I Hate the Smell of Napalm (err, NPR) in the Morning

With fits and starts, it’s been difficult penning this most recent perspective for Dissident Voice. So many cascading, rotting, and broken systems tumbling down and splaying any sort of agency in the US of Amnesiacs. It’s a daily scab being slowly ripped up. The entire media morass, even the so-called lefties, it’s a schizoid world, indeed.

Generals speaking about yet another shooter. Generals getting the microphone? Old people talking about “what do millennials think?” Do we care about Letterman the Rotting Millionaire Retiring (from what?), and what he does? Or Jon Leibowitz Stewart or Rachel Maddow? Do we care, and are they important? NO.

Hell, I was just researching something and read some 2012 screed from Rebecca Solnit. I never stop failing to forget what the white, female-male Jewish elite have to say in this world of tit for tat:

Forgive me if I briefly take my eyes off the prize to brush away some flies, but the buzzing has gone on for some time. I have a grand goal, and that is to counter the Republican right with its deep desire to annihilate everything I love and to move toward far more radical goals than the Democrats ever truly support. In the course of pursuing that, however, I’ve come up against the habits of my presumed allies again and again.

O rancid sector of the far left, please stop your grousing! Compared to you, Eeyore sounds like a Teletubby. If I gave you a pony, you would not only be furious that not everyone has a pony, but you would pick on the pony for not being radical enough until it wept big, sad, hot pony tears. Because what we’re talking about here is not an analysis, a strategy, or a cosmology, but an attitude, and one that is poisoning us. Not just me, but you, us, and our possibilities.

This is the height of liberal writing? Solnit goes onto explain Obama is bad about drones, bad about the environment, bad about spying, but the ALTERNATIVE, whew, count the many ways and the many hows  we would be worse off. Again, Jewish elite, One Percenter lack-of-logic, fear, passivity (she is, just look at the money she makes, has, inherited) and love of neoliberalism, love of capitalism, and love of culture. She throws in a few Yiddish terms in this overplayed letter to lefties.

You have all the crap of March Madness, the pukes like Donna Shalala, U of Miami, decrying the labor vote by a few football college athletes to organize, and she just is that neoliberal overpaid scum that loves the NCAA – this exploitative, rot-gut organization of idiots (NCAA is dubbed a non-profit with millionaires raking in the bucks as heads) who are sucking the tuition and the college dollars out of an already broken privatizing system;  sucking the point of educated people out in purview of any American that might be saved from InfoTainMent Hel. Education, that is, training and reinventing each generation so they can go out into the world trying to stop the mental shutdown of the world via the IT-Coders, all the video game reality TV nothingness of all the zombies whose  zombie deaths and self-implosions are broadcast daily on middling TV/Social Media. Shalala  is on the National Jewish Radio, err, NPR, interviewed by one of their five dozen self-proclaimed Jews (Journalists for NPR ARE ALWAYS talking about their Jewishness on the air, swapping stories – amazing how much we know of them — we few lefties, err,  revolutionaries listening in on these  teleprompters, these cultural hipsters, the cool of cooking and celebrity love, how many times they have pronounced their middling and not-very-radical roots and Jewish backgrounds, so many various backgrounds, for sure, but still . . . relevance?). No two ways about it, I hate those StormFront and anti-Jewish web sites and organizations that slither out from under rocks, and their  lists  and manifestos (what they think) against humanity, against  Jews . . . their own bizarre White Hate talking about grand conspiracies of Jews controlling the world, etc.

This does not mean we can’t critique the critiquers, the NPR inquisition panels. This is news, the daily drone of what many think is an insignificant or harmless or even unbiased National Public Radio, and there is that Beltway urbane and urban, Ivy League, private school bias, and, shoot, you get the picture: so many SOUND sane, real, unbiased, cool, quasi-liberal. BUT . . . 

Read up on the news delivery service, NPR. The reporters at NPR do have a penchant for millionaires, Zionists, white liberal and Jewish class.

Just saying, J-Post –

Do you recognize the man in the red cap?

He’s the richest Jewish person in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with an estimated monetary worth of $36 billion.

Give up? It’s Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of the computer software company Oracle. Ellison, whose mother was Jewish and father was Italian-American, grew up in Chicago and later moved to northern California, where he made his fortune.

Second on the list is casino and hotel magnate Sheldon Adelson, with an estimated worth of $24.9 billion. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is third on the list at $22 billion, while investor George Soros is fourth at $20 billion.

Google co-founders Sergey Brinn and Larry Page share the fifth ranking, each worth $18.7 billion. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came in sixth place with a worth of $17.5 billion.

Of the 151 Jewish billionaires on the list, 14 are Israeli. Idan Ofer, the son of the late Sammy Ofer, is the richest Israeli, with an estimated worth of $6.2 billion. A majority — 99 — of the richest Jews live in the United States.

These billionaires earned their money in a number of different ways. Investors took 58 of the top spots, while 20 made their money through energy and industry. Another 15 earned their billions through real estate and 14 through high-tech ventures. Only one person on the list attained his wealth through inheritance.

Or, J-Space, with their hipster, We-Save-the-World-and-Do-Good-Things patina – dirty energy, hedge funds, dirty high tech, soul-crushing real estate, casinos, death and destruction a la military-welfare complex, vis-à-vis Israel?

Sheldon Adelson: Net Worth $24.9 Billion

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is also a college dropout. The Las Vegas bigwig ranks 14th on Forbes list of billionaires and seventh in the United States. He has made waves in the American political community by donating millions towards Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign.

J-Connection: Sheldon Adelson is the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. The prominent Jewish philanthropist has donated extensively to Yad Vashem and Birthright Israel.

Larry Ellison: Net Worth $36 Billion

College dropout Larry Ellison is the co-founder and CEO of Oracle, one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies. At the age of 67, he ranks sixth in Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, and is the third richest man in America. He is rumored to be one of the men interested in buying the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, and is an avid yachter.

J-Connection: Larry Ellison’s mother was an unwed 19-year-old at the time of his birth. After he contracted pneumonia at the age of nine months, his Jewish mother allowed her aunt and uncle to adopt him.

Larry Page: Net Worth $18.7 Billion

Fellow Google co-founder Larry Page is tied with Brin for both Forbes’ and American rankings. He took over as CEO from Eric Schmidt last year, and has been criticized for engineering Google’s new privacy policy.

J-Connection: Larry Page’s mother was Jewish, but he was raised without religion.

Mark Zuckerberg: Net Worth $17.5 Billion

Facebook’s infamous young founder ranks 35th on Forbes list of billionaires and 16th in the United States. Interest in the company has spiked as Facebook filed paperwork to go public in February.
J-Connection: Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish, and had a bar mitzvah, but says that he’s an “atheist

Roman Abramovich: Net Worth $12.1 Billion

Once the richest man in Russia, now Roman Abamovich ranks ninth in his country and 68th on Forbes’ list. He still owns the world’s largest yacht at 533-feet, though!

The point is we are some sick pukes, this Western Alliance – Kiwi’s, penal colony DownUnderers, the European Disunion, the entire massive financial slugs that have wrested control of whole regions of the world. Count them as Japanese, Canucks. Us-USA. Zionists. This celebrity sickness, valorizing money-money-money, inside trading, stacked-deck thinking, contortionist mathematics, maximizing, monetizing fellow creatures into shock therapy – pollution, Diaspora, water-mineral-forest-crop stealing, addictions – and then patting themselves on their rotten backs.

I’ve been working on foster parenting, getting jobs, teaching, writing. I am unfortunately chained to good music and then the bad-bad bar mitzvahs of National Propaganda Radio while doing everything I can do to not be that quippy or chuckling or oi vey statistic coming out of the white-racist-patriarchal Press. You know, unemployed, partially, long-term, as old as dinosaur excrement, age 57, and way too traveled, physically and metaphysically. Way too-too inside the revolutionary track. My time has come pre-birth, maybe. Sloshing around, smart parents, aspirations of medical school, vet school,  West Point, something, a doctor, or PhD. Disappointment – two master’s, adjunct work, journalism, and the lust of life and, well, art, and more than seventy chips on the shoulder. Revulsion to the capping-capitalism, the dressed up economists-lawyers-businessmen/women, as two-timing as some drug dealer.

Am I sick because I listen to National False-Propped up Balance Radio? A little masochistic. We are sick because we listen to the warped National Zionist-Jewish Radio and somehow argue whether it is too liberal (what is that word now but just another NEO-liberal version of capital rules, and the rules mean the, err, we shall call them the do-gooders, well, they talk the same talk, live the same aspirations, and, well, they are part of the quaint club, insiders, Beltway or College a la Private Pestilence), these grubs for culture, their version of it in the form of tragically so un-hip yammering about this or that show, this or that new in-thing on the internet, of this or that new meme or mutated conversation picked up on Twitter and FB.

Just trying to drive away from my overnight job as an adult care worker, and it started AFTER seven hours straight as a third grade substitute, after finishing up an article on Native American life in Spokane, 21st Century style, after putting more job applications into the BULL-Shit world of communications-framers-development folk, something in the “environmental” or “social justice” fields. But ya think they want a 57-year-old over-educated skeptic? Ya think? And some of their job descriptions, well, would make Jeff Bezos and his Amazon crew look like Ever-Loving Gandhi’s. They want a pound of flesh and the lock-step dedication of, imagine this allusion:  an HIV prostitute trying to extract two children from some slave cocoa plantation. Any hour of the day, sixteen job descriptions and duties in one job announcement;  just under full-time hours, no guarantee of a job six months out, but, oh, the honor to be employed by X, Y or Z social justice-environmental activism group.

Amazing these people are, writing this bunk, these next up Little Eichmanns, who do not want systemic change, who do not want holistic and systems thinking justice, but, rather, that little silo they run, that’s all that matters.

A line of crap inbred in the dominant white-male (females advancing quickly) financial system, follow-the-leader, model, all paradigms ready for a little shifting, cultured around the worse of the worst – social media-IT-high Tech-Planned Obsolescence-Traders. “Fuck the $15 an hour campaigns. How the hell will that work”, they ask? How the hell will the little non-profits and little mom and pop joints make it?

Well, that is it, no? A society based on – NPR does it minute by minute – blaming us, the little guy, for anxiety, this disorder (more Zionist or white thing psych babbling things) for not being able to save money. That’s why we are mostly going into hell in a broken retirement hell basket, because of individual error. Not because of the revolving door Obama government, the same old white and whiter boys and girls club slamming doors on the rest of us. Nope.

NPR muck:

Saving for retirement is a challenge facing most Americans. Research shows the challenge is made harder by our basic human impulses. We know we should be saving. But we don’t. We consistently make bad financial decisions.

One thing that leads us astray is what behavioral economists call “loss aversion.” In other words, we hate losing. And that gets in the way of us winning — if winning is making smart financial decisions.

Professor Brigitte Madrian teaches behavioral economics at Harvard. “You experienced this loss of your car, and you wanted to make the loss go away,” she says.

Madrian says this human instinct to avoid loss — she calls it “loss aversion” — is very powerful. In fact, once we have something, we hate losing it more than we enjoyed getting it in the first place. “It hurts twice as bad,” she says. “The literature suggests that people are twice as sensitive to losses as they are to gains.”

In other words, we hate losing twice as much as we love winning. And that gets us into trouble with financial decisions because it gives us the wrong impulses. These can lead us to make bad choices, involving a lot more money than a cheap, rusty car.

Do you see yet, this constant bullshit pro-Survival of the Fittest Capitalism mentality? Never ever question why a society has no safety net to protect the working class through a no-holds-barred Social Security, through single payer health bill, through TAX the FELONS of FINANCE and the Millionaire-Billionaires-and-People-Who-Make-More-than-$250K-a-year what they should be taxed, since their lifestyles, their insider trading and political buy-offs are destroying us, destroying real wages, are killing education, killing the environment, killing basic HUMAN rights. Really, this constant broken East-Coast Ivy League faux Liberal Arts Major major fuck-=up kind of thinking, truly, what little soldiers for the princes of financial and technological usury.

Fuck NPR, Americans, the entire system that looks at the winners and the big guys and the Shalala’s and Bushes and Romneys and the rest of them as pure or exceptionally entitled to the wealth they have amassed on the BACKS of humanity and earth.

That the narratives are broken, that is the main problem with feckless freaks in America and the Western World via the MEDIA, and MARKETING and BUSINESS and ECONOMICS and the blending of all of that with, err, SCIENCE.

You think the Fort Hood shooter story would get NPR or any other nitwit Network to call on activists, on people in the trenches, on soldiers who could tell us the truth? You think that grand NPR would hire a long-term unemployed “subject” for one of their hatchet job stories to do a series on the LONG-term UnEmployed?

Here, Fort Hood poem, a la Fort Polk by our poet Chuck: “A Return to Fire Watch Duty, Autumn 1971”

“Kickstart” the campaign, the story project, hire on many, and send them out to do some reporting? Ya think that idea would ever cross those East Coast Faux Liberal Arts College grads from NPR or You Name It Media Outlet One-oh-One?

Look, I’ve applied to the local (Portland, which means all of Oregon) NPR, called OPB, Oregon Public Broadcasting, encompassing radio and TV. To be a reporter, on the radio. Shit, you think they would hire me? Their caveat in the job announcement is “to be, think, act, speak, believe, present, eat,live, die LIKE a public radio journalist.” I.E., do not question the middling middle of the row, pro-culturally hip news bleed of the NPR madness. These people never look inside, never apologize for stupidity, for bias, their project on America for-about-because of the White and/or White Jewishness system of trading points, quips, insider game-privileges. Never would these people want someone with MY experience, my work, my team-building, my insight, plus I am a pretty damn good interviewer, and I have a nose for news, and I care about the people, and I find real people, real voices, and, shit, media is about fighting the felons on both sides of the aisle, fighting against this delusion that we are the best, or that the best communicator coming from Liberal Arts House Number 999 Back East makes the best story.

Goddamnit – fight against these pillorying people who make fun of us every single second of their hipster and whining old lives.

Hear the interview of Scarlett “Under the Skin” Johansson on NPR about her so insipid stupidity, her self-importance, her insights into humanity, literature, film, arts, what it is to be a HUMAN. This kind of pabulum – strained, from the mouths of millionaires and ass kissing Hollywood types – it is the brain sapping energy we have in this society of people just wanting the next cool Marvel Comic Book thing, the vapidity of sci-fie via Hollywood, and, well, the commentary of our times – the hard and rough times of a preened prostitute of Hollywood, all of them, directors, actors, actresses. They are money hoarders, laughers at us, the Breaking Bad idiots who have zilch in common with the common.

Yet, NPR, a la, Cable and HuffPost and Everything Media, Everything on Line, Everything TV-Arts(sic)-Entertainment, it’s the bell ringing every second in the brains of Americans, and the millions and hundreds of millions more around the globe that tune out, veg out and fire up those smart pads and iPhones, and hit-hit-hit the Like Button in Modern Life.

Working every minute of the day, hourly awash in the most absurd, elitist, softball lobbing idiots who are Beltway and Big Apple and all sorts of suburban or fake urban people who have expense accounts, and whose news is brought to us by, hmm Mrs. Croc of McDonald’s fame . . . William and Flora Hewlett Foundation … The Melville Charitable Trust… Oh… can’t forget Novo Nordisk, Skoll Foundation. Robert Wood Johnson . . . Mathworks . . . . John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation . . .
The George Lucas Educational Foundation, creators of Edutopia . . . Annie E Casey Foundation . . . Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… the Pews Charitable Trust…TIAA-CREF . . . Archer Daniels Midland Fund ( ADM, Supermarket to the world) . . .The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. . . Wal-Mart . . . Monsanto . . . Dow . . . DuPont . . . FOX News . . . Rockefeller Foundation . . . List Goes On Foundations (sic) and Philanthropists (sick-sic).

The endless trickle, death by 10,000 maniacs in the media, every single node of neutrality, nothingness, hipster funny-fun-fun. Here, FAIR:

The segment was an interview with Fortune magazine editor David Whitford, who has written a series of articles about the debate over nuclear power. The piece was introduced by NPR anchor John Ydstie, who asserted that “with fossil fuel carbon emissions in the environmental bull’s-eye, nuclear power is starting to shake off its bad reputation.” Whitford elaborated on the claim that nuclear power’s image is improving: “There are many environmentalists now who began their careers opposed to nuclear power who are now reconsidering nuclear power in the face of global warming.”

But Whitford cited just one such environmentalist, Stewart Brand, describing him simply as the creator of the 60s and 70’s publication, the Whole Earth Catalogue, and calling him “sort of the original off-the-grid environmentalist.” In fact, Brand is currently a businessman, a co-founder and leader of the corporate consulting group Global Business Network (GBN). GBN numbers, among the 192 clients named on its website, more than a dozen corporations and governmental agencies involved in the production or promotion of nuclear energy: General Electric, Bechtel, Duke Power, Siemens-Westinghouse, Fluor, Electric Power Research Institute, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Électricité de France, Iberdrola, Vattenfall, Sydkraft (now E.ON Sweden) and Sandia National Labratories. Some of these, including GE, Bechtel, Duke Power and Westinghouse, are receiving government subsidies to develop the next generation of nuclear power plants, according to a Department of Energy report. Brand’s financial links with the industry went unmentioned in the NPR segment.

One factor that is relevant to NPR’s cheerleading for nuclear power is its own financial links to the industry. According to NPR’s website, between 1993 and 2005, the public radio service received between $250,000 and $500,000 from Constellation Energy, which belongs to Nustart Energy, a 10-company consortium pushing for new nuclear power plant construction. During the same period, another nuclear operator, Sempra Energy, donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to NPR. This potential conflict of interest was not disclosed in the August 15 segment, or in any other of NPR’s recent largely industry-friendly reports. (NPR has in the past insisted that the corporate “underwriting” money it receives has no bearing on its coverage–a defense that would seem to undercut the rationale for NPR’s existence as a noncommercial broadcaster.)

Hour after hour, minute-by-minute insignificance, more of the trite and trivial, and when it comes to serious things like economy, environment, labor, education, their equivocating and stacked deck of the elitists, the DC Beltway brawny ones, the same “we are the champions or global everything” just never stops.

I can’t mince words here, really. There is a broken back here, these young and oldish reporters and news (sic) readers, all of them, with something askew, as if their lack of probing, or their constant denial of alternative views, that those are the very things democracy needs, or wants.

This is a world of techies and trans-financial jury riggers, and the NPR’s and CNN’s and other warped networks’ adoration of Wall Street, the millionaires and zillionaires doing nothing for humanity, the slippery same-old literary voices, the mindless but erudite yammerers flaunting this vapid idea or that flaccid thing in the arts, well, this world is normalizing this sort of thinking, this absurdity of the One Percent and their benefactors, these media and Press hounds, lap dogs and oh-oh happy folks who just think anything downer or negative about their gentrified minds, all of that is off-limits.

There is something off, repetitious, and racist about almost anything these people do, radio or TV. Something absurd about all these East Coast and West Coast prissy whites running the media show. Something very odd about their lockstep and lockjaw take on the world. Listening to NPR’s visit on the border, into Mexico (last week, all week, rotten news – sic – about the “border”). Something very moldy and canned indeed, with these old guard reporters back in someone else’s country, always with the quips and just the way they frame things, all of it comes off as power and privilege slumming it. They are the ultimate Americans, the patriots, so chummy among themselves, so shocked by life outside their cultural boxes.

How many power people and lawyers and entrepreneurs and celebrity this and celebrity that will we continue to see holding sway over our own regional uniqueness. NPR and the rest, in cahoots with the New York Times on their series around employment. Just heard these ingrates, these mean-spirited and full-of-meaningless pro-pro Capitalism, PRO-pro trickle down, ProPro Protect the Project on Imperial America, the One Percent Lovers. The Millennials, the entitled generation, the old codgers like me, anyone over 50, how we are subjugated by ageism, rampant bigotry against anyone with age under his or her belt. Just listening to the NPR propaganda machine, the whimpering wistful reporter, the flippant intonation, the entire way of middling and meddling messaging, well, it’s as if they are pulled by an entirely different gravitational pull.

They are cultured on east coast oh-so-tragically hip machismo, this elitist groveling, as if anything coming out of the big fat apple or the sycophants from DC or anywhere where IVY league pushes its mold into the brains of these cultural hipsters, it must be golden, or the word. The first and last word. These are not journalists, not pressmen and presswomen. These are believers in marketing, ad guys and gals for media, the broken press, the tongue in cheek idiots who report on us, the 80 percent, the broken ones, the funny ones, warped and felons, the gutter folk, struggling with our malcontent, and they laugh, segue into their rotten warped view of the world under them, the underbelly.

It’s not their story, not their concern, their blood, their interest, their worry, their radar screen. We are their side-stories, side-bars, something to go angst over, a few minutes in the 24/7 lives of their Twitter Worlds. We are side notes, the laughing stock of the hip and the ripped, those NPR napalm throwers, brought to you by Dow and Union Carbide.

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.