Free at Last

The day I let go
Of earthly belongings and thoughts
I instantly became free,
Like a balloon at a park
Tied to a child’s little arm
That slips off, and
Everyone who witnesses
Looks in pure awe,
As the balloon
Moves quickly to the universe
Everyone stands transfixed
Until the plastic orb
Goes out of sight
Nothing will ever be the same, and
That is ok, this is enlightenment,
True liberation, something I sought all my life
This transcended unions, governments,
Protests, activism, volunteering,
It was these commitments, that
Allowed me to enter this enlightenment
Other’s apathy released me
Some live and learn,
Others just live.
Love is the answer, of that,
I am convinced.
Children are pure love
Ours to protect
In their innocent eyes
Will be found the most
Precious qualities on the planet
Spiritual intelligence, that
Can short circuit the hardest heart.
Do not do to children,
What was done to you as a child!
“Suffer not the little children.”
The answers to universal peace
Can be found here,
No wars, genocides, or hatred,
Nurture this and behold
What the human potential is capable of,
If only given a chance.
One day, if you go to Heaven,
You will be amazed how many
Colored balloons adorn the streets!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.