False Flags: A Possible Aid to Change?

I’ve written before on the subject of ‘false flag’ events (( “Friend or Foe“)); (( “Strange Things happen at Sea“)) – events which get their name from the early days of piracy on the high seas and naval warfare (often the same thing), when a ship could be attacked by another ship which had been able to get close enough to its victim by flying flags which lied about the real nature of the attacking ship. However, the subject is not confined to quirky historical anomalies, events which happened in the distant past but could not possibly happen in the modern “civilised” world: they’re almost certainly as alive and well today as they were three hundred years ago – and for pretty much the same reasons.

Because of the very nature of these shameful events they’re never openly admitted by our trusted leaders at the time they occur. So when they happen the only people who know for sure they’ve taken place are those immediately involved in perpetrating them. Because these actions are so vile and inexcusable — carried out by psychopaths, megalomaniacs and thieves, or their flunkeys — the perpetrators invariably keep very quiet about them. If we ever find out about them at all it’s only years later, when memory has faded and the perpetrators have likely died of old age; when long-secret documents become declassified or if an ancient perpetrator suddenly discovers a conscience he wants to purge before facing his maker.

Possibly the most infamous incident of fairly recent times that’s quite well-known and was a fairly undisputed false flag event is known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when an alleged attack by North Vietnam on the USS Maddox in 1964 was used as the pretext to widen American participation the war on Vietnam. It’s now quite well known that North Vietnam had nothing to do with the apparent attack, and that it was played out by US agents purely to create an excuse to broaden a war that would cost the US taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars, devastate a wonderful country for many decades, and destroy millions of lives.

The tactic is not confined to armies. It’s also a long-time favourite of police and the so-called “intelligence” services too. Indeed, the practice of employing people to impersonate a designated enemy to carry out some atrocity for one devious reason or another – such as trying to alienate supporters or to provoke open conflict that might hopefully develop into a full-scale war – is so common that these people have their own name: “agents provocateurs”. The British, being the previous title-holders of Empire, are past masters of the art. Stephen Dorril, an expert on the history of MI6, observed that the “false flag ploy [is] a favourite of MI6”. ((MI6 by Stephen Dorril, p. 281.))

False flag events are not historical curiosities, or rare and isolated attacks, or “conspiracy theories”. Many (perhaps all) professional armies employ specialist units trained to carry out false flag attacks. I know this for a fact because I was once a soldier in a small and relatively powerless army, and even we had such a unit – known as the Selous Scouts. Our army did not invent the tactic. Some of our officers had been trained by the British at Sandhurst, and even my very limited experience (I was a soldier for about 18 months) brought me into contact with British and American personnel who had served with the SAS in the Middle East and US special forces in Vietnam. Guys talk. Professionals like opportunities to show off their expertise.

An unusually rare and revealing documentary was recently screened by the BBC’s Panorama team. Titled “Britain’s Secret Terror Force,” it told how, forty years ago, British agents roamed the streets of Belfast carrying out assassinations and committing random murders whilst pretending to be Irish terrorists. As Stephen Dorril’s history of MI6 confirmed, this was not the first time this sort of thing would have happened, and it almost certainly was not the last.

There’s very little hard information available about the vile and obscene practice of false flag events. It’s a subject that should be properly studied by more historians and brought out from the shadows into the daylight. This is stuff the 99% need to know about, but of course not many do. If there are such evil people around masquerading as our trusted leaders who will use a false flag event to deliberately start a war on the scale of the Vietnam War – and there unquestionably were such evil people – it’s obviously not unthinkable that such people are still around and might arrange to fly passenger jets into buildings full of their own fellow citizens for their own psychopathic ends. The 99% need to know that that is not an unrealistic scenario. It is not necessarily conspiracy theory. Although the 99% have no hard evidence, yet, that the Twin Towers murders were a false flag event, it is definitely not beyond the realms of possibility; and the many unanswered questions about that terrible incident tend to enhance suspicion rather than eliminate it.

So too with just about every other provocative event that occurs in flashpoint places around the world where the perpetrators are not definitely known – such as the attack four years ago on a South Korean naval ship, or the more recent gas attack in Syria. Both of these events were carried out by persons unknown – to the 99% anyway – but were widely sold around the world at the time as being the work of governments to whom the Empire and its flunkeys are hostile, no matter that there was no hard evidence to support the allegations and that these attacks would inevitably have done more harm than good to those governments if they had carried them out.

What it all boils down to is proper information. If the people properly understood how their world really works, how it has always really worked, seismic changes would become inevitable.

The process begins with our education system. We are all routinely propagandized about the “greatness, goodness, and graciousness” of our trusted leaders – instead of being taught the dark truths about these awful people, about the treachery, greed, and indifference to mass slaughter that have been their main character traits since the beginning of recorded history. We have an education system that also fails to explain how our supposedly great armies, police and “intelligence” services all aid and abet these same trusted leaders for wholly self-serving reasons; an education system that fails to explain its own part in the corruption of truth, and how the mainstream media continue the brainwashing at the point where schools leave off.

Perhaps nothing better proves the routine deceit practised by our great trusted leaders, and the vast superstructure of self-interested flunkeys whose parasitic jobs depend on perpetuating the deceit, than the undoubted and widespread use of false flag events. From starting monstrous wars (such as in Vietnam), to maintaining years of state-sponsored terrorism (Northern Ireland); from the “favourite ploys” of so-called intelligence services to the deliberate lying of the mainstream media, the use and promotion of false flags is indisputable. Given that the practice is by nature deceitful, secretive and immoral, as well as being ignored by schoolroom history teachers and the mainstream media, it’s perfectly understandable that so many people remain in the dark about this evil practice.

We need historians to start digging into the murky past of false flags, and investigative journalists to uncover the false flags that are undoubtedly happening now. These dark and sinister practices need to be exposed to the antiseptic glare of bright sunlight. Real change can only happen once the 99% begin to understand that there is no depth of depravity to which our great trusted leaders will not sink, and nothing better proves this than the ongoing and routine use of false flags.

John Andrews is a writer and political activist based in England. His latest booklet is entitled EnMo Economics. Other Non-Fiction books by John are: The People's Constitution (2018 Edition); and The School of Kindness (2018 Edition); and his historical novel The Road to Emily Bay Read other articles by John.