers of the world, have their thumbs on the life beat of America? Shuffling comics? Right, again, our inner arbiters … our toughies . . . foils against the machine, the man, the corporate thugs! (not).

Look at this whoring list below. You sort of have to see it in writing to understand what an uneven and spoiled race of people these folks are:

1. David Letterman
Annual earnings: $28 million (estimated)
Show: “Late Night with David Letterman”

2. Jay Leno
Annual earnings: $25 million
Show: “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”

3. Jon Stewart
Annual earnings: $14 million
Show: Comedy Central

4. Craig Ferguson
Annual earnings: $12.7 million
Show: “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”

5. Chelsea Handler
Annual earnings: $12.5 million
Show: “Chelsea Lately”

6. Conan O’Brien
Annual earnings: $12 million
Show: “Conan”

7. Jimmy Kimmel
Annual earnings: $6 million
Show: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

8. Jimmy Fallon
Annual earnings: $5 million
Show: “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

9. Stephen Colbert
Annual earnings: $4 million
Show: “The Colbert Report”

To sell suppositories, fast-food, Japanese cars, Doritos and shitty American beer? That’s what they give to humanity.  Oh, and a giant load of patronizing and pure attacking the common us, the common man and common woman.

Where does all this offal end up in a world where smart people are homeless, really smart people are in long-term unemployment hell, and where sometimes geniuses are locked up in looney bins, those halls of horrors created by the breed of folk we know as Little Eichmann’s?

How is any of it relevant, any of the Big Time Hollywood and Madison Avenue and Big Time Sports and the celebrity cosmos worthy of any amount of intellectual heave?

This following story is emblematic and axiomatic of the world of Obama-Boehner-Doctor Phil and the rest of the cretins. Imagine, microcosmic, a hired out helicopter herbicide sprayer unloading some of the cancerous and noxious swill onto people, pets and livestock. This is the third world nature of America, the land of corporations, cops, collusion, conspiracies, corruption, concealment, crimes.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – A state investigation has determined that a helicopter hired to spray herbicide on some commercial timberlands in southwestern Oregon “more than likely” allowed some to fall over people’s homes as it flew by.

But the results released Tuesday by the Oregon Department of Agriculture came to no conclusions about whether the small amounts found on the ground can account for complaints from two dozen people who said the spray made them sick.

The investigation was launched after complaints last October from people in the Cedar Valley area north of Gold Beach.

Department Director Katy Coba said that the helicopter company, Pacific Air Research Inc., of White City, could face state and federal civil penalties as the investigation moves into the enforcement phase.

The state found violations including:

 – Allowing pesticides to fall on properties other than the intended spray site.

– Applying a heavier dose than allowed by label instructions on one of the commercial timberland sites.

– Providing multiple false records that misled the department about what products were used.

 Pacific Air Research owner and pilot Steve Owen said the department had not given him any paperwork about the investigation or its findings, so he could not comment.

 Cedar Valley resident John Burns, assistant chief of the local volunteer fire department, said he was frustrated by the time the investigation took, particularly to come up with the various pesticides that fell on their homes. That made it impossible for doctors treating victims to know what they were dealing with. He added that he is still coughing five months after the incident.

 “We had to dig every bit of information out of them to know what was going on, why this happened to us, and what the product was we were poisoned with,” said Burns. “What are they going to do to stop this from happening to us again?”

This is about dogs dying, people with excruciating gut pains ( a doctor, for one case), horses losing 200 or 300 pounds, and coughs and vomiting. A state, city, national system broken by the purveyors of the political class, the prostitutes hobbled by the pimping industries that have gotten us all in this mess – mountains removed, fracking pollution en mass, rocket fuel additive sprayed on lettuce ready for Jane and Juan’s school lunches, genetic monster food unleashing time bombs, National Surveillance state, Round-Up Ready lawns the spiral of death for every living thing in their path, multi-millionaire car executives hiding crimes, military industrial complex cashing in on enormous government bailouts while unemployment is at 15 percent, and the long term unemployed are pariahs, ready for self-harm.

You can’t get answers from the endless bureaus, endless government-tied-to-industry honchos — This is what we call the “rule of “fuck the little guy over” law America, where the smiles of lawyers are the grins of rapists.

Interesting interview the past day with Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now. Again, whether it’s Smalltown Fracking-Mountaintop Removing-Drought-Inducing USA, or Roy’s India, we see the power of the transfinancial four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Capitalism: A Ghost Story. Here, her newest book, and the very concept of all of us as ghosts, or the horror narrative angle of what capitalism does to hearth, heart, heavens, humanity, hunger, and honor. This is a failed system, daily seen, daily felt, daily evidenced by the rapidity of Western nations’ citizens’ downfall, fear, the folding the cards.

ARUNDHATI ROY: So, “In India, the 300 million of us who belong to the new, post-IMF ‘reforms’ middle class—the market—live side by side with the spirits of the nether world, the poltergeists of dead rivers, dry wells, bald mountains and denuded forests; the ghosts of 250,000 debt-ridden farmers who have killed themselves, and the 800 million who have been impoverished and dispossessed to make way for us. And who survive on less than half a dollar, which is 20 Indian rupees, a day.

 “Mukesh Ambani is personally worth $20 billion. He holds a majority controlling share in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a company with a market capitalization of $47 billion and global business interests that include petrochemicals, oil, natural gas, polyester fibre, Special Economic Zones, fresh food retail, high schools, life sciences research and stem cell storage services. RIL recently bought 95 per cent shares in Infotel, a TV consortium that controls 27 TV news and entertainment channels in almost every regional language.

“RIL is one of a handful of corporations that run India. Some of the others are the Tatas, Jindals, Vedanta, Mittals, Infosys, Essar. Their race for growth has spilled across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America. Their nets are cast wide; they are visible and invisible, over-ground as well as underground. The Tatas, for example, run more than 100 companies in 80 countries. They are one of India’s oldest and largest private sector power companies. They own mines, gas fields, steel plants, telephone, cable TV and broadband networks, and they run whole townships. They manufacture cars and trucks, and own the Taj Hotel chain, Jaguar, Land Rover, Daewoo, Tetley Tea, a publishing company, a chain of bookstores, a major brand of iodized salt and the cosmetics giant Lakme—which I think they’ve sold now. Their advertising tagline could easily be: You Can’t Live Without Us. According to the rules of the Gush-Up Gospel, the more you have, the more you can have.”


This greed of capitalism, and its attendant killing fields, is the fodder of fiction, horror, sickness of humanity making money producing nothing but inflicting pain across borders and across generations. Roy goes onto to describe the very wall I have been working up against for more than 30 years, as an activist, sustainability wonk, environmentalist and union supporter, all rolled up in an advocacy journalist’s shroud:  


ARUNDHATI ROY: “Having worked out how to manage governments, political parties, elections, courts, the media and liberal opinion, the neoliberal establishment faced one more challenge: how to deal with the growing unrest, the threat of ’people’s power.’ How do you domesticate it? How do you turn protesters into pets? How do you vacuum up people’s fury and redirect it into a blind alley?

“Here too, foundations and their allied organizations have a long and illustrious history. A revealing example is their role in defusing and deradicalizing the Black Civil Rights movement in the United States in the 1960s and the successful transformation of Black Power into Black Capitalism.

“The Rockefeller Foundation, in keeping with J.D. Rockefeller’s ideals, had worked closely with Martin Luther King Sr. (father of Martin Luther King Jr). But his influence waned with the rise of the more militant organizations—the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Black Panthers. The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations moved in. In 1970, they donated $15 million to ‘moderate’ black organizations, giving people grants, fellowships, scholarships, job training programs for dropouts and seed money for black-owned businesses. Repression, infighting and the honey trap of funding led to the gradual atrophying of the radical black organizations.

“Martin Luther King made the forbidden connections between Capitalism, Imperialism, Racism and the Vietnam War. As a result, after he was assassinated, even his memory became toxic to them, a threat to public order. Foundations and Corporations worked hard to remodel his legacy to fit a market-friendly format. The Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, with an operational grant of $2 million, was set up by, among others, the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mobil, Western Electric, Procter & Gamble, U.S. Steel and Monsanto. The Center maintains the King Library and Archives of the Civil Rights Movement. Among the many programs the King Center runs have been projects that work—quote, ‘work closely with the United States Department of Defense, the Armed Forces Chaplains Board and others,’ unquote. It co-sponsored the Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture Series called—and I quote—’The Free Enterprise System: An Agent for Non-violent Social Change.’”


Each step of my life is rift with landmines, intellectual roadside bombs, and countless IEDs against social and environmental justice. The non-profits and the greenie weenies and the gentrifiers and the new urbanists and all the others at the feeding trough, indeed, my world, or the one I think I should have some part of as a ground-truther and ombudsman, well, little Eichmanns they all seem to be. Here, she makes that point, and, her own life as a literary person, albeit beholden to royalties from big publishers, well, Roy wants away from non-fiction and a move into fiction as her pallet from which to launch ideas and stories, stories that might have a bigger impact than her previous non-fiction work, from collected essays to full books.


ARUNDHATI ROY:  “I’ve been writing straightforward political essays for 15—almost 15 years now. And often, they are interventions in a situation that seems to be closing down, you know, whether it was on the dam or whether it was about privatization or whether it was about Operation Green Hunt. And I feel now that, you know, in some ways, through those very urgent political essays, which are all interconnected—they are not just separate issues, they are all interconnected, and they are, together, presenting a worldview. Now I feel that I don’t have anything direct to say without repeating myself, but I think what—you know, that understanding, which was not just an understanding I had in the past and I was just preaching to my readers, you know; it was I was learning as I wrote and as I grew. And I feel that fiction now will complicate that more, because I think the way I think has become more complicated than nonfiction, straightforward nonfiction, can deal with. You know, so I need to break down those proteins and write in a way which—I don’t have to write overtly politically, because I don’t believe that—I mean, I think what we are made up of, what our DNA is and how we are wired, will come out in literature without making a great effort to raise slogans.”


Capitalists, like a brigade of bed bugs with their titanium proboscis, eat at our souls. But there are souls steeled against that species of sinner, defiler, and here, one righteous guy, Chuck, writes a poem about the everyday life of survival in the Bed Bugs’ world.

He’s a poet, working class, real, in the midst of violent American struggle, and, I count him a friend.

Frost on whiskers, damp feet ached,
I wondered about A.C.A.’s web site…,
were G.O.P. rumors true?
Snow covered bike tire tracks on Union Street,
wife Carol looked out frosted window,
she’s re-heating chicken soup, “Jewish Penicillin
and unaffordable Cobra in every pot,” she quipped.

Charles Orloski / “The Affordable Spirit Care Act”

Taylor, Pennsylvania, laid off, he and his wife like millions more surviving in the cold chill of the Democrat-Republican orbit. The hobbling heroics of the banker class, the eviscerating governments of county-city-state-nation sycophants.  This man, writer, poet, man of dedication for truth, words, justice, he is pugnacious, raw, and resilient, everything the Daily Show and the Mountains of Media could care less about. Orloski, in his sixities, his wife ailing, and the world around him – never a Rockwell portrait – shattering, yet he goes beyond the more skin of pain and sees the magnificence in the small, the unremarkable who embark on a journey in Orloski’s mind.

Snow gusts, cop car exhaust smoke,
a brown man on bicycle pedaled west,
did not understand someone cycling in such storm,
I raised shovel, cheered him on.
He stopped, removed dark hood and goggles.
Said he’s “Santos,” 27-years-old,
a South Side Scranton resident,
had apartment, three young children,
Santos bound for Metkote Laminating Inc.,
half mile away.

Every day since All Souls Day,
he rode County of Lackawanna Transit System
bus to Main Street, unloaded bicycle from
lower level storage bin, climbed Union Street,
energetic, smile beamed, Santos said,
“So happy Mister to have good job, I will make
always good for my kids, we get to keep home.”

NOTE: Chuck wrote back, graciously, as always, so, an UPDATE — his email to me! Thanks


100% heterosexual, never before did I want to kiss a man on lips for a gift like your article and having mentioned my poem appearing on Dick Price’s “Hollywood Progressive.”   Sincerely, an emotional spirit, I am unashamed to assert your words brought tear, and our country would be a better place with more Dick Price eyes & voices.        

At present, having worked since 1965 at Rocky Glen Park, making cotton candy & candy apples for $0.25 per hour, I am like a Bulgakov cat on curtain, reading and writing as if I had only hours to live.  Without family health insurance coverage until May, and wouldn’t one know?   Rainy cold Spring, my wife’s R.A. and Lupus flared-up with a vengeance, she needs morphine laced prescription med which we cannot afford, and cortisone shots in hands and feet.   Also, as fate sometimes prevails, a vicious allergy hit me which has not happened since the mid-1980s.  Consequently, I am a wreck with coughing/sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat, severe headache, the full allergic/ sinus condition catastrophe, popping benedryl and aspirin daily, much too much.   Comical, stoic & hard-headed wife Carol calls me a “Drama Queen.”   Luckily, in September 1989, I married Carol, she’s Cat Stevens “Hard Headed Woman” in the flesh.     

I am honored to be your friend, and I really believe you are a friend to MANY souls who battle relentlessly against “sinner-defiler specie.”   No doubt, workers across globe are in a War.   Powers (in Occupation) desire a world of “Rich Man & Lazarus,” and American politicians  are paving a straight path to such diabolical goal.    NO ACCIDENT, they designed & implemented, as you wisely stated, a “school to prison pipeline… militarization of country.”   Again, I am sincerely honored to be your friend.   And at age 62, if jailers allow me one last wish, when I kick bucket and end-up inside an affordable pine box, all I would like is for one person to drop a handful of Scranton dirt on the box, maybe say, “this guy never screwed anyone for a buck.”   

A good day!

Chuck O.


The ticks and bedbugs, eating at the skin of America, those capitalists and freeloaders, the slavers and the thugs. Imagine, this story about Bill Gates and his foundation of felons – an investment portfolio that is a crime unto itself. It all leads back to the school to prison pipeline, the intense militarization of this country, thanks to all of them – mention anyone of them, and their hands are bloody:

SEATTLE – Seattle-area residents and organizations will be joined by national Latino organization and bi-national prison divestment organization Enlace in presenting thousands of petition signatures at the headquarters of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. More than 10,000 people signed the petition calling on Bill Gates to divest from The GEO Group, the nation’s second largest private prison operator.

Bill Gates did not respond to a March 7 written request by 25 prominent human rights organizations to withdraw a $2.2 investment in the for-profit prison company GEO Group, whose immigrant detention facilities are notorious for prisoner abuses and wasting federal taxpayer dollars. The letter cited GEO Group’s lobbying efforts for policies that encourage heightened immigration enforcement and incarceration, and suggested that the investment “fundamentally contradicts the Foundation’s stated mission: to ‘ensure that all people — especially those with the fewest resources — have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.'”

The Foundation Trust is located less than 35 miles from GEO Group’s immigrant detention center in Tacoma, where prisoners have been on hunger strike for over a month protesting horrible conditions and deportations.

Enlace and launched online efforts after Gates failed to respond to the letter after more than two weeks and repeated attempts to follow up. Thursday’s press conference will feature numerous Seattle-area organizations and individuals, including Gates Foundation grantees.

Community organizations are calling for all public and private institutions to divest from private prison companies, including the US Senator Patty Murray.  Senator Murray chairs the Senate Budget Committee and is a member of the Appropriations Committee, which is entertaining a request by the Bureau of Prisons for funding for two new privately-operated immigrant prisons.

WHAT: Press conference and petition delivery protesting The Gates Foundation Trust’s investment in private prisons

WHO: Enlace,, Latino advocacy, el Comité and others

WHEN:  Thursday April 10, 2014; 12:30-1:00 p.m. Pacific

WHERE: Gates Foundation Trust Office, 500 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA  98109

VISUALS: Printed petitions, community leaders giving remarks, colorful banners and signs

Here, my own stories on Gates Foundation

NW Activist Encourage Gates Foundation to Cut Ties with Monsanto

It’s huge – asymmetrical, shaped like two fat boomerangs meeting in midair. Benefactors call it a campus.

NBBJ architects had to design a colossal office complex of 900,000 square feet to accommodate the 1,200 employees of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It cost around $500 million to build.

It’s a prime piece of property in downtown Seattle’s Westlake area. The non-profit got the 12 acres for a relative song – $53 million after the land was appraised at $72 million.

Then the City of Seattle “gave” another $28 off the price, so this land ended up costing Bill and Melinda Gates – via their foundation – $25 million.

On March 16, more than 40 people, as part of a global day of action against Monsanto, marched to and around the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “campus” to deliver a letter asking the foundation to divest from Monsanto (the foundation has more than $23 million in Monsanto stock as part of a very odd mix of companies in their portfolio).

Trying to eradicate developing countries’ diseases, forcing genetically modified farming into Africa, and weighing in on and lobbying for privatizing public education are just a few of the Gates Foundation’s larger goals, largely financed by $11.9 billion, with the following five top stock holdings:

? Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – 73,997,400 shares, 49.75% of the total portfolio.

? McDonald’s Corp. – 9,372,500 shares, 5.21% of the total portfolio.

? Caterpillar Inc. – 9,590,400 shares, 4.86% of the total portfolio.

? The CocaCola Company – 10,182,000 shares, 4.31% of the total portfolio.

? Waste Management Inc. – 15,716,367 shares, 4.15% of the total portfolio.

They’ve got 500,000 shares of Goldman Sachs, 7.1 million shares of Exxon Mobile and those half a million shares of Monsanto.

What’s all the protesting about? According to Dena Hoff, a diversified family farmer in Glendive, Montana, and North American coordinator of La Via Campesina, “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust’s purchase of Monsanto shares indicates that the Gates Foundation’s interest in promoting the company’s seed is less about philanthropy than about profit-making. The Foundation is helping to open new markets for Monsanto, which is already the largest seed company in the world.”

These aren’t sour grapes about one of the richest people on earth capitalizing on stock trading. Monsanto, who created the dioxin-leeching defoliant Agents Orange and Blue, is one of the main drivers of genetically modified foods.

Heather Day, director of Seattle-based Community Alliance for Global Justice, and one of Friday’s organizers, summed up the recent news on GE crops and foods: “Reports are coming out weekly about impending crop failures of GE corn in Africa, pesticide resistance for GE corn grown for ethanol in the US, and about indications that Bt toxins, the primary GE pesticides, especially when in the presence with Roundup, have potential impacts on human kidney cells and mammalian testis.”

Another one of the protestors-letter signatories was Les Berensen, a medical doctor who is also with GMO Free Washington. His concern is tied to Monsanto’s Roundup, which has the main ingredient of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. Berensen mentioned how salmon and other fish species are being affected by the huge runoffs from fields of corn, beets, soy, cotton and potatoes that are genetically modified to take up to four or five dousings of Roundup.

He likened this day and age of Monsanto as a Frankenstein era for both species in the wild and the human species.

The event, like many around the world, was attended by a diverse group of people, including in Seattle: Dan Trocolli, Seattle Educators Association and Social Equality Educators; Kristen Beifus, Washington Fair Trade Coalition; and William Aal, Washington Biotechnology Action Council.

One fellow holding a corn sign and getting signatures was Travis English, University of Washington graduate student in planning and with CAGJ and AGRA Watch. He is seeing more and more destruction of departments at UW through consolidation and outright disbanding. He’s working on food policies for several cities as part of his graduate work.

“There are already many movements around healthy local food economies. There are proven projects and farms in Africa that are both sustainable and organic,” he said. “Getting people hooked on Monsanto’s seeds and pesticides with micro-loaning that they can’t pay back will result in more farms being lost and more people moving to the cities. This is not a successful formula, and the Gates Foundation should really lead by getting rid of its Monsanto stocks, as a first step.”

Many of the protesters were in haz-mat suits, and many carried signs belying the fear of this giant genetically modified experiment taking place in mankind. Ellie Rose is working on Transition Seattle and buttressing “a culture of engagement through a group called We the People Power.”

One attendee, Karen Studders, had come from Occupy Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, where for two months she lived in a tent. Studders, in her mid-60s, once worked in big business, for government organizations, and with United Nations agencies, plying her legal and science degrees from the University of Minnesota.

“We have to act quickly. The abuse of these corporations, which is so blatant now, has got to stop. I have a lot of hope after being part of the Occupy movement, especially after we were illegally evicted.”

She not only went from tent to tent to listen to the ideas and rebellion of the youth, but she went into a self-made retreat after the police crackdown, traveling to various cities to see the Transition Town movement up close and personal.

The security at the foundation would not accept the signed letter [full disclosure: I signed it] asking the Gates Foundation to divest from Monsanto. I talked with several Foundation employees – researchers with higher degrees. They said that Foundation’s employee policy is to “not let us engage in any dialogue on any issues of controversy.” Which means, nothing but the weather can be discussed? (Whoops, climate change seems to affect disease and crops). Additionally, any nice, well-crafted and footnoted handouts on Monsanto and Roundup pesticides they might be handed “will have to be handed over to security once we enter the building.”

Those three monkeys – see, hear, and speak no evil – seem anachronistic in the 21st century for a think tank like the Gates Foundation.

Fortunately, less than a week after Seattle’s event, dozens of protesters monkey-wrenched Monsanto’s California office in Davis, an area close to the Capitol, through vocal activism. Unlike Seattle’s event, the California activists made demands to shut down the biotech giant which has its talons in the United States government, including the Supreme Court.

“If a small group can take down their office for a day from some mild protests, a few hundred thousand can take down the entire company — permanently,” wrote journalist Anthony Gucciardi from Natural Society.

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.